Mild Girl's Counterattack/C9 I Worship You
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Mild Girl's Counterattack/C9 I Worship You
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C9 I Worship You

Gu Sinian glanced at Su Luo.

Her hair was messy and her clothes were messy. Her originally delicate makeup was also a little flawed.

She had a pair of beautiful big eyes. Her skin was fair, and she took good care of herself. Her figure looked unremarkable at first, but after a long time, people would feel that she was very charming.

However, to be honest, her looks were very common in the entertainment industry.

Except for her looks, according to her plasticity, only if the company was very capable would she be able to make her debut.

Gu Sinian said, "I'm not asking you to be an actor. I'm asking you to pretend to be my girlfriend."

Su Luo looked at Gu Sinian in shock and pretended to be calm as she asked, "You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend? Why me?"

Was pretending to be his girlfriend a good thing or misfortune?

Gu Sinian said," Touch me. "

Su Luo was shocked.

What was wrong with him?

Su Luo's face was red and nervous, but she did not move.

Gu Sinian suddenly stood up and held her hand on his face.

"This is the reason."

If the first time was a coincidence and the second time was an accident, then what about the third time?

As expected, she wouldn't let him lose his composure.

Su Luo was speechless.

She did not seem to understand.

"Because if you touch me, I won't vomit." It was rare for Gu Sinian to patiently explain.

Su Luo finally understood.

If she touched him, he would not vomit.

After knowing the truth, she was very shocked.

She asked in disbelief, "Could it be that when others touch you, you will throw up?"

Gu Sinian did not hide anything and said, "That's right. If the symptoms are light, I will have rash and vomit. If it is serious, my breathing will not be smooth, and I may die."

When he first met her, he was plotted against and escaped. When he touched her, not only was the symptoms not serious, but it also eased up a lot.

He thought that he had recovered, but in the end, he was only fine when he came into contact with her.

Now, he was certain that she was his antidote.

Su Luo was so scared that she quickly withdrew her hand.

How could it be so terrifying?

He did not have any reaction now. If something happened to him later, she wouldn't be able to escape responsibility.

Gu Sinian looked at her small movements and said with a smile, "Today you kissed me in front of everyone, so you have to be responsible for me."

She was clearly the one who suffered a loss. She said, "You even forced a kiss on me last time. That was my first kiss!"

A trace of a smile flashed across Gu Sinian's eyes, but his face remained calm and serious as he said, "So I decided to let you be my girlfriend."

"No need."

His woman was not that easy to be.

That night when she met him, it was so dangerous. If she followed him, she might encounter some problems as well.

After reincarnating, she only wanted to protect the wealth in front of her and be a low-profile rich woman.

The Gu family was very dangerous. Only experts could go there. It was better for a newbie like her to leave on her own.

Gu Sinian raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you like Ouyang Hao? So you always go and find trouble with Chang Yan?"

His tone was light, but it still made Su Luo feel danger.

"I don't like him! I have nothing to do with him. It was a misunderstanding between Chang Yan and me."

"Misunderstanding? Then why did you quit the club?" After knowing her identity, he already had all of her information.

"Because I want to learn! The main task of a student is to study. Next semester, I want to receive a scholarship."

He was really amazing. He knew everything, it was too scary.

She had to stay far away from him.

A faint smile emerged on Gu Sinian's lips. He said, "I'm sick. This matter has already been leaked out. The people of Gu family are suspecting me.

Last time you met me in the garden, it was because they set up an ambush and wanted to pull me down from my current position. I will only be fine when I come into contact with you.

Gu Mingling is one of them. I captured him for you. Do you think the people of Gu family will let you go if you don't cooperate with me?"

It was rare for him to say such a long sentence.

This frightened Su Luo.

She had some disputes with Gu Mingling today, but she did not expect to be involved in the fight between the rich and powerful families all of a sudden.

How could she keep a low profile and survive?

She was so scared that her face turned pale and she did not speak.

Gu Sinian really liked the faint fragrance on her body. He approached her and smelled the fragrance of her hair and said, "As long as you become my girlfriend, I can guarantee the prosperity of Su family and Shen family as well as your safety."

Su Luo looked at Gu Sinian and was stunned.

She didn't expect this kind of thing to happen to her.

Boss said that if she agreed to his request, he could guarantee everyone's safety and wealth.

It was so difficult for her!

She only wanted a safe life.

Now, she needed to become Boss's woman.

"I hate lying. You lied to me. Do you think I will let you go?" Gu Sinian added a crime on her name.

Su Luo frowned, pursed her lips, and then bit her lips.

Gu Sinian did not urge her. He just quietly looked at her dazed look.

Lu Yan knocked on the door and came in.

"President, I have already settled the matter. Mr. Shen found a few more victims and they joined forces to sue Gu Mingling. This time, even if Fourth Madame were to plead on his behalf, Gu Mingling would not be judged lightly. "

The person who plotted against Gu Sinian the last time was Gu Mingling's father and grandmother.

Therefore, this time, Gu Sinian did not show any mercy to Gu Mingling.

Gu Sinian nodded. "Ask Zhou Guiyu to prepare all the accounts in the City S Hotel. The auditing department will come over to check the accounts starting this month.

The company will not let an idle person live, nor will they tolerate a vermin."

Lu Yan replied, "This time, the happiest person will be Third Madame."

Gu Sinian said disdainfully," I will make a move on them very soon. "

Su Luo was very speechless.

She had long heard that Elder Gu was a playboy. Gu Sinian was Elder Gu's son, but Elder Gu's grandson was about the same age as his son.

Elder Gu was really old and strong.

However, she still didn't want to join this big show.

She didn't even want to be a bystander.

Gu Sinian and Lu Yan talked about some secret things. Su Luo's expression changed from shock to curiosity.

After Gu Sinian arranged Lu Yan's work, he looked at the time and then looked at her and asked casually, "What decision did you make?"

Su Luo, who was suddenly called, was very surprised.

She did not want to cooperate with him!

"It is my honor to be your girlfriend." Su Luo said.

Gu Sinian saw that she clearly did not want to be his girlfriend, but she still said those words with a smile on her face.

A trace of a smile flashed across his eyes, and he said indifferently, "It's good that you know.

From today onwards, you will be my girlfriend. Because I cannot touch any woman other than you, from today onwards, you will be responsible for chasing away all the women around me.

Otherwise, you know the consequences of letting others touch me. If anything happens to me, the people of Gu family will never let you go. "

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