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C6 Chapter 6

“You’ve been so busy with work since you started working for that asshole. Now it’s Saturday, get your lazy ass up!” Nikita yelled into my ear, pulling me up by my shirt.

“Kita, I’ve got to sleep.” I groaned, flipping over to bury my face in my fluffy pillow.

“Girl, you’re crazy. You’ve done nothing but sleep all day long. It’s 2pm!” She shouted and slugged me.

My eyes popped open at that. I turned to her. “Seriously? How’s that even possible?” Not believing her, I shifted to reach for my phone on the nightstand. I checked the time and it was indeed 2:14pm.

“I’ve missed you, bitch. Let’s party or do something fun!” She squealed, hopping off the bed. “Be ready in half an hour. I already made breakfast— lunch.” She squirmed.

“You made food?” It was my turn to squirm. “I wouldn’t be a victim of food poisoning so we’d rather order something than eat the garbage you cooked.” I rolled off the bed, sliding my feet into a pair of flip-flops.

“What?!” She burst into laughter. “I promise this one’s better than the last attempts. It’s food this time.” She squared her shoulders, holding her tummy to support herself from falling due to laughing.

“I’m not eating whatever you cooked.” I joined her to laugh. “My tummy still has to have babies in it and not die from eating the food cooked by you.” I sauntered to the wardrobe to select an outfit to wear then placed it on the bed.

Nikita only recovered from her laughing state. “It surely does. I’ll order pizza and throw out the burnt rotten shit I expected to be called food.” She left the room with a wave of her hand.

I hurried into the bathroom, had a nice bath. I made sure to spend extra time in the bathtub, enjoying the cold water against my skin because there wasn’t going to be enough time for that during the week. I brushed my teeth and did my toilet business.

I took a towel from its rack, wrapped it around my body, and left the bathroom to re-select clothes from the wardrobe. I dried my body, did my skincare routine then got into a blue strapless blouse that exposed my cleavage and midriff, with a black miniskirt. I tied my extended straightened hair into a ponytail then rushed downstairs for lunch.

The magnificent smell of pizza filled my nose as I got to the dining room.

“I ate from your plate.” Nikita said, stuffing her face with pizza.

I shook my head at her with a small smile. We ate the pizza then I did the dishes since she had already done the house chores.

After cleaning the kitchen, we watched a movie then decided to go out shopping. I definitely needed new clothes and other items.

I applied light makeup, wore a pair of heart-shaped earrings with a pair of slip-ons and Nikita drove us to the mall.

After buying all we needed, we kept them in the car then stopped by a café for afternoon coffee.

“Hey, how was your so-called date? I’ve been wanting to ask.”

“I thought you’d never ask. Dash Ronan is super hot. He was really calm and the way he talks… damn!” She swooned, fanning her hands over her face. “I couldn’t stop blushing all day long. The date went well, we’ve been chatting on Facebook ever since.” She took a sip of her coffee.

“Wow!” Was all I could say. “I hope things work out for you.”

“It definitely will!” She asserted.

“You can’t tell. Are you certain he likes you back?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Believe me when I say ‘yes!’. He stares at me with googly eyes and he always calls my name sweetly. He’s left with no other option than to like me back.” The confidence in her tone made me giggle.

“Pretty confident, uhn? Honey…”

“I definitely am. So, tell me more about your crazy new boss?” She leaned back in her seat.

“Hames?” A frown formed on my face. “He’s damn crazy, more than you can ever imagine. He’s always working, which means I always have to work too. He’s never predictable, he barks at everything and everyone.” I rolled my eyes at every word.

“He sounds way harsher than Kade.” She took another sip of her coffee.

“Kade wasn’t harsh in any way. Kade is the best boss one could ever ask for. I didn’t realize how great he was till I started working with the stupid bozo of a rotten devil.” I winced, rested the back of my palm on my forehead to seem more dramatic.

Nikita chortled. “He surely is giving you a hard time. Lila still works for Kafe so she’s a lucky-ass.”

“She definitely is. Hames never gives me the chance to take a break. He’s always making me work, work, and work!” I grumbled. “Sometimes, I feel like snapping at him and spitting at him that he’s the worst asshole, a jerk, a fucking devil I can just rip apart and—”

“I think I need to let you know that I’m right behind you.” My heart froze at Hames’ thick voice vibration from behind me.

My eyes popped out of their sockets. I didn’t realize my hands had rumpled the table cloth till I let go of it and craned my neck backwards. Hames’ back faced me and he was also sipping what I assumed was coffee.

“Hames?!” I called in bewilderment. How on Earth was he here?!

He turned to me, his light brown eyes showed no hint of emotion and a few strands of his black hair dangled over his face. “It’s ‘Mr. Hendrix’.” He corrected, then rose to his feet, pushing the chair backwards.

My expression didn’t hide the shock that filled me at the moment. “How are you even— you’re here?” I rumpled my eyebrows in confusion. He didn’t seem like he was the kind of person to come for coffee on a Saturday afternoon in a black T-shirt and grey shorts which I had to admit made him look different in a handsome way. I expected him to do nothing but work and go to the gym.

“I’m human so I have the right to come here for coffee. He dropped the mug in his hand on the table. “And yes, I heard all you said. If I have to remind you, you ought to be working on the ‘Friz’ project. It has to be done before Monday. Goodluck.” With that, he took his leave.

I stared at him as he left like I had just seen a man swallow up an entire 2-storey building at once.

Nikita let out all the laughter she had been holding. “Gosh, you need to see your facial expression right now, coz you look like you’re about to explode from seeing a zombie chew on your mother’s brain.”

“He— he heard all I said.” I informed her. She didn’t seem as though she noticed that. “Oh, I’m surely going to receive a sack letter on Monday.”

“Silly, I don’t think he will. He’s probably used to harsh comments like that, and he didn’t say anything related to you being ready to lose your job. Pfft.” She waved it off.

“What if he only wants me to do the ‘Friz’ project then fire me?” I felt worry bubble up in my stomach acid.

“Dear, he wouldn’t.” She patted my back. “Be confident AF like me.” She said proudly. “It was cute to watch though.”

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