Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C1 I Am Your Secretary
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C1 I Am Your Secretary
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C1 I Am Your Secretary

"Hello, is this Wu Tian? I'm your secretary, Loong Yun. You're about to inherit hundreds of millions of dollars. You are actually—"

Before the beautiful female voice on the phone finished, Wu Tian had already hung up without knowing what was going on.

It was that disturbing call again.

Without thinking too much, Wu Tian took a deep breath and looked at the university coffee shop in front of him.

Today, he was going to muster up all his courage to do something big …

"Lee Meng, I like you."

Wu Tian stood nervously in front of the goddess Lee Meng by the window of the coffee shop, waiting for her response.

Who knows.

"Were you following me secretly?"

Lee Meng raised her head and looked over at Wu Tian as a trace of disgust appeared in her slightly red and swollen eyes.

She just broke up with her boyfriend from a rich family and Wu Tian appeared in front of her.

Did he take advantage of her break-up to confess?

"I … I wasn't. I saw you were inside the coffee shop and mustered all my courage to enter."

Wu Tian's fantasy was instantly shattered as he immediately became a little nervous.

"You? Who do you think you are to confess to me? You can't give me the life I want. I heard that you are so poor that all you can afford to eat are steamed buns. Do you think I will live like this?"

Lee Meng's pretty face showed a ridiculing expression.

Wu Tian's heart turned cold.

He didn't think he would be rejected so easily after his years of love.

"I … Although I don't have money, I can guarantee that I will make you happy. I … I even brought you a present."

Before he could finish, a white BMW 320 stopped in front of the coffee shop.

A young man with his grandmother's gray hair and a famous brand name shirt came out of the car. He was holding a Louis Vuitton bag in his hand as he walked straight to Lee Meng's side after he entered the coffee shop.

He glanced at Wu Tian, who was opening the gift, and showed a look of disdain.

"We just got into a fight, and yet flies have already started to gather. He even brought you a gift. From the looks of it, it's not anything special. Darling, your eyesight couldn't be that bad, right?"

"Zhao Yang, what did you come here for? Didn't you want to break up with me?"

Lee Meng turned her head around and pretended to be angry.

"My temper flared up a bit yesterday. I came to apologize to you."

Zhao Yang said, and while Wu Tian was still in a daze, he snatched the gift box from his hands.

He directly tore it open and took out the crystal hairpin inside as he mocked him.

"What era is this? Do you think you can win her heart with such a childish gift?"

"What's so great about having money? Can you make Lee Meng happy? You will only make her cry!"

Wu Tian tried to snatch back the hairpin but failed as he argued with a reddened face.

"Having money is great."

A disdainful smile surfaced on Zhao Yang's face.

His hand loosened as the crystal hairpin dropped on the ground.

It turned into fragments.

"I accidentally smashed it. How many tens of dollar should I compensate you?"

After saying that, he sneered and put the Louis Vuitton bag on the table.

This is a Louis Vuitton limited edition bag worth thirty-two thousand dollars. There are only three of such bags in all of Luzhou. Do you think poor people like you could afford it?"

Lee Meng's eyes lit up when she saw the bag.

"He can't even afford to buy a good gift, yet wants to make people happy. How childish!"

Zhao Yang mocked.

Wu Tian was trembling with anger.

Lee Meng was overjoyed. This Louis Vuitton bag was the gift she wanted the most. She did not expect it to be placed right in front of her.

Her previous grudges vanished in an instant as sweetness overflowed her heart.

She pretended to be shy and kissed Zhao Yang on the cheek.

The moment she kissed Zhao Yang, Wu Tian's heart shattered like a crystal hairpin.

"Poor people, do you see that? This is true happiness."

Zhao Yang gave Wu Tian a provocative look.

"You're a poor person and you can't give her the life she wants. You can't imagine the happiness of rich people because you're not even near that level. A toad wishing to eat swan meat. That only happens in fairy tales, yet you actually took it seriously."

Your so-called happiness is just flowery words. You can only trick those girls who have never seen the world to eat steamed buns with you. In the future, don't come and bother her again."

With that, Zhao Yang left proudly with Lee Meng.

Wu Tian couldn't remember how he walked out of the coffee shop. On the way back to school, countless students pointed at him.

"Isn't that the poor guy who wanted to chase after Lee Meng with a crystal hairpin in a coffee shop? I heard that he was severely humiliated."

"He's overestimating himself. He didn't eat steamed buns for a few days just so he could afford to buy a gift and thought that would be enough to seduce a goddess."

"If I were him, I'd find a hole and bury myself in it."

One after another, ruthless ridicule filled Wu Tian's ears.

The hatred in his heart was overwhelming.

It was all because he had no money. His basic dignity as a human being was trampled into smithereens.

Could it be that he would remain a loser for the rest of his life?

I can't accept it.

Just as the hate in his heart started growing bigger, a black Bentley pulled up beside him.

A beautiful woman with long hair in a business suit stepped out of the car. Her eyes resembled flowing water, but her expression was very haughty.

"Wow, how could there be such a beauty in our school? I don't know if I have a chance, but I'm willing to become her pursuer …"

"You? Didn't you see that Bentley? You're not even worthy to lick her shoes."

The beauty's appearance caused countless discussions to sprout between the onlookers.

Wu Tian saw her too, but he knew he wasn't even worthy of Lee Meng, let alone such a beauty.

He thought to himself as he was about to leave.

Who knows.

The beauty was wearing high heels as she walked in front of Wu Tian with her slender legs.

Just when Wu Tian was shocked by this strong atmosphere and became extremely nervous, she suddenly bowed deeply towards him.

"President Wu, this is your secretary, Loong Yun. I called you an hour ago …"

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