Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C8 A Lot of Money Is Spent
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C8 A Lot of Money Is Spent
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C8 A Lot of Money Is Spent

"No problem. It wasn't a big deal."

Wu Tian grinned, surprising Liu Yueyao. He had spent so much money just like that — Wu Tian was probably the only one who could do such a thing.

After seeing Liu Yueyao off, Wu Tian returned to his dorm.

The door was gently pushed open, and it was pitch black inside.

Apparently, everyone had already fallen asleep.

In order not to disturb his roommates' rest time, Wu Tian tiptoed to his bed and muttered, "Strange, why did everyone go to sleep so early today? Why didn't they play games today?

His butt had just touched the bed.


Someone switched on the light.

"Wu Tian, I didn't expect you to be back so soon. Have you had enough fun with the beauties?"

Sunn Xiaohao smiled obscenely. Who knows what was going on in his mind.

"You and Liu Yueyao must have had a good time. Liu Yueyao is the goddess of the boys' hearts," Jiang Wan teased him. "I'm guessing tomorrow you will become a big celebrity. I'm afraid you don't know what it means for Liu Yueyao to let a man into her car in front of the school today."

Jiang Wan pretended to be suspicious, raising Wu Tian's curiosity

Wu Tian was feeling sleepy as he asked while being a bit confused, "What's wrong? We just went to eat."


"You just went to eat?"

Sunn Xiaohao immediately revealed a surprised expression. "Haven't you done anything else?"

"Enough, enough. Am I that kind of person?"

Wu Tian waved his hand and yawned. He then laid on the bed and took out his phone, shouting, "Stop interrogating me. Come and play if you're not sleeping instead."

"My great sword can't wait."

Wu Tian was still awake until one in the morning, but his roommates were already snoring, making Wu Tian want to throw a pillow at them.

But after thinking about it, he decide not to.

Since he wasn't sleepy, Wu Tian just browsed the Internet and suddenly saw a live broadcasting platform.

He was very familiar with this platform, as he used to watch live broadcasts there.

He still remembered that there was a host that had never shown her face before.

He clicked on the live broadcasting platform's page.

He searched for "Masked Girl" and entered her room to check. Sure enough, she was still streaming.

He had watched this girl's live broadcast before, and it had to be said that her voice was very pleasant to hear. Every time he heard it, he would feel at peace.

However, although her voice was very pleasant, causing one to be relaxed and happy, you couldn't say the same about her live broadcasting room.

There were only a few people who were listening to her voice, and there were even people who criticized her.

"What kind of song is that? It sounds so bad. I wonder how a host like you manages to survive."

"Brother above, watch your words. Her songs are obviously very pleasant to listen to."

"That's right, who is that? He must have done it on purpose."

Immediately, the live broadcasting room went into an uproar. The person who was criticizing the host continued while the others helped to counter-attack him.

Just as the live broadcasting room started to resemble a vegetable market, Masked Lady finally spoke.

She coughed lightly a few times before sighing and said, "If you want to hear me sing, then listen quietly. If you don't want to, then please leave."

After she finished speaking, she no longer bothered with others.

When Wu Tian saw the girl in front of him, a smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly, he wanted to see her face.

Thus, Wu Tian put his hands on the keyboard. After a moment of thought, he started typing on the keyboard.

"Masked Lady, do you want to become famous?"

After typing, Wu Tian pressed the enter button and sent the message.

Not long after, Masked Lady replied.

"I won't become famous. I just want to quietly sing here so that you can all hear me."

But in the next second.

"Mad Mortal gave you 10 space ships."

The live broadcasting room rang out with a series of notifications.

Wu Tian tapped on the keyboard with his fingers, causing it to ring non-stop.

When the people in the live broadcasting room heard the system notifications, they immediately started a heated discussion.

Everyone who was silent before started talking.

"He really is a rich man. Who is this? He gave her ten spaceships."

"Ten thousand yuan per spaceship. That's a hundred thousand yuan for ten spaceships."

"Above, you look like a country bumpkin. I'm afraid you're still chewing on steamed buns."

Someone had gifted the host a hundred thousand yuan. It wasn't a small number. This matter had also alarmed the spy hiding in the direct broadcasting room.

This person belonged to a different live broadcasting room. Because the girl in this live broadcasting room was very mysterious and her voice was also very beautiful, this spy had always been in this live broadcasting room and criticized her.

When he saw that someone was giving gifts to the host, he immediately went back to report it to his live broadcasting room.

After all, whether a host was famous or not depended on whether or not there were rich people who liked him. But now, a tycoon appeared in Masked Lady's live broadcasting room. That was a huge matter, because it meant that she might become famous.

"Supreme Two has entered the room!"

"Distant Alien has entered the room!"

The sudden appearance of two tycoons in the live broadcasting room, which originally had only a few hundred people, made the direct broadcasting room go crazy.

Everyone began sending messages.

"Welcome, you two tycoons."

"Welcome, tycoons."

"Damn, there's some big bosses coming in!"

"I want to follow the tycoons."

"Are you still lacking a hanging piece?"

The live broadcasting room instantly became lively, and the crowd became clamorous.

Masked Lady was dumbfounded. Why did three wealthy people suddenly come and give her one hundred thousand yuan?

This was no small amount to her.

"Whose live broadcasting room is this?"

The tycoon "Distant Alien" asked.

"I don't know. I heard that someone was gifting presents here, so I came to take a look."

Supreme Two also spoke.

The two tycoons seemed to know each other as they chatted.

"Mad Mortal sent Masked Lady 10 spaceship."

The person who sent the 10 spaceships was obviously Wu Tian. Not only did he want to help Masked Lady become famous, he also wanted to understand this live broadcasting platform and pave the way for his future investment.

Seeing that there were some rich people in the live broadcasting room, Wu Tian gave a few more gifts to the host, and then said: "You are all guests. Since you're here, please listen to the host's singing."

Hearing Wu Tian's words, Masked Lady picked up the microphone and started singing the song that she was most familiar with.

Her singing was still as pleasant as before, intoxicating Wu Tian.

The tycoons also seemed to find her voice pleasant to listen to and immediately wanted to see her appearance.

Seeing this, the corner of Wu Tian's mouth slightly curled up. What he wanted was this kind of effect. He typed out a line of words and started to lay the groundwork for the following tasks.

"If you want to see how she looks, it's not impossible. As long as you give her the most gifts, you can ask Masked Lady to take off her veil.

These words caused an uproar in the live broadcasting room.

What a joke. They had been listening to her singing for two years, and they had never seen her face before. Could it be that this time they were going to have a beautiful dream come true?

The tycoons readily agreed.

Wu Tian immediately started to give out gifts without saying a word.

The screen was filled with spaceships. Dozens of them had flown past, and everyone in the live broadcasting room was stunned.

"Damn, when the tycoon gifted the host, he did not hesitate at all. He was awesome."

"I can't believe it. I think this host will become famous."

"What you said above makes sense. If she doesn't become famous, I'll do a live broadcast and eat dirt."

Almost everyone in the live broadcasting room loved and was loyal to the host. They were happy that she would become famous.

He spent 2.5 million before stopping.

Wu Tian didn't know how much money he had spent. He just needed to know that he was ahead.

The tycoons realized how terrifying Wu Tian was and silently withdrew from the live broadcasting room.

Suddenly, everyone in the direct broadcasting room started praising Wu Tian.

To them, Mad Mortal had directly become Masked Lady's patron.

After one wave of manipulation, he had also become a celebrity.

Before long, this news would spread and everyone would enter the direct broadcasting room. Soon, this direct broadcasting room would become famous, because there was someone here who gifted the host 4 million.

"Thank you Mad Mortal. I don't have anything good to say, but I didn't promise to show you my appearance, so I'm sorry."

Masked Girl seemed a bit helpless. That man had done so much for her, but she couldn't show him her appearance. This more or less made her feel embarrassed.

She allowed him to order a song to make up for it.

"It's fine, it's just a small amount of money." Wu Tian looked at the screen and was very satisfied with his performance.

Having money is great. If it was the him before, he could only watch rich people do such things.

If you have money, you can do anything.

He didn't know when he felt sleepy, but Wu Tian looked at the time. It was already fo8ur in the morning and dawn was about to arrive.

The dormitory was still filled with snoring sounds.

"Looks like I'm going to buy a house." Wu Tian said in a low voice. The sleepiness gradually overcame him as his eyes became blurry and he fell asleep.

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