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Lloyd family was a very well known and powerful business family in the 19th century. it was a one of the families which was passed down by generation to generation. Lloyd family had a very long history.

There were many different customs and rules only belongs to this family. the eldest son of the family would be the future owner of the family .the owner of the family could marry any amount of women if they wanted.they would marry women from very powerful families to spand their family's power.

That was a custom which was established by the ancestors.so every owner of the family had to marry women which was recommended by their elders. some marriages were decided since their childhood.

In 1834 ,future owner of the Lloyd family was Zane Lloyd. his marriage partner had been decided since his birth. his fiancee was Amelia Ansley from the Ansley family. she must be his first wife.

Ansley family was more powerful than the Lloyd family in the beginning of the 19th century. but both of family had a very good relationship among them since a long ago.

So Zane Lloyd had a very great pressure on him to marry a woman which he was not in love at all.if he go against his elders ,he will be kicked out of the family without single penny. Lloyd family was a family only care about power. they don't care about other things at all.

"Rose Davis ,do you know what you are doing to Zane? are you that much wanted to see him death?"

Rose looked at the girl infront of her with a displeased look and then she said to her with a impatient voice " Amelia Ansley, what are you talking about?can you not talk in a roundabout way ?tell me the things which you want to say to me directly "

Rose felt a very obnoxious feeling when Amelia told her to meet at this building which was abandoned a very long ago. this building was a old school building known as " Sunrise" which was used to teach poor students in this area.

But she didn't care about it at all because this thing is related to Zane's safety according to Amelia.

Amelia was Zane's fiancee anyway. so she didn't doubt about her that much.

Amelia laughed loudly and said " how much foolish are you? you can't even see that clearly. Rose Davis, I really don't understand why Zane loves so much a dumb woman like you "

Rose was really confused. Amelia's face is now looking like a grim reaper's face .actually she looked scary. Rose wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

" Amelia, if you don't have any useful thing to say to me then I'm leaving now "

Rose turned around to leave but she was stopped by the Amelia's bodyguard.she shouted angrily at Amelia " Amelia ' are you crazy? what the hell are you planning to do ?"

" I'm going to make a deal with you today." Amelia paused for awhile and then agai started to talk .

" If Zane didn't marry me and tried to marry you instead of me , he will be kicked out of the family. you will be never approved by his family. but because of you he is ready to give up on his everything. it is really amazing how he loves you so deeply ."

She paused again for few seconds.

" But you also must be aware about how much his father's second wife against him.if he kicked out of the family, she will definitely kill him by any means to avoid the future trouble for her son "

After hearing what Amelia said ,Rose sighed loudly. she knew that since the beginning it was impossible for both of them to be together. that is why she never said to him that she loves him too.she loves him as much as he loves her.

No matter what Zane has to marry Amelia or another woman from a powerful family for his own safety. second wife of his father is a very cruel person. she always trying to make troubles for Zane.

Rose doesn't want to be Zane's second wife or one of his wives.she wanted Zane only to herself. but she doesn't want to hurt him. so she suppressed her feelings for him.but Zane is never going to give up on her. she Is also helpless. she doesn't dare to see him in trouble.

If she was from a powerful family too, maybe she will be able to protect him at all cost.but she is not powerful at all. her family can't compare to Lloyd or Ansley families.

" Rose Davis, I'm going to tell the elders of the Lloyd family today that I will not marry him.i will also tell them that he is in love with a cheap woman like you."

Rose taken aback for a moment and said hurriedly " what? you can't do that way. Zane and me are not in a relationship. I never had express my feelings for him. I will never do that way in the future too.so you can be rest assured."

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