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It is true that her classmate is the one who is in the wrong when it comes to the accident which happened awhile ago.but her classmate didn't mean to harm him intentionally.it was a mistake.

It is natural for the humans to make mistakes eventhough they don't want that to happen.

so is it that much difficult to forgive someone?

She really couldn't understand Zane's attitude.

" But why his appearance same as the Zane Lloyd who lived in 1834?"

One of students asked the question which was everyone curious before when they saw Zane at first.

That student continued to inquire from the girl who showed them the photo of the painting of old Zane Lloyd in the morning.

" Did your mother mistake him as Old Zane Lloyd?"

The girl was also confused and said " I'm not sure either. but may be she mistook it cause their names are same."

She continued to say.

"but why would a painting of such a young person would be there at the Lloyd family museum? "

At this questionable moment, Noah entered the art room with his best friend Leo Parker.

In the morning They were assigned to do some task by mrs. Bessie and when they completed their job,they recieved a message saying that go to the art room by mrs. Bessie.

After noticing the Noah's presence, The girl who showed the photo of old Zane Lloyd in the morning hurriedly walked towards him and showed the photo to him.

Then she asked " who is this person?"

After looking at the photo, Noah said " oh!! he is the Zane Lloyd who our teacher mentioned when she was teaching about UNKNOWN painting. "

All the 12-D students are now having a very confused and funny look in their faces.

Noah looked at them and he was able to guess what is going on.so he continued to say " did you meet my eldest brother?"

He continued to say " My brother has the same name and appearance as Zane Lloyd. our family members were also confused to see his appearance when he grows up."

"his name was also given by a spiritual master.it is such a wonderful thing really. "

At this moment mrs. Bessie came to the art room while carrying foods and drinks with the support of the class president and the one another classmate.

They all started to share the foods and drinks among themselves and continued to chat this and that.

All the 12-D students had a very enjoyable moment

thanks to their teacher.


In the bedroom of his office at the Lloyd Business Empire, Zane was lying down on the bed.

Zane was extremely exhausted because he was busied with the works in the past few days and he couldn't able to get enough sleep.

While he was lying down, his secretary started to sort out some documents in the Zane's office room.

But after within few minutes ,he heard strange sounds coming from the Zane's bedroom which was connected with the office.

He frowned for awhile. he knew that this would happen again. that was why he didn't leave Zane alone everytime when he was resting.he would always try to be close to him.

He sighed loudly and then he start to walk towards Zane's table.after reaching there ,he opened the drawer and took some pills out from it.

Then he filled a glass of water and entered the bedroom which Zane was sleeping.

He worriedly looked at the young guy who was lying on the bed. eventhough Zane is a cold hearted person, he is also a 24 years old young boy.

24 years old is still a age which young people enjoyed their lives to the fullest withouth any special responsibility. they would play games and gather around with their friends.

But Zane has such a great pressure on his shoulders since his childhood to until now. he has to manage a huge company as Lloyd Business Empire and also he has a lot of weight on him as the future owner of the family.

Except of all those things ,unfortunately Zane couldn't even get a goodnight sleep because since he hits the puberty, he has been entangled by nightmares everytime when he was sleeping.

Everytime he went for sleeping, he would act strangely within few minutes.

He would murmur strange things.

Sometimes he would cry silently without any noise in his sleep.tears will uncontrollably run down from his eyes making him look less cold.

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