Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C16 DID YOU FORGET MY WARNING
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Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C16 DID YOU FORGET MY WARNING
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He has given up so many things for her sake.she also wanted to do something for him too.

So this one thing nothing compared to them.

She will definitely try her best to change his decision.

When she was trying to enter the office, suddenly Zane also came out from there.

Rose and Zane almost bumped with each other.but Rose was able to stop herself from bumping in to him with all her strength.

Rose sighed in her heart because if that was to happen, she should completely give up the idea of persuading him to change his mind.

Zane frowned and he was going to say angrily " what are you doing while blocking......"

Before he finished what he was going to say , he noticed the girl's face who was standing beside him.

He reminded of the scene what happened at the car in the school between him and her.

This is that annoying girl who was continued to talk without stopping.

Even more annoying thing was that he agreed to her unlike his usual behaviour eventhough it happened because of his body was not in good shape that day.

Didn't he warn her to not come in front of him in the future?

So what is she doing here in front of his office?

Is she taking him as a joke?

He started to furrow his eyebrows more and more while continuously looking at her.

Rose noticed the changes in Zane's expression and she felt like bit afraid in her heart too.

Was he able to recognize her?

She is not wearing her school uniform today and wearing some casual outfit.so would he able to recognize her even without her school uniform?

If he wasn't able to recognize, it would be great.

But Rose knew that it has a little bit possibility to happen that way.

But she still hoped for that to happen.

If she knew that it was him, she would have tried to disguise herself even a little bit.

But now she doesn't have any opinion other than to face whatever will happen.

So she didn't say anything and kept her silence because she knew that it was wise to act in this way.

She waited for him to talk first.

David also confused to see Rose in the in front of Zane's office.

He was also wondering what is this little girl doing here at Lloyd family mansion.

But he didn't interfere them and stood beside Zane without making any noise.

" What are you doing in front of my office?"

Finally Zane opened his mouth to talk.

Rose doesn't know what to say because her mind suddenly went blank.

So she started to sort out what to say to convince him for giving her and her father a chance.

Butler Arnold looked at the poor little girl beside him and said to Zane " eldest young master, she is Rose Davis.the daughter of Alfred Davis who had a appointment with you today."

Arnold explained clearly because he knew that Zane wouldn't pay attention to the other people's names at all.

So if he was only to say Alfred Davis ,Zane wouldn't know who was him.so he said with such a explain able way to him.

"Is that so? "

Zane again started to talk while looking at her.

" Even If you are his daughter, didn't I warn you to not come In front of me in the future?"

Rose was still silent and continued to look down.

So Zane continued to say with a cold voice " don't tell me that you forgot it? "

Rose pursued her lips and said while looking down

" I didn't know that it was you who I have to meet."

She paused for a while and continued to say " but even if I knew before that it was you, I would have still come to meet you."

Zane was little bit surprised to hear her answer because until now any outsider didn't dare to go against his order that way .

She is really a brave and courageous girl.

But Zane was little bit angry with himself because he wasn't angry at her even after she dare to go against him.

Why he is not annoyed or angry at her at all?

If it was another person , he would have left here right away without looking back?

So what is he doing by standing here still?

So he angrily said to Rose while readying to leave the place " forget it anyway. your father doesn't have to work for me anymore."

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