Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C18 10 MILLION DEBT
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Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C18 10 MILLION DEBT
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At the hospital Alfred was lying down on the bed while looking out of the window with pursued lips.

Robert entered the hospital room with the two food parcels and two bottle of water in both of his hands.

He noticed the Alfred's strange behaviour and asked him " Are you worrying about Rose?"

Alfred didn't answer and stayed motionlessly.

Rober again asked " should I take a call for Grace? then you would able to rest assured."

This time Alfred Turned his head around and nodded his head at Robert.

Robert put away the things which was in his hand and took out the mobile phone from his pocket while saying " but you should promise to eat dinner."

Alfred hesitated for awhile and said " I don't have that much appetite for eating but I will try to eat as much as I can."

Rober said that okay and dialed his wife's number.

Grace's voice heard from the other side " hello Robert!! how is Alfred feeling now? "

" He is okay now but he is so worried about Rose. "Robert told her.

" Tell him to not worry. would I let anything to happen my little girl? she went with the butler to mr. Zane's office room. I'm in the guest room. "Grace told her.

Robert said to her " then okay. if something happened, call me directly. "

Grace said " okay." and then she hung up the phone first.

" Are you feeling better now? nothing will happen to her while Grace is there. you know better than anyone how much she loves Rose like her own daughter. " Robert said to Alfred while looking at him.

Alfred sighed and said" Robert,I know that well."

Then he continued with a little bit low and dispirited

voice " I'm worried about Rose too but I'm more worried about another thing."

" What another thing?" Robert asked Alfred.

" Yesterday when I was leaving after finishing the art classes , there was a man who looks like a gangster waiting for me outside of there. "

Alfred continued to talk " he came to me and said that my father owned them a 10 million before his death.they also said that it wasn't easy to find us because we moved here after his death.he asked me to pay all of the money within this month "

Robert was surprised by what Alfred's words and said" What ? 10 million!!!! what is he even did that with it? this old man is making trouble even after his death."

Alfred started to furrow his eyebrows and said with a dry voice " I don't know how to earn such amount of money.even more I don't want my daughter to suffer and I don't want her to feel any difficulties."

Then he continued to say " I raised her as a princess until now."

Rober looked at his best friend worriedly and patted his shoulder while saying " I can guarantee that I will not let her feel that way.she is my daughter too."

Then he paused for awhile and again said " also about money we will try to figure out something ?"

Alfred nodded his head while saying " that is why accepted the Lloyd family offer.they are paying a huge amount and this will increase the student amount in my classes too.it is a great chance for me because I'm in this kind of situation"

" Yeah.that is great." Robert said.

" But 10 million is quite a big amount.will I able to pay within 1 month?" Alfred said while looking at Robert.

" It is not time to think about those things. we will talk about this after you recovered completely."Robert said while taking out the food parcels.

"Alfred, Now you should eat and gain strength first.if you are going to be sick like this , how can you even manage to face them."

Then Robert handed the food to Alfred.

Alfred reminded of something and said to Robert again " Robert, don't let Rose find out about this. she is still a little girl.so she shouldn't care about these trivial things at all."

Rober answered with a firm voice " ofcourse. I will not definitely tell her."

After reminding Robert about that Alfred started to eat.

Eventhough he didn't able to eat much but he tried his best to eat more.

Robert also joined with him to eat his own foods.


" Mary, Where is Zane ?why doesn't he seem to appear here" Arthur asked from his first wife while readying to sit on his chair in the dinning table.

" Zane?? "

"didn't he come to the mansion since yesterday?"Mary said.

Arthur said " he has come back tonight. I heard from my assistant."

" What kind of mother is not even know their child is back or not?" katherine who was second wife of Arthur said to her mockingly.

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