Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C19 ROSE'S SHAKING VOICE
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Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C19 ROSE'S SHAKING VOICE
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Mary glared daringly at Katherin who was sitting in front of her .but she was careful enough to not noticed by Arthur.

Mary is afraid to lose her good image in front of Arthur. no matter what Arthur is the current owner of the Lloyd family.

So if she was to dislike by him, it would be a great disadvantage for her.that was why she was specially careful in front of Arthur.

So Mary pretended like nothing happened and said in a soft voice " how could I possibly know when he is coming or not?this child is staying at the company most of the times."

Then she continued to say while looking at Arthur" I also cared from him before but I'm so tired of asking about his whereabouts everytime"

Katherine laughed out mockingly and said " eventhough you are his mother, Zane is even indifferent to you.i can't understand how a son is so much distancing himself from his own mother. "

Then she added more deliberately to make Mary angry " but I heard from a psychologist that it only happened when a child didn't receive any affection from his mother since he was little."

Then she looked at Mary with a provoking expression and said " Mary,may be that was your fault for being ignorant back then and didn't care enough about Zane."

Mary was really furious after hearing what Katherine said.she really wanted to drag this woman out of this place right now.

She is the first wife and Katherine is just second wife.how dare she disrespect her?

She was really about to explode.

Charlotte who was the third wife of Arthur looked at the two women in front of her with a disappointed look on her face.

It was a very familiar scene to her since the beginning when she married Arthur.they were always like that and they are behaving like water and fire evertime they met.

If Arthur wasn't here, this would have been turned out to a huge mess.

Charlotte really can't understand why are they fighting so hard for the power.

Aren't they currently have everything which they need to be more than happy.any usual person wouldn't even able to dream about having this kind of lifestyle.

So what is the use of more power?

It wouldn't even make any difference.

She really couldn't understand how their minds are working.

But at this moment she should try to stop these two people from going crazy.

So Charlotte interrupted them by saying " Noah, why don't you go and ask your elder brother to come and join with us for the dinner?"

Noah stood up from his seat and said " mother, I will go right away and ask him that if he could come. but I'm not too sure that he will come because may be he is being . "

Noah said those words because he knew very well that his elder brother really doesn't like to dine with his parents.

Even if he appeared at the dinning room, he will not even look at Arthur or Mary at all.he will be silent until the end of the meal.

His mother also aware of this fact.she must be deliberately mentioned this to shift their minds to another topic and stopped Mary and Katherine from making a mess.

Actually Noah also doesn't interested in eating with them.he doesn't like Mary and Katherine that much. eventhough he respects them because they are his elders in the family.

Charlotte said to Noah " okay.go and ask him to come if he is not busy now."

After that Noah left the dinning room to call for Zane.


Rose who was standing in front of Zane daringly raised her head and looked at him again.

Her vision was little bit blurry because of the tears in her eyes.but she was able to control herself from crying out loudly.

Zane also looked at her face and he was stunned to see the tears in the girl's eyes.

Is she crying?

wasn't she act so daring and courageous in front of him awhile ago?

So what is wrong with her suddenly?

Is she scared of him and going to cry like a little girl in kindergarten?

He has never faced this kind of situation before.

So he was at a loss and continued to stare at her face.

Rose started to talk " I must be troublesome in your eyes.but my father really valued this job.he tried to leave the hospital even after doctor asked him to stay at the hospital for 3 days."

Zane was able to detect the slight shaking in her voice when Rose was talking to him.

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