Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C23 SCHOOL'S COLD HEARTED PRINCE
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Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C23 SCHOOL'S COLD HEARTED PRINCE
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Rose woke up early than her usual days to go to the school because Grace's house was little bit far away from the school.

Actually she didn't want to go to the school today and she wanted to stay with her father at the hospital.

But Alfred knew very well about his daughter.so he called her early in the morning and told her to definitely go to the school today as usual.

So she didn't have any other choice than comes to the school as usual.

But when she entered the classroom, she noticed that something was different than any other days.

All her classmates gathered together and it seems that they are talking about something with great interest.

Rose was able to guess a little bit by the way they are behaving.

They must have found some interesting gossip to kill their time together.

She is very familiar with her classmates.

they have been together for more than two years since the beginning of the highschool.

Rose put her school bag on her own desk and looked for Lily.

At the same time Lily waved at her and signalled Rose to come to her side.

So Rose walked towards her.

Eventhough she wasn't that much interested in gossips, she also liked to spend time enjoyably together with her classmates.

She likes to observe them.

When she reached Lily , Lily started to talk like a parrot explaining what are they gossiping around.

" Rose, do you know who is that man from yesterday?"

Rose looked at her with a big question mark on her face.

What man?

Lily again told her clearly " Zane Lloyd. the one who you convinced to attend the opening"

Rose started to space out after hearing the name which Lily said.

Zane Lloyd

Those were the two words, she didn't want to hear right now.

Lily nudged her lightly with her hand and asked her " are you listening to me?"

Rose smiled and asked her " So what about him? "

Then Lily said to her " I knew for sure that you wouldn't have a clue about this.but how come you are not aware about this kind of very well known news whole around the country."

Well known news

Whole around the country

About Zane Lloyd

She didn't have any clue about such news as Lily mentioned to her.

Lily understood by her silence that she didn't know. so she continued to say.

" You know that he is the CEO of Lloyd family empire.he is only 24 years old and he has been the CEO since he was eighteen.it said that he is a very capable businessman in the business circle."

" He has achieved many achievements since he started to manage the company at eighteen years old."

" I can't really believe that the 18 year old boy able to manage such a huge company alone."

" he must be really capable."

" He is also the future owner of the family too"

" It also said that he had top grades when he was at the school and he was very famous at the school "

" He was also very famous among the girl too.there were many girls who had a crush for him.but they didn't dare to approach him because he was always aloof and indifferent."

" So he has named as the school's cold hearted prince."

" It also said that he didn't like to get attention from society and that was why there wasn't any news of him until now."

Lily was endlessly babbling to Rose about Zane Lloyd.

Rose also listened to her attentively because she has to meet him tonight and it is better to know about your employer more before having contact with each other.

"Rose, why aren't you saying anything at all? "Lily stopped her babbling for a moment and asked her.

" No.i was listening to you all the time." Rose said.

" But how they even able to find out about his private life things like that within two nights? it is so scary to notice by the media."

At that moment miss Bessie came to the class and asked all the students to go to their own seats to start the today lesson.

Rose and Lily also went to their own seats and sat down.

But Rose wasn't able to pay attention to the today lesson at all because her mind was filled with another matters.

She started to think about what happened yesterday night at the Lloyd family mansion.

It was such a bad moment.

Zane Lloyd

This name

Everytime she heard this name and everytime she said this name ,she would feel very familiar feeling in her heart.

Also everytime she saw this man's appearance, she would have the same familiar feeling.

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