Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C24 ROSE'S SUDDEN HEADACHES
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Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C24 ROSE'S SUDDEN HEADACHES
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Eventhough she felt really familiar about Zane's appearance and his name , but in the reality she would feel little bit scared around him.

Both of the times they met with each other, it wasn't a pleasant meeting at all.

They have ended up with bad terms In the end of these two times.

Yesterday she almost cried in front him.but she tried her best to control her tears from falling down from her eyes.

But she wasn't sure that if he has noticed her tearful eyes.

If so, it would be really embarrassing to face him in the next time.

Even if she was little bit frightened by him, she doesn't want to show him her weak side.

But who would able to be brave if someone ordered them with such a cold freezing voice.

So he is the CEO of Lloyd business empire.

No wonder he got that powerful aura around him.

Lloyd business empire is such a huge company.

If he has managed all company by himself , he should be a very capable person.

More importantly he is still 24 years old.

So this explained the unusual behaviour of the principal and the other executives that day.

At that day shouldn't she have stopped him from leaving?

Did she mess up with a person who she shouldn't have?

If so wouldn't he have treated her like yesterday night?

Maybe he would have forgiven her easily without anymore arguments.

But even if she was able to go back in the past , she would still do the same for her classmate and the Sunset highschool.

So it doesn't matter to worry about what happened in the past.

She should worry about future.

Today at 8pm

Even thinking about it makes her feel so anxious.

Will he give her a chance or will he ditched her saying that her skills are not good enough?

She has a very bad feeling about this.

She really can't understand this man.

She could understand him of being indifferent and aloof because he is a capable and powerful young businessman and he is also the future owner of the most wealthiest family In the country.

So if he doesn't act so friendly, that is completely okay.

But being so unforgivable towards other people, she couldn't understand why was he being like that.

First time her classmate didn't intend to stained his suit with paintings.

Then second time she was late because her father was sick at the hospital.

They were not intentional mistakes at all.

He is such a hot tempered and cold blooded person.

Rose remembered the name which Lily said that he was called at the school by the girls.

School's cold hearted prince.

He is really a cold hearted prince.

Anyway tonight she should try her best to win over this cold hearted prince.

She didn't even have this kind of anxious feeling about her school exams.

She should practice before going to meet him.

She also should come up with an idea about what should she draw.

Rose was tired by all of these thinking.

She sighed so loudly in the middle of the classroom.

Lily looked at her with an expression which says that what is wrong with her today.

Rose smiled at her.

Then she got close to her and whispered to her in a small voice "something really unexpected happened in my life. I will tell you later. "

She didn't talk loudly because miss Bessie was still teaching.

But suddenly one girl stood up from her seat and told to miss Bessie " miss Bessie, my desk mate seems to have a severe headache since the morning"

Miss Bessie went closer to her and asked her about her conditions concernly.

The student who spoke first again said " miss Bessie, I will go to the nursing room with her and ask for some medicines ."

Miss Bessie gave them the permission to go there.


if it wasn't her class mate's situation,Rose was almost forgotten about her sudden severe headaches in the midst of all these troubles.

She also had these headaches yesterday too when she was at Lloyd family mansion with Zane Lloyd.

When he looked at her eyes like he was trying to look through her soul , she also didn't back down and tried to looked at him back.

At that time her head was throbbing so badly.

But once he broke away the eye contact and looked other else her headache was completely relieved.

New chapter is coming soon
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