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" All the students, pay attention to the lesson. otherwise get ready to punish by me. "

Mrs. Bessie who is the art teacher and home room teacher of class 12- D in the Sunset highschool stated to the students with a gentle yet harsh tone.

All the students started to shut their own mouths because the consequences wouldn't be that much good, if they angered mrs.Bessie.

Mrs .Bessie is a very much gentle person but when she is angry, she is yet gentle. but they will lose their points from the student's class performance score or they will have to writing lines as their punishment.

Seeing the silence of whole class she started to teach the today lesson.

" Today we are going to learn about a very interesting painting in 1834. that is called 'UNKNOWN ' .because this is 2022 , it has been at least 188 years since then to until now. "

" ' UNKNOWN ' "

" It is very amazing to call a painting in that way. "

one of the students stated.

" Isn't it amazing? look at the projector screen .this is the painting called that way. how you feel when you looked at it ? "miss Bessie pointed at the painting on the screen.

It is a painting with a girl and a boy standing opposite of the riverside. the faces are unclear of them. but they must be in their youth according to their body features.

There is a huge mapel tree beside the girl. mapel tree is full of leaves. the wind seems to be strong and so many mapel leaves floating on the air towards the boy's side. but all the leaves are passing by him.

All the students looked at the painting. all of them are trying so hard to figure out what are they feeling when they looked at it.

But the girl sitting near the window grabbed her head with both hands. when she was looking at the painting her head started to ache so badly.

Mrs.Bessie noticed the girl's strange behaviour and asked her while approaching her " Rose Davis , is something wrong with you ?"

The girl looked at the teacher and said to her " my head started to ache suddenly.but now it seems okay "

mrs.Bessie looked at her with a concerning gaze. she really liked this girl. because she is very well behaved and a clever student she knows very well that Rose will become a very famous paintist in the future.

" Rose ,if your head ached again , go to the nursing room directly " the teacher said to her.

Rose nodded her head obediently.

Miss Bessie again started to teach the students.

"This painting was belonged to the Zane Lloyd of Lloyd family In 1834. before he daed ,he asked his people to hand over this to art piece to their family museum. according to the records of history, this painting was done by his lover as a birthday present to him for his 25th birthday. "

" The lover' s name is unknown to the world.Zane Lloyd is the one who named this painting as ' UNKNOWN ' "

After hearing what the teacher said ,students started to talk among themselves.

one of the students raised his hand and asked the teacher " Mrs. Bessie, then why is it known as ' UNKNOWN ' .isn't it a token of love from his lover?"

The one of the girl answered to the question " no. it's not a token of love . it says that his lover has betrayed him and left with another man. my great grandmother said that to me "

" Really then why Zane Lloyd has treasured this painting done by such a woman ? "

" What else? he must have loved her so much. I feel so bad for him "

Students started to talk among themselves. they all are very disappointed about his lover.

Rose listened to the all of the bustling of her classmates. she doesn't know why but she felt very uncomfortable when she was listening to their words.

she started to look out of the window.

' Zane Lloyd '

she uttered the two words with a affectionate voice.

' why is it so familiar 'she thought to herself.

Lily Pearl who was next to her noticed Rose's strange behaviour. she concernly asked her " is something wrong?"

Rose smiled at her and shook her head.how could she say to Lily that Zane Lloyd is a very familiar name.Zane Lloyd was lived in 1834.now it is 2022.it doesn't make any sense.she will think that she has finally gone mad "

Rose and Lily are best friends since the childhood. they attended to the same elementary school and middle school . now they are going to the same highschool too.they have shared every happiness and sorrow together.

At this moment a boy entered through the front door of the classroom.

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