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Miss Bessie looked at him with squinted eyes " mr.Noah Lloyd, you are late again to the classroom."

The boy looked at the teacher and said with a aggrieved voice " I'm sorry teacher. what can I do ? my father again dragged me to a social gathering yesterday. I couldn't sleep very well last night too. "

Miss Bessie looked at the pitiful boy in front of her and sighed " okay. go and sit down "

Noah thanked the teacher and sat on his seat hurriedly.

Students are still discussing about the painting.they are very curious about Zane Lloyd's love story than the painting itself.

Miss Bessie is at a loss of words. so she started to talk with a loud voice " we only need to study about the painting skill and techniques which was used by the painter. we also have to guess what was the painter try to express by the painting. "

Miss Bessie looked at the disappointed look in the face of students.

At this moment one of the students daringly blurted out loudly " Noah, do you know the story behind this painting? isn't it belongs to your family? "

Noah who was taking books out of the bag heard the girl's question and looked at the screen.

" oh !! 'UNKNOWN '"he exclaimed.

" It is a very famous story in our family "

All the students looked at him with the curiosity filled faces.

Noah felt very awkward because all the attention was towards him. he scratched his head and began to talk.

Rose was also eager to listen to what he says.

" Zane Lloyd was the future owner of the Lloyd family in 1834.he was 25 years old. at that time his lover gave this painting to him in his 25th birthday. but after few days it says that she has disappeared without any trace. Zane Lloyd loved that girl so much and after her disappearance he almost went crazy."

" he tried to search for her every nook and corner.but he couldn't find her. he began to become more and more cold and indifferent day by day. to pass the time, he drowned himself in load of works.so he is the most successful owner In our family history. he was a really powerful man."

" At that time Ansley family was thr richest family in the country. he was able to surpass that family. as a result of that now we are the richest family in the country."

Noah Lloyd is the third son of the Lloyd family. Lloyd family's current owner is Arthur Lloyd. Arthur has three wives. Noah is the child of the third wife.

Noah is a person who is not interested in family inheritance at all. he is just a person who wanted to live a carefree lifestyle.

" Noah, is it true that the girl he loved had betrayed him ?"

Now though for awhile and said " I can't say that for sure. but the rumours are saying so. they are saying that she has eloped with an another man "

All the students started to criticize her continuously. miss Bessie didn't say anything and let them to continue their discussion.

Rose was the only one who has a face which was written uncomfortable ness all over the face. she also didn't know why she was feeling that way in her heart and her headache getting more and more severe when they were talking about Zane Lloyd.

She wanted to leave the classroom but at the same time she wanted to know what happened to the Zane Lloyd later.did he find a new lover ? or did he continue to love her until the end ?

At this moment another girl asked Noah again with a sad face " then what happened to the Zane?"

All of them wanted to know about this matter.they are really worrying about him.

Noah said with a emotionl voice " he died at 28 years old. it says that until his death, he didn't stop the searching for that girl "

" Why was he dead at such a young age ?"the same girl asked again with a shocked face.

" Doctors have said that his mental state was in a very bad state. so it has been affected to his health condition .that's why he died so early "

All the girls and boys started to state their sadness towards Zane .

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