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But if Zane was to go back without attending the ceremony, mr.Arthur will be mad at him. maybe Zane would be punished by him. one time Zane's father locked him for 3 days without any food because he went against his will.

Secretary was extremely worried about him.

After Zane left, principal glared at the girl who caused this all mess and said with a angry voice " what have you done? don't you have eyes? should I expel you from the school?"

The girl started to sob loudly.

Rose who was standing silently all this whole time looked at the pitiful classmate of her and suddenly walked fast towards the direction where Zane left.

Mrs Bessie worriedly asked Rose " where are you going?"

" Mrs Bessie, I will go and ask him again.maybe he will agree "

Before they stopped her ,Rose immediately left without looking back again.

Lily and class president also followed her along.

All of the people in the presence looked at her with a

questionable look.how could she going to do that.Zane looked scary awhile ago before leaving. isn't she afraid?

Even the principal was ignored by him.she is really a brave girl.

Lily who was following Rose asked her worriedly " Rose, he looks scary ? what if you offend him ? let's just go back."

Lily doesn't know what is going through rose's mind.but she couldn't let her best friend in trouble.

" We can't let her expel from school.she is our classmate. also we can't ruin the ceremony.we should protect our school name " rose said to her.

" But......"

Before she talked again, rose interrupted her while saying " it's okay. don't worry. I will just ask him. "

Lily didn't say anything anymore because she knew it would be useless.

Rose also had many questions in her mind.why this person's name is also Zane Lloyd and he got the same look as old Zane Lloyd. is the classmate of her mistook him for old Zane Lloyd.

But Rose doesn't know why but she felt this same familiarly feeling when she was looking at his photo even when he was infront of her.she feels like that they have known each other for so long.

But she knows that it is a utter nonsense. how could she know the Lloyd family people. it is impossible. because of this familiar feeling she is not afraid of him that much.but it doesn't mean that she is not afraid of him at all.

But for the sake of her classmate and school, she would do this. it is not like that she would be killed by him because of this small accident.

Rose finally reached the destination. Zane was about to enter the luxurious car which was park there.his secretary was opening the door for him.

Rose walked towards the car with big steps. Lily and kevin stood little bit away from the Rose.

Principal who was looking down from the corridor said with a troubled voice " what is this girl doing? is she going to make the situation worse? "

Miss Bessie said that she will take care of her and went downstairs.

All the students of 12- D also followed her obediently.then principle and other executive officers also followed them hesitantly.

Rose called out " mr.Zane Lloyd "

Zane ignored her and entered the car without looking back.

Secretary was about to close the door but Rose didn't let him close the door and stood infront of Zane.she bowed her head in the level of Zane's head and started to talk without a pause.

"Mr.Zane Lloyd, could you not leave like this? I know that it is my class mate's fault. she should have been more careful.i will say sorry on behalf of her. could you please stay?"

Zane's face doesn't have any change of expression.

So Rose doesn't have any choice non other than continue to talk.

" Actually she doesn't mean it.we were prepared to welcome you so grandly. we didn't expect this kind of thing to happen. we are truly sorry."

Rose looked at him again but he is not moving at all.

Rose now has a very disappointed look in her face.how come this man doesn't listen to her at all.she never have said this much words to persuade someone before.she is also annoyed with him.

How come he doesn't forgive? is It that much difficult to forgive someone? even more it was a clear mistake even not a deliberate wrongdoing.she is really disappointed with this man.

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