Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C9 HIS TREMBLING HEART
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Miserable Fate In The Past Life/C9 HIS TREMBLING HEART
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Rose couldn't take it anymore.she is clearly sulking now like a small kid.

Lily looked at her best friend who was sulking cutely. she chuckled and said to class president " it seems that she has reached to her limits "

They all know that Rose is kind but if she was annoyed, she will not tolerate them kindly.

Zane was in a really bad mood since yesterday night.he has been forced by his father to do something even he doesn't want to do. a little while ago his clothes were ruined by a girl.

Now he was really annoyed by this girl's continuous talking. this girl is really daring.she stopped his secretary from closing the car door. then she is now persuading him nonstoply.

There wasn't any person who dares to disturb him like this. she is really a daring one.

So he angrily turned around his head and glared at her.

Because Rose was bowing her head in to his head level when Zane turned around his head their faces were so close.so their gazes met with each other.

Rose was frightened by his cold glare at first. but she she didn't want to step back.she has come this length so she didn't want to step back. so she managed to look at his eyes daringly.

Zane also didn't expect her to be this close to him. but he also looked at her eyes directly like studying deep inside her.

Secretary was really troubled with what Zane will do to this little girl. but it is too late for him to make a move. so he looked at them with a troubled gaze. but he noticed that Zane's anger is decreasing little by little.he was really surprised.so he continued to observe them.

He never saw this kind of gaze in the Zane's face before.so he couldn't guess what was he thinking right now.

Zane who was looking at Rose's eyes without a break felt very strange inside him.his heart trembled slightly and his whole body started to tremble.the more he looked at her eyes, the more he was trembling.

He couldn't take it anymore and turned his head to forward.

He doesn't know what is wrong with his body.he didn't have time to sleep past few days.may be he has reached to his limits.

Rose who was also looking at him got a severe headache. she looked away while clutching her head.

She couldn't understand why she was having severe headaches time to time.but she couldn't have time to think about other things. she has to persuade this man.

She wanted to end this meeting quickly. she doesn't want to be with this man even for a second. so she said awkwardly with a low voice " she will be punished by the principal. if you didn't go now "

" So....."

Zane looked at the girl again.Rose now really looked like a small innocent kid.his hear started to beat fast at her sight.

He doesn't know what is wrong with him.he wanted to say no to her and leave. but he couldn't bear to say no to her while looking at her.

He clenched his hand and got out of the car.

Rose smiled happily and thanked him.then she added hesitantly " you could remove the outer coat. I'm sure that you will be still look good without it "

Zane didn't look at her and removed the coat and passed it to his secretary.then he looked at the principal and said " guide me ."

Principal happily took the lead as Zane asked.

All the people in the presence looked at Rose with admiring gaze.they were all surprised by Rose.

Rose felt so shy.so she continued to look down. she isn't use to get so much attention at once.

Lily hit her slightly with her hand and whispered to her " Rose ,my bestie ,you are really amazing my friend"

Rose smiled at her and hit her back.

But Zane was still felt little bit annoying in his heart.why did he change his mind because of a little girl's words ? he also doesn't know why.so he really felt annoying.

So he stopped in his tracks and looked back at Rose.

Rose also looked at him and she felt little bit nervous.is he going to go back on his decision?

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