Miss Match/C1 Who gave you permission to marry?
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Miss Match/C1 Who gave you permission to marry?
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C1 Who gave you permission to marry?

At 7 PM in the evening, in Ou Jing City.

There was a layer of spotless white carpet, and the combination of the white body and the red blood was especially eye-catching.

The man looked coldly at the woman who didn't have a single item on her. His lips were filled with ridicule, "Rong Shu, have you already been married for so long? My brother hasn't had sex with you yet?"

Rong Shu trembled as she pulled the blanket over her, her beautiful eyes filled with hatred. "Jin Yating, you beast ?"

Pah! A fierce slap was heard.

Her cheeks were red and swollen, and her head was tilted to the side. A trace of blood flowed down the corner of her mouth, and the taste of blood filled her mouth.

"Bitch, who allowed you to get married?"

Rong Shu bit her lower lip and did not speak. He grabbed her right hand and placed his large hand on her wrist. "You want to cripple your right hand even if you don't speak?"

His left hand, which he had broken on the piano, held onto the quilt powerlessly and had no strength left. He had once said, Rong Shu, you are too dirty to be worthy of the piano.

"What does my marriage have to do with you?"

Jin Yan sneered, "You don't have the qualifications to get married. You can forget about paying your debts for the rest of your life."

Did she owe a double debt?

Back then, it was clearly Rong Shuang who intentionally framed her and left with the intention of leaving, but Jin Yanyu didn't believe it, he transferred all his hatred to her, destroying everything in her to chase after Rong Shuang.

She had nothing left, how could he expect her to pay her debts?

The blanket was roughly torn away and tossed aside by Jin Yanyu. He was like a wild animal in the middle of a hunt, taking her in cruel and fierce ways, carving out marks of his own on her body.

Rong Shu's movements were urgent and fierce. Her hands were on the ground and her legs were under his grasp. She could only pale face as she endured waves after waves of humiliation.

The sound of a car suddenly came from outside the door, it should be Jin Chen who was at home.

Jin Chen, her nominal husband, Jin Yanyu's brother.

"Chen Shen is back!"

Rong Shu kept struggling in fear, but Jin Yan Ting deliberately slowed down his pace and whispered sinisterly into her ear, "If my brother sees you like this, would he still want you?"


There were only three months left. She had risked her life to protect him, but she definitely couldn't let Jin Yanzhu destroy it!

She suddenly rushed forward and bit him hard on the neck. The smell of blood quickly spread, and Jin Yan felt pain as he flung her to the ground.

Without caring about the pain on her body, she dressed and tidied herself up as fast as she could.

By the way, the blood on the carpet has not been treated!

The door opened at this moment.

Jin Chen's footsteps came step by step, as if he was stepping on her heart.

Rong Shu's heart was beating fast. She quickly picked up the fruit knife on the tea table and slid it against her finger, causing blood to splash onto the white carpet.

She threw the blade on the ground. There were still some blood stains on the tip of the blade ?

"What's going on?" Jin Chen asked with a frown.

Rong Shu covered her fingers and carefully said, "Chen Shen, I'm sorry. I was going to cut a fruit with a knife, but I accidentally cut my hand and spilled blood on the carpet."

Seeing Jin Chen walk over, Rong Shu's eyelids jumped, afraid that Jin Chen would be angered by the dirt on his favorite carpet, even more afraid that he would discover that something was wrong.

Jin Chen grabbed her injured finger and frowned.

Suddenly, a burst of applause came from the profound entrance, Jin Yan's fiendish voice rang out, "Hehe, big brother, big brother's sister-in-law, your relationship is so good!"

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