Miss Match/C5 Who broke three places for you
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Miss Match/C5 Who broke three places for you
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C5 Who broke three places for you

When they left the Jin family, Jin Yanyu seemed to be in a good mood.

She looked at him for the first time in a year. He looked the same as he had before, but he had gone from a good boy to a shrewd businessman.

Such words were very strange.

He turned suddenly from the driver's seat. "What are you looking at me for?"

Rong Shu didn't panic as she said gently, "You've already gotten what you wanted. Can you let me go?"

"No." He rejected it immediately.

"Why?" There was nothing left for her to lose!

He suddenly became angry, stepped on the accelerator, and coldly said, "Rong Shu, you haven't personally experienced the injuries you gave Rong Shuang, how could I let you go?"

His words were like a death sentence to her.

Did he want her to experience that kind of hurt? But back then, it was clearly a self-directed act by Rong Shuang!

The car was racing so fast that the originally dizzy Rong Shu felt as if her throat was being choked. Her heart was beating so fast that she felt like she was about to throw up.

Suddenly, she was hit by the brakes. Before she could even react, he had already stepped forward.

He angrily bit into her snow-white neck, his large hand directly reaching into her skirt. Rong Shu screamed as her eyes widened. She tried to clamp her leg but was mercilessly pulled away.

"Jin Yanyu, don't stay here!"

This was still on the main street!

He wanted her to be shameless!

"Rong Shu, are you afraid of losing face? Do you have a face? "

Without any prelude, he plunged into her forbidden area, and she trembled with pain, her white forehead covered with fine, thin beads of sweat.

So painful, so painful ?

"Rong Shu, I want you to remember who broke all three places for you."

Her body seemed to have been split in half, she did not dare to make a sound, her lower lip was already bitten and bleeding, the tears in her eyes were spinning non-stop.

He didn't have the slightest bit of mercy. At the most critical moment, he whispered in her ear, "Very soon, I'll let you try what Rong Shuang endured ?"

She subconsciously shrunk as he comfortably leaned on her shoulder and gasped for breath, "Bitch, are you looking forward to it?"

After having her fun, he left her in the passenger seat and drove away.

He was well-dressed, and she was like a rag doll.

When they arrived at their destination, Jin gave her a look of disgust. "How many people do you want to show off your despicable behavior to?"

Rong Shu clenched her teeth in shame and indignation as she pulled on her clothes. Just as she got off the car, she felt an intense pain from her lower body, causing her legs to go limp, causing her to almost kneel on the ground.

Something was flowing between her legs. She lowered her head, and a few drops of blood flowed down her thigh ?

He did not know that it was best not to sleep in the same room for a month after the operation.

However, she was only a toy waiting to be retaliated against. How could he possibly care about her life or death?

Jin Yan Ting walked quickly, expressionlessly wiping away the blood, enduring the pain as he hurried to catch up with Jin Yan.

When she raised her head, she was stunned.

This was the highest performance hall in C City, and only the best musicians would be invited to stay here.

They took their seats in the first row of the VIP area. When the melody rang out, Rong Shu subconsciously covered her left hand, "A Young Girl's Prayer" was her famous song.

Seeing the elegant woman on the stage, Rong Shu finally understood why Jin Yan Ting was in such a hurry.

Because the people on stage were Rong Shuang.

Since she was a child, Rong Shuang had loved to learn from her. She could give in to anything except the piano and Jin Yanyu. She didn't want to.

The result was that Jin was on her most precious piano, destroying her left hand for Rong Shuang, because he said you were not qualified to touch what Rong Shuang liked.

It was unknown whether it was his stomach or abdomen. Waves of throbbing pain struck him ?

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