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C1 faint

Yu Chengsheng knelt on the path between the Nie Residence's back garden and litchi garden.

The sun shone brightly on her face, and she would have been happy in the city where she used to be. After all, she hadn't felt this kind of light for almost a year because of the haze.

But now, being exposed to the sunlight for one or two days was not a problem. If she had been exposed to the sunlight for three months straight, she would rather have teleported back.

At the moment, even though there was a haze, there was still a network!

In ancient times, there was no haze, but at the same time, there was no internet! Her circle of friends, her powder! Farewell!

Even if she couldn't have both the fish and the bear's paw, she still wanted to eat the fish, not the bear's paw! No matter how bad the modern air was, no one would sell her to someone else to be a little girl!

Just when she felt that she had done it extremely well, her pupils finally dilated and she fainted.

She fainted in someone's arms.

Unfortunately, she didn't know.

Or perhaps, she didn't feel that it was a pity.

The one who carried her was the second young master of the Nie clan, Nie Mo.

Of course, this was also the reason why Nie Mo only appeared after she fainted.

Nie Mo's underling, Nie Bo, followed behind Nie Mo and chattered on, "Second Master, if you had come here earlier, you would not have fainted ?"

In Nie Bo's opinion, Yu Gongsheng was both silly and honest. He couldn't bear watching an honest man being bullied!

Nie Mo carried Yun Che as he walked towards the litchi garden. Hearing Nie Bo's words, he did not even bat an eye, but a cold voice instead, "Shut up!"

Although Nie Bo was young, he was already able to fully grasp Master's intentions, and upon hearing his words, he immediately shut his mouth. It was just that Master could control his mouth but not his heart, so he still had a lot of things in his heart.

In the Dazhou, the Nie clan, which had existed for a hundred years, had some rules.

The young masters would not choose their concubines from their families before they get married, this was to prevent the young masters from having any sons or daughters from bullying their masters. In the future, when the young mistresses entered the house, their status as children would be difficult to deal with, so the young masters' concubines were mostly girls bought from the outside.

In this way, if the young mistress disliked him in the future, he could just let her marry him.

Yu Hensheng was bought into the Nie Mansion in the name of the concubine.

Before she transmigrated, she had a round face. Even though her family life wasn't rich enough, she didn't have to worry about food or clothes. As a result, she was still a cute round face.

But now, after entering the Nie clan for just three months, the baby fat on her face had disappeared. The flesh on her cheeks had dwindled, and the flesh on her chin as well.

Yu Gonggong was only 16 years old, and it was the perfect time to grow up. She often felt hungry, so hungry that she wanted to chew Nie Mo up.

Nie Mo was the perfect example of someone paying a debt of gratitude.

Half a year ago, he accidentally fell into the river at Wei Jia Village. Why was Yu Sheng able to save him when he had just transmigrated here?

She did not ask for his silver, nor did she ask for his name.

However, it had only been two months, yet Yu's life had already turned upside down.

Elder Nie impeached the authority of the Ministry of Public Relations. The Minister Yu Seller took money and killed people.

The Emperor was infuriated. After exterminating the direct descendant of the Minister Yu, he stole many letters from his family and found out that the Yu Family was connected to the barbarians outside the borders. This was even more so a crime.

Hundreds of men of the Yu Family Clan were killed, the women of the three clans were sent to the Education Bureau, the women of the nine clans were sold, and the rest were exiled for five thousand miles.

The Yu Family and the ancestor of the Minister Yu were exactly the same. Unfortunately, they were implicated, even if Yu had never seen the Minister Yu since his birth.

Compared to those female officials who were sent to be courtesans, being sold was still a good result.

However, all of these things could not compare to the shock and anger they felt when they saw Nie Mo again. At that time, the identities of the two people were already flipped upside down, one was a servant, the other was their master.

At that time, she knelt on the ground and silently cursed herself: What a blind man! The dog caught the rat and was bitten by the rat instead! It was time!

It was noon like this, and there were very few people who came out from the Nie Residence's backyard. Nie Mo carried back to the litchi garden, and didn't run into anyone along the way.

Nie Mo was the eldest son of the main house, as well as the direct son of Elder Nie. Although the litchi garden that he lived in was not the largest one in the Nie Palace backyard, it had a very good view.

The rest of the gardens were occupied by their unmarried brothers and sisters. They were younger than Nie Mo and could not be considered to be worse off, but they could not compare to litchi garden.

The litchi garden was split into two, ahead of him was where Nie Mo would study, or occasionally entertain his siblings, and behind them was where he slept.

Nie Mo originally wanted to go to the back, but remembering that his other concubine, Ru Yun, was currently staying there, he immediately carried him to the study room.

Although it was a study, there was still a bed to be had. The bed was on the north side, under the south window.

The light in the study room was good, and after the sun had risen, Nie Mo took a look, and then placed everything on his bed.

Nie Mo's other servant, Nie Hu, gave Nie Bo a glance. Just as the two were about to leave, they heard Nie Mo say, "Bring me a basin of water."

Nie Hu hurriedly whispered, "Yes."

Nie Bo served Nie Mo for the shortest amount of time, but he was diligent, so he scooped up three spoonfuls of cold water from the water jug and brought them inside.

Nie Hu stopped him, "Wait." He turned around, took the kettle from the stove and poured some hot water into it.

Nie Bo didn't understand, "It's such a hot day, isn't it comfortable to get some cold water to wash up in?"

Nie Hu shook his head, "Master has no requirements, what we offer must be warm water. This is true for all four seasons. "

The two of them each took a towel and carried a basin of water into the house.

"Put something down and get out."

"Yes." The two attendants replied at the same time.

Nie Mo was actually sitting on the bedside, Nie Bo looked at him strangely, seeing that Nie Mo did not look happy, he immediately lowered his head, obediently put down his things and left.

Nie Hu was very attentive, he also carried the pot stand over, and without standing up, Nie Mo could pour the kernels into the water.

A layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Nie Mo's fingers were long and fair like jade, the way he wiped her sweat while holding the kernels could easily be described in a painting.

Although the weather was hot, the reason why she was wearing it was not exposed. Nie Mo placed the kernels back into the water and placed his hand on the top button. He stopped for a few seconds and then retracted his hand.

Why did I dream of being modern again?

He always asked her, "How is it born? If it's possible to transmigrate or reincarnate, would you choose transmigration or rebirth?"

Why was he so annoyed? After struggling to reach the third year with great difficulty, he was just about to graduate. Was he going to go back and learn again after his rebirth?

"Let me pass through, at least I'll be able to wear it until there's no haze." she said, looking out the window at the pink haze of sunset.

Who knew that the heavens would let her wish come true?

Why didn't he let her get full marks for the fourth or sixth grade?

Dreams were not beautiful, and reality was cruel. Just thinking about it made his heart ache.

She wrinkled her brows in sadness, almost on the verge of tears.

Nie Mo told himself not to be soft-hearted.

He stood up, walked to the bed, and prepared to continue reading, but no matter what, he couldn't see his heart.

In the end, he decided to stand up and go outside, and said to Nie Hu, "Bring me some summer medicine, and then go prepare some light dishes."

Nie Hu agreed. He first brought Nie Bo to look for medicine and gave it to him to send to Nie Mo. Then, Nie Hu went to Kitchen and ordered two cold dishes and two hot dishes and one soup for himself.

There was only the kitchen maid Sister Zhang and a burning Black lass in the kitchen.

The Sister Zhang agreed, while commanding the Black lass to wash the pans, she asked, "Why does second master remember to eat now? Did you not eat well at noon? "

Nie Hu naturally would not gossip about his master, he only said one sentence, "Isn't this the hot weather?!" The rest was up to the Sister Zhang herself. She wouldn't say a word if she was beaten to death anyway.

Nie Bo had sent the medicine, but Nie Mo did not immediately give it to him for use.

When Nie Hu brought the two boxes of food over, he also followed Nie Mo's instructions and placed the dishes on bed's table.

"Don't wait on me, withdraw."

Why did he suddenly wake up from his hunger?

When she smelled the food, her intestines started to salivate.

Ever since she was sold, she had been in a state of shock and fear. After that, she had been half-hungry all day. It was really not easy for her to survive these three months.

Moreover, she remembered that during the time of the college entrance examination, she had not suffered as much as she did now. Not only would her parents let her eat until she was full, they would even make her eat something good. How did it look like he had transmigrated, where there was not much oil or salt for the whole day?!

It wasn't that she didn't have any dreams of putting them back on, she dreamed about doing so! Unfortunately, when he opened his eyes, reality was still in the Nie Mansion. On the contrary, the modern days were like a dream. After opening his eyes, he walked further and further away from himself.

"You're awake?" Nie Mo sat at the bed by the window, flipping through a page of books, without even raising his head he said, "When you're awake, get up and eat."

Why did I miss lunch while I was kneeling?

Hearing Nie Mo's voice, she realised that he was sleeping on the bed in Nie Mo's study.

She hurriedly got up, forgetting about the wound on her leg. She almost bit her tongue from the pain, causing her to break out in a cold sweat. Just like that, she didn't make a sound.

It wasn't that she was strong, it was because of this damned rule!

Servants are not allowed to cry or cry out in pain!

Why didn't they make it clear that the lord did not allow the servant to die, while the servant didn't allow the servant to die!

He felt like he was about to die soon.

She had spent so much time in the sun that now her legs ached and her head ached, and she was too upset to attack.

Ye Zichen washed his hands in the copper basin, then slowly walked over to the bed to thank her as best as he could without making any mistakes.

Nie Mo flipped open a page of the book, and said as if he did not care: "No need, let's eat first."

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