Miss/C1 Nightmare
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Miss/C1 Nightmare
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C1 Nightmare


Alex’s POV

Through my shivering body and shaky voice, I didn’t do it on purpose, Dad. Help me look for her was now a mantra to chant in my mouth…. The menacing voice of my adopted father sound above my head

"You’re so disgraceful. I can’t believe I have trained you child for nothing. You are supposed to grow up to be a brutal, strong Alpha ever, you allowed a bunch of weak rogues kidnap the only daughter of Beta Brian. You are just like your father, you bastard. How dare you come back to my house without Nina, get out of my house. I, Alpha Keith Lancaster of the crimson moon pack banish you from my land until you prove yourself worthy by bringing her back.

Alarm rings continually

I struggled to get out of my dream, I felt suffocated, alone and my subconscious was starting to slip away into nothingness till I felt a little hand touch my forehead said Alex it’s okay and I’m okay too. I slowly opened my eyes afraid I’ll scare the hand away boy was it my wishful thought. ****

My best friend Emmett was only dabbing a towel on my forehead and squeezing it out, I guess I had mild fever and sweaty forehead. I've just had my monthly share of my nightmare today and it gets worse every other time. Emmett was about to do something stupid as usual, he wanted to take a vulnerable picture of me for future leverage but I still have enough strength to throw him over the bedside chair he was sitting on. I stood tall suddenly making him shudder and shrink his neck, yeah he’s such a drama queen or child ikr but the look on his face is priceless, made me hook my lips and if I was Emmett I’ll definitely take a picture but I’m busy pretending to be a cold-hearted, pokerfaced beauty. I heard him shout

“shit Alex, is this what I get for treating you like a son”.

I slammed the bathroom door behind me as I tried to remember more from my dream. It instantly hits me, what was that look on Beta Brian's face? I can see how heartbroken Beta Brian is but it confused me more every time I have this nightmare because he was in greater pain cause of my exile rather than the loss of his daughter.

I’ve tried to get Alex to spill the reason his father sent him with me, as far as I know he always told me it was because both losers which I’ve come to believe since there’sno reason not to.

I looked at myself in mirror with a slight deprecating smile on my lips making my cute yet manly face look so sad but I can’t help myself than to keep my depression in check by overworking myself.


I overworked myself till I received a prank call from my childish bestie Emmett telling me he posted my picture on a dating app

Shit “only God knows how much I want to kill you Emmett",

I muttered dangerously making sure he’s scared senseless wherever his lazy money spending ass is although I’m so grateful for that stupid prank call, wouldn’t have noticed the deathly silence within my company. I wanted nothing more than to lay softly on my ultra wide mattress in my suite.

Chloe’s POV

I’ve been day dreaming about this gorgeous looking demon occupying our presidential suite since I laid my eyes on him wearing his usual frosty face. I even thought I’d die peacefully if he could smile at me just once, I know I’m too wishful but it’s called positivity.

Wonder what’s taking him this long to come back today while my mind drifted off to him travelling for a while or leaving pent Marrisa for good, I cursed myself senseless while my facial expressions switched places numerous times like a disco ball. I hadn’t noticed my male God was looking at me curiously like he’s seeing a good movie I guess only a bottle of coke and popcorn is missing here.

I knocked myself hard at first then while I was trying to knock myself again a warm and wide palm caught mine sending me into a trance for a few seconds I looked up to match his eyes then I saw his lip curl sarcastically.

Then I heard the cold sound of heaven’s trumpet say,

“When you are done wiping my face with your eyes get my key card”

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