My Heart Yearns For You/C1 Very Feminine
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My Heart Yearns For You/C1 Very Feminine
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C1 Very Feminine

Twenty-three years of age for the Republic of China. Military District Hospital.

"Madam, you have to leave the country for treatment as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more dangerous your life will be …" The doctor's face was grave.

Tang Yao nodded and said with some difficulty, "I know. You should prescribe more medicine for me. I will take some more days."

"If Marshal finds out about your condition …" The doctor sighed.

Tang Yao immediately cut him off, "Don't tell Yann Shaokun, it's more important for him to take care of the war."

If he heard that she had incurable illness, wouldn't he publicly marry another wife the next second?

Tang Yao thought bitterly. The obstruction in her heart was unbearable.

After leaving the hospital, Tang Yao sat on the rickshaw and directly returned to Residence of Northern Marshal.

When night fell, the first snow began to fall.

Tang Yao finished her medicine and stared out the window at the drifting snow.

Ever since she married Yann Shaokun, the first snow of every year would fall on her birthday.

However, this year, Tang Yao's heart was already feeling desolate.

The door was pushed open, and the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard approaching, accompanied by a bone-chilling wind.

Tang Yao could not help but shiver. However, when she saw the pair of knee-length army boots, she stopped her actions.

"Kun, you're back …" A glimmer appeared in Tang Yao's dull eyes.

"This year's birthday present." Yann Shaokun put the embroidered box on the table with a cold expression.

The light in Tang Yao's eyes flickered slightly as she carefully and gently opened the embroidered box.

Inside the embroidered box was a silk handkerchief embroidered with plum blossoms.

Tang Yao was about to take out her handkerchief when she noticed that a woman's long hair was wrapped around the corner of her handkerchief.

Was Yann Shaokun using the woman's belongings that he had hidden in another house to lie to her?

"Marshal has been very considerate, this gift is very feminine."

Tang Yao's face paled as her five fingers tightly gripped the quilt covering her legs.

Yann Shaokun frowned. After being together for so many years, he knew that Tang Yao was currently in a bad mood.

This woman only called him Marshal when she was angry.

"I won't give you a present next year. If you want anything in the future, take out the money from the account office and buy it yourself."

Yann Shaokun's thin lips twitched. He took off the military coat on his body and entered the inner room.

Next year, he would not even have the heart to lie to her.

Tang Yao looked at his back and mumbled in a barely audible voice, "I'm afraid I won't be able to live past this time next year …"

In the end, she and Yann Shaokun's relationship could not last seven years.

As she was thinking, her chest was starting to hurt, and she couldn't even breathe.

Tang Yao took out a burgundy handkerchief from her sleeve and raised her head slightly while covering her nose.

This kind of action was done in one go.

After a while, the warm smell of blood filled her entire nose, but there was no trace of blood on the burgundy handkerchief.

The doctor had said that the more frequent the bleeding, the more difficult it was to treat.

Tang Yao didn't want to go abroad because she couldn't bear to part with Yann Shaokun.

She was afraid that once she left the North City, the Mrs. Marshal would not be her.

Although Yann Shaokun's heart was no longer with her, he did not forget that she was his wife when he was young.

What was the point of living too long without his company?

When the blood stopped flowing out of her nose, Tang Yao went back to the inner room and lay down beside Yann Shaokun.

As usual, she put her arm lightly around his muscular waist and buried her head in the back of his neck.

"Kun, you haven't made me sleep in your arms for a long time …" There was a trace of pleading in Tang Yao's voice.

"Maybe next time. I'm tired." Yann Shaokun moved her hand away and slightly moved it towards the bed.

A chill spread through Tang Yao. She looked at the back of his head, a thin layer of mist covering her eyes.

He said it every time. How many more times could she wait?

All she wanted was a hug from him …

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