My Heart Yearns For You/C6 He Killed Xiao Qi
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My Heart Yearns For You/C6 He Killed Xiao Qi
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C6 He Killed Xiao Qi

Tang Yao's heart felt as if it had been ruthlessly pierced by a sharp knife as pain surged forth continuously.

"What did you say?" She muttered to herself as she looked at the maid. Her limbs and bones were all soaked in cold water.

Xiaoqi died at Pear Garden, at Su Qingqing's residence.

Tang Yao stumbled over and saw Xiaoqi lying on the ground. She was covered in blood and had a bullet hole in her chest.

"Xiaoqi." Tang Yao softly called out her name as she collapsed onto the ground.

Xiaoqi's eyes were bulging with fear and despair. Her hands tightly gripped a piece of jujube red cloth.

The blood on her chest had fused with the fabric.

"She deliberately killed Madame Su. If I don't shoot, they'll be dead."

Yann Shaokun was still holding his gun, there was no trace of warmth in his eyes.

Tang Yao looked up at him with unspeakable pain in her eyes.

"Xiaoqi is the maid who held a candle for us on our wedding day. She accompanied me for seven years, so how can you kill her?" Tang Yao's face was already covered in tears.

This man fought on the battlefield and killed countless people.

How could he have killed her Xiaoqi, the witness to their marriage?

"Elder sister, could it be that the lives of the child of Marshal and I are not as important as a maid?" Su Qingqing wailed as she shrunk back into Yann Shaokun's arms. Her stomach was so big that even her clothes couldn't fit inside.

"Xiaoqi has a calm personality and never makes a mistake. If you kill her today, you might as well kill me too. "

Tang Yao still did not pay attention to Su Qingqing. She did not believe that Xiaoqi would harm that woman, not to mention that she had even entered Pear Garden alone.

However, she didn't dare to believe it even more. The man that said he would buy her the Plum Blossom Wine turned around and shot the most important person in her life.

Tang Yao's heart, which had just been warmed by Yann Shaokunfeng for a month, was chilled to the bone once again.

This man was like a thorn in her bones. Drinking her blood and eating her flesh made her feel so much pain that she wished she were dead.

"Bring Madam back to the Plum Garden. Without my order, she's not allowed to come out!"

Yann Shaokun's eyes were filled with an intimidating glint. Under his rage, he even raised his gun and shouted three times into the dark sky.

"Bang bang bang!"

Su Qingqing screamed out in fright while Tang Yao sat beside Xiaoqi's corpse, paralyzed like a lifeless statue.

Without Xiaoqi, the Plum Garden was as cold as a cold palace.

After a month, Yann Shaokun removed the ban on Tang Yao.

At the same time, Tang Yao did not touch the plum blossom wine that he ordered from time to time.

That bright red and cold Plum Blossom Wine was very similar to the blood on Xiaoqi's chest that day.

Tang Yao was suddenly tired of this senseless waiting for death.

Once, she thought that if she were to leave Yann Shaokun, she would be scared out of her mind.

But now, she felt that staying by his side was the greatest torment.

Not long after, good news came from the Pear Garden. Su Qingqing had given birth to a baby boy.

Yann Shaokun was so happy that he awarded the entire Residence of Northern Marshal with the great ocean, wishing he could immediately announce the entire country.

Mrs. Yan looked forward to many years and finally got her first grandson. She was also grinning from ear to ear from happiness.

She went to Pear Garden everyday to look after her child, wishing that she could bring this eldest grandson back to her house and raise him.

"Qing, you and my Shao Kun have double eyelids, how come my grandson has one?"

Mrs. Yan stared at the soft, pink baby for a long time. He vaguely felt that it didn't resemble her son at all.

Su Qingqing's body stiffened as a trace of panic flashed past her eyes.

"The little gongzi hasn't grown up yet. When he grows up, he will definitely be the same as the Marshal!" nanny, who was standing at the side, quickly spoke up.

The corner of Su Qingqing's mouth twitched. "That's right. He's still young, so I can't tell who he looks like."

Mrs. Yan thought for a while before slowly nodding. Finally, she dispelled her doubts.

After she left, Su Qingqing ordered nanny to carry the child to her side.

She looked at the little fellow's black eyes as her emotions fluctuated unceasingly.

She knew better than anyone who those eyes resembled.

Annoyed, Su Qingqing tightened her grip on the baby's quilt, but due to the strain, the child was strangled.

"Wa!" The child suddenly cried out, his face turning a deep purple.

"What are you crying for?" "Who told you not to look like your parents!"

Su Qingqing threw the child onto the bed in frustration.

Paper could not wrap fire in the end, and when the child grew a little older, his face would take on a more formal look. How should she explain it to Yann Shaokun?

What's more, the relationship between the child's father and Yann Shaokun was that kind of thing.

Su Qingqing's head hurt when she thought of that man.

At that moment, a report came in from outside. Tang Yao had come to visit the child.

Su Qingqing raised her eyebrows as a trace of malice flashed past her eyes.

"Bring her in."

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