My Heart Yearns For You/C8 She Never Wanted to Love Him Again
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My Heart Yearns For You/C8 She Never Wanted to Love Him Again
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C8 She Never Wanted to Love Him Again

She yelled as she raised her hand to smash the glass of water beside her on Tang Yao's head.

Tang Yao was still in a daze, and she didn't dodge at all.

The cup of water hit her forehead, creating a bloody gash.

"I knew you wouldn't be so kind as to send my son away with a longevity lock. So you were suffocating the baby while he was asleep!" Every time Su Qingqing said a word, her expression became more and more pained, causing everyone who saw it to feel heartbroken.

Only then did Tang Yao realize that Su Qingqing blamed the death of her child on her.

"Su Qingqing, you must make it clear! You and nanny were there when I came to see the baby this morning! " She could not care about the pain in her body as she tried to explain.

nanny, who was kneeling on the ground, sobbed, "Madam, why do you dare to not admit it now? When you left, the young master died. I have no enmity with Young Master, and Young Master was born in the tenth month of imperial concubinewei's pregnancy, could it be that we are the ones who suffocated Young Master to death? "

nanny's every word hit the nail on the head, leaving Tang Yao with no power to retort.

That's right, everyone in the manor knew that she did not like Su Qingqing and did not like the arrival of this child.

Now that she was gone and the child was dead, who would believe that she was not the murderer?

Tang Yao couldn't help but look at Yann Shaokun. The man was holding Su Qingqing in his arms, comforting her gently without even looking at her once.

She suddenly felt as if her whole body was going to explode from the pain. Her blood vessels were filled with countless insects gnawing on each other, each wave more violent than the previous one.

"You don't believe me?" Tang Yao looked straight at Yann Shaokun, unable to catch her breath.

"When you leave Pear Garden, pack your luggage and elope with a man. How can I trust you?" Yann Shaokun's face turned ugly.

His continuous stream of "Marshal" broke the last vestiges of hope in Tang Yao's heart.

The only person in the world who knew she was sick and gave her warmth was killed by Yann Shaokun himself.

Their seven years of relationship as husband and wife had truly come to an end.

"If you want to kill me, kill me." There was no trace of warmth in those short words.

Yann Shaokun had put Tang Yao in jail, showing no mercy due to their relationship as husband and wife.

Night came.

Yann Shaokun entered Tang Yao's cell. He was still holding Doctor Du's head in his hand.

Tang Yao curled her fingers and looked at him as if she were looking at a stranger.

"What, I didn't leave your adulterer an intact corpse, so you're looking at me like that?" Yann Shaokun took out the dagger he brought with him and held the cold thin blade in his hand.

"I didn't kill the child. I only came to find Doctor Du to see a doctor." Tang Yao's expression was blank.

"Treat? I think you have a lonely, empty illness! There are so many women doctors in the hospital, you have to find a male doctor! " Yann Shaokun ridiculed her and showed no concern or worry at all.

"Yann Shaokun, do you think that everyone is like you?" Tang Yao looked at him, the chilliness deep to the bone.

Yann Shaokun was stunned for a moment, then slowly understood the meaning of her words.

Just as he was about to speak, Tang Yao had already taken the lead. "How many years can a woman last? I gave you my best years, and I left my hometown to roam the world with you! Seven years of love, you messed around outside for three years. Did I say anything to you? Why should I go to a male doctor and you have to kill him? "

Before Tang Yao could finish her sentence, Yann Shaokun interrupted her with a resounding slap on the face.

Tang Yao was struck dumb by the slap, her ears ringing.

"I'm busy with the war every day, looking for a woman to play on in order to relieve my boredom, so what? You, on the other hand, are not content with living like a canary at home! "

"I told you to be the mother of your child, but you killed him! Other Mrs. Marshal s wish for their own men to open their own branches and scatter their leaves, but you wish for me to lose my legacy! "

Yann Shaokun became angry from the embarrassment and dragged Tang Yao towards the cold stone bed in the cell.

Tang Yao's wrist had been pinched until it turned purple, and her back was hurting from the hard stone.

When Yann Shaokun directly rushed into her body, Tang Yao was in so much pain that her vision went black, and even her pupils began to dilate.

"I hate you."

Finally, she didn't love him anymore …

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