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C1 Coincidence.

"Now I sentence the defendant, Ning Kai, to be charged with murder and fund-raising fraud, to be sentenced to two years of death penalty according to the law!"

The judge decided Ning Kai's fate just like that.

Ning Xi suddenly stood up from the hearing seat when she heard that. Her amber eyes were misty. She stubbornly held back her tears. She looked at Ning Kai nervously.

"Dad..." She choked and walked forward, wanting to say a few words to Ning Kai.

Ning Kai wore a white prison uniform and was being dragged by a few prison guards. His face was haggard and he no longer looked as high-spirited as he used to be. He looked as if he had aged dozens of years. His even had white hair growing out of his temples.

"Xixi, believe me. I am not a murderer. These are all false charges. They are the enemy's framing!"

Ning Xi felt as if a knife had been twisted in her heart.

Of course she believed that her father could not be a murderer!

She held her tears and her voice was hoarse. "Dad, don't worry. I will find a way to save you..."

"This is not your visiting time. It's time for the prisoner to go back to prison." The prison guard saw Ning Xi blocking the way and pulled her away impatiently.

Ning Xi's weak body was now like a pulled string as she stumbled and fell to the ground.

Her wrist was broken and it hurt, but she could not cry.

She still had to think of a way to save her father...

Right, Zhan Shaohui.

He was her fiancé. He must have a way.

Ning Xi looked like she was holding onto a life-saving straw, crying as she called Zhan Shaohui.

"Begging me to save your father? Ning Xi, don't be naive. Back then, I planned to marry you because I valued your father's wealth. Now that the Ning Family is bankrupt and Ning Kai is imprisoned, why should I save him?"

Through the receiver, Zhan Shaohui's words were like sharp knives stabbing into Ning Xi's heart.

Her lower lip was almost bitten to the point of bleeding. Her voice was trembling. "But everyone in the business world knows that the Ning Family and Zhan Family are about to marry. Even if you want to break off the marriage, aren't you afraid of affecting the Zhan Family's reputation?"

"I do need to pay attention to this." Zhan Shaohui's casual voice came slowly. "Since you are so sincere, I will give you a chance. Tonight at nine o'clock, you will come to Four Seasons Hotel. If you satisfy me, I will consider your suggestion."

Ning Xi clenched her teeth and all the blood rushed to her head. "You are shameless!"

He sneered in disdain. "Suit yourself."

She had been holding back her tears for an entire day, and she could no longer hold back her tears.

Zhan Shaohui had already said that he would not marry her, but wanted her to go to the hotel to accompany him.

He wanted her to be his lover!

But if she did not go, what else could she do to save her father?

When those friends saw her father in trouble, they all acted like they had never met her. In her grief and indignation, Ning Xi made a solemn decision. She could only dance with the devil.

When she arrived at the private room they agreed upon in Four Seasons Hotel, Ning Xi knocked on the door...

The door was not locked.

She pushed the door open with trembling hands and went in. It was pitch black all around.

Her mouth was tightly shut and her long eyelashes were trembling.

"Zhan Shaohui? I have followed your request."

Before she could finish her sentence, a sharp shadow flashed in front of her eyes.

A burning hot air rushed towards her. It was different from the cologne Zhan Shaohui usually used. It was mixed with the smell of alcohol.

Before Ning Xi could react, the man grabbed her wrist with both hands and immobilized her hands on both sides of her head. He pressed her against the door and kissed her without a care. He was like a ferocious lion.

"No, Zhan Shaohui, calm down..." Ning Xi trembled in fear. She struggled with all her might, wanting to beg for mercy.

But the man on her had completely lost his mind.

Ning Xi only felt her skin come into contact with the cold air and her body involuntarily shrank. Then, a tearing pain engulfed her and she immediately fainted from the pain.

She did not know how much time had passed and Ning Xi was woken up by the sound of the phone on the bed.

She struggled to move as if someone had torn her apart from the middle and her entire body ached. Her drooping fingers slowly tightened. She stared at the man who was sleeping with his back to her side.

For a moment, she really wanted to kill him, even if she had to die together with him!

She suddenly thought of her father waiting for her to save him in prison...

She painfully took the phone and saw the message.

"Xixi, come back quickly. Your father had an accident on the way to prison. His condition is critical!"

The moment Ning Xi saw the text message, all the blood in her body seemed to freeze. She suddenly sat up from the bed and pulled the wound under her body. The pain made her face as white as paper.

But she couldn't care about anything. She put on her clothes in a mess and stumbled out...

How could he suddenly have a car accident? He was clearly fine before this!

Little did she know that after Ning Xi left, a gentle breeze slowly blew past, the curtains and swaying with the wind. The clear and bright moonlight poured through the gaps in the curtains and onto the bed.

It also illuminated the man's face.

His tall nose, thin and sexy lips, and cold facial features were so exquisite that they looked like the work of a ghost. Even when he was sleeping, his brows were twisted out of habit.

It was a face that was somewhat similar to Zhan Shaohui's. But he was not Zhan Shaohui!

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