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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C10 You Don't Have to Write a Rough Draft?
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C10 You Don't Have to Write a Rough Draft?

Manager Wang's words made sense.

Jiang Zhiyu looked down at her filthy clothes and nodded before following him to the mall.

Looking past everyone's surprise, he randomly picked a ladies' area and put on a long snow-spun skirt with middle sleeves. He then threw away his shoes and switched to a pair of five centimeter high sandals.

Putting aside her graceful figure, she seemed to have become a lot more lively all of a sudden.

If one did not look at her colorful face, she would definitely be a gentle and graceful goddess.

Manager Wang looked at her and went to the counter to check out the bill in satisfaction.

Jiang Zhiyu quickly reached out to pull him back.

"Oh, no need, Manager Wang. I'll do it myself. "

Manager Wang smiled at her and quickly handed the card over.

"Don't worry, you didn't take advantage of me. This was bought with your salary today. Just remember to not ask me for a reward tomorrow. "

However, her salary today was enough to buy it …

"Enough." Manager Wang saw through her thoughts and showed her the invoice from the counter. "Hey, it's exactly six thousand yuan, not one extra cent is not too much."

When Jiang Zhiyu saw this, she hurriedly shook her head.

"No, that's not right. I have a salary of 300. Even if I work 11 hours today, I only have a salary of 3300. Here …"

Manager Wang casually stuffed the invoice into his pocket, turned around, pushed her away and walked downstairs.

"You don't even know that we get double the salary outside? Why don't you just jump off the road some other day and do it at the far end of town. "Alright, let's not talk about other things. Hurry up and go, we won't be able to see your friend again in a while."

It took them about half an hour to get to the hospital. Manager Wang accompanied them to the emergency room. When they got out of the elevator, they found two people sitting on a bench in the corridor.

It was Jiang Panpanli and Xu Shaofeng.

Xu Shaofeng had already returned home to change into a light gray sports coat. He leaned his body against the back of the chair. Jiang Panpan was cozily leaning on his shoulder as she expressed her grievance.

From Jiang Zhiyu's perspective, one of them was tall and straight, while the other was gentle and cute. It was simply a beautiful scene that others could not bear to look at.

With a single glance, she felt her breathing become ragged, her teeth chattered, and her legs went limp.

She still didn't know if Xu Shaofeng was an iron-masked person, but he started to feel sad.

It was obvious that he had taken the initiative to dump her. Why did she feel so sad when she thought about him hugging another woman?

She shook her head. It must be because she had been beaten so badly. Beat your head up.

At most, he could only hope that he would have a broad shoulder to lean on like Jiang Panpanliu.

"Director Xu." "Manager Wang also saw Xu Shaofeng at first glance and was confused about the situation." Why are you here too? So everyone wants to see the same person? "

Hearing that, Xu Shaofeng and Jiang Panpan looked over at the same time.

Jiang Panpan's jealous face instantly contorted when she saw the brand-new Jiang Zhiyu.

Jiang Zhiyu knew that today was destined to be an extraordinary day, and staying here would be a joke. She turned around and bowed to Manager Wang.

"Thank you for accompanying me here, Manager Wang. Yes, this is the person I want to see. Sorry to trouble you for so long, I'll return the key to you. You should go back first, I'm sorry about that. "

Manager Wang took the keys and looked at Xu Shaofeng from afar.

"There's no need to be courteous, it's just a small matter." "Then, Director Xu, I'll head back first?"

Xu Shaofeng nodded.

When Manager Wang left, Jiang Zhiyu walked over slowly and sat on the bench opposite them.

Jiang Panpan covered her face with a tissue, her voice as gentle as water.

"Elder sister, your grandmother has already had a heart attack because of you. You didn't come to guard her the first time, and instead had the time to dress up. It was all in vain that she painstakingly took care of you for so many years."

Jiang Zhiyu had already expected her appearance to be said by them.

However, she also knew that if she did not change her clothes, they would call her a beggar.

They were going to say that she wasn't pleasing to their eyes anyway. It doesn't matter.

However, she didn't expect Xu Shaofeng to be here at this time.

If he was really a man made of iron, she didn't want him to misunderstand her like that.

"Elder sister's clothes have all been torn by you guys, of course you guys have to change first." Otherwise, I'm afraid that later on, auntie would say that I'm asking for food, and that I would embarrass your Wealthy Class aristocrat in public. "

"You!" Jiang Panpan was rendered speechless by her words. She could only turn around and look at Xu Shaofeng in grievance. Shaofeng, you see, this is my sister, with a sharp mouth and a sharp heart. We kindly invited her to dinner.

Xu Shaofeng immediately looked over with a meaningful gaze.

Jiang Zhiyu really wanted to rush over and ruthlessly tear that woman's mouth apart!

But she held back.

After all, this was an emergency room. The basic quality of a patient's family member was still there.

She heaved a long sigh in her heart as she glanced sideways at the handsome man and woman opposite her.

"Jiang Panpan, I'll have to trouble you to prepare a rough draft when you speak nonsense next time."

She lifted her hair, and the scars on her forehead and the corners of her mouth showed.

"Grandmother has lived with me for so many years, what good will it do to me to anger her to death? I didn't say anything when you gave me such a huge gift. I really don't know why you have the nerve to lick your face and speak first. "

Jiang Panpan choked once again.

The emergency room door was tightly shut. She was afraid that her grandma would be gone for a long time, so she was too lazy to watch this scheming female show with low intelligence. She decided to go to the stairwell to smoke a cigarette.

Unexpectedly, he opened the bag and felt around. It was empty. Only then did he remember that he had finished smoking the last cigarette at the construction site and had thrown away the cigarette case.

She looked at Xu Shaofeng again.

If he was a man of iron. At least she knew his favorite cigarette.

Xu Shaofeng didn't know how to react at the moment.

With his shoulder leaning against a beautiful woman with tears in her eyes, his expression was somewhat wooden. His empty eyes drifted to another place as if his heart had long since flown away.

Jiang Zhiyu came to a conclusion on the spot.

No man likes to coax women. Furthermore, there was no man who liked to coax a woman who loved to cry.

Crying in front of men. It will only make him cry as much as possible to keep his distance from you.

"Director Xu." "She slowly stood up and walked towards him, extending her slender fingers." Can I borrow a cigarette? "

Xu Shaofeng raised his head and looked at her.

Honestly speaking, her current appearance was rather pitiful. There were some bruises on her arms and even her face had been greeted by someone. It was difficult to cover her embarrassment.

But his expression was very calm. Her soft facial features seemed to have a heroic air to them.

Xu Shaofeng moved his arm, and Jiang Panpan looked up from his shoulder.

He took the cigarette out of his pocket and waved it at her with a vague smile.



Together. When she was with the Man with the Iron Mask, she often smoked a box of cigarettes.

Jiang Zhiyu turned around first and slowly walked to the stairs. Xu Shaofeng followed behind her under the questioning of Jiang Panpan.

The two of them stood at the staircase where only the safety exit sign was lit up. Jiang Zhiyu had already confirmed it in an instant.

He was a man made of iron.

She was one hundred percent sure of his outline in the dark.

Because in the past year, she had enjoyed copying his shadow in the dark.

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