Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C12 As Expected of a Woman Who Deserves to be Beaten up
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C12 As Expected of a Woman Who Deserves to be Beaten up
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C12 As Expected of a Woman Who Deserves to be Beaten up

The elevator quickly reached the first floor. Jiang Zhiyu rushed to the door with her bag in her hand. Xu Shaofeng was sitting in his sports car and smoking a cigarette.

Jiang Zhiyu couldn't help but mock him as she sat in the car and watched his spirited state.

"You have the guts to drive back, but you don't have the guts to drive back. Is Director Xu that brave?"

Xu Shaofeng leaned on the co-pilot's seat and looked at her. His forehead was swollen to the size of an egg. The corner of his mouth was bruised. He was pitiful, yet his mouth was still so vicious.

She was indeed a woman who deserved a beating.

He swallowed the thought of bickering with her and dropped the cigarette into the extinguisher.

"If I tell you to drive, then drive. Go to Riverside Garden. If you say another word, I'll get someone to throw your grandma out of the emergency room."

Jiang Zhiyu was so frightened that she quickly shut her mouth.

However, she was worried about her grandmother's illness, so how could she have the time to send this great Buddha home?

The car drove off and randomly picked a path to leave. After two traffic lights, Xu Shaofeng suddenly threw something onto the control panel.

With a "clang," he was not afraid of breaking the car window.

Jiang Zhiyu subconsciously looked. What the hell was he doing? The one he threw out was a cellphone.

"Stop the car." Before she could ask him what was wrong, he spoke first.

Jiang Zhiyu obediently pulled to the side of the road and turned to look at his agitated face.

"Do you know where Riverside Garden is?" he asked.

"I don't know." She shook her head.

He pointed out into the strange street.

"Don't you know how to navigate? Where are you going? "You still have the nerve to boast that your IQ is A, why does it always look like a negative A to me?"

Jiang Zhiyu, "..."

He looked at her for two seconds. She looked at him impassively, and he poked her arm.

"Still not moving? What? You don't know how to type? "Seems like I've been beaten to a pulp today?"


Jiang Zhiyu cursed in her heart. She had seen men with a cheap mouth, but never men as cheap as him.

Why didn't you find out last year?

Sigh, Jiang Zhiyu, you can't blame others for calling you stupid. It was impossible to see the true face of a man. Now, it seemed, his brain was truly a mess.

It took them a full hour to reach their destination.

Jiang Zhiyu stopped the car and looked up to see a huge Chinese mansion.

It was as grand and majestic as the ancient King's Mansion. The red tiles and white walls were solemn and serious. There were two two-meter-tall stone lions standing at the entrance with rows of red lanterns hanging along the corridor.

Under the red lanterns, there was a huge plaque with two large, gilded words written on it: Xu Estate.

This battle, this momentum.

Jiang Zhiyu wondered for a moment if she had transmigrated?

Obviously not.

While she was still in a daze, the sensing door beneath the signboard automatically opened.

Two security guards ran out and stood by the entrance to welcome Young Master Xu back.

Jiang Zhiyu was stunned by this scene.

"Tsk, what are you daydreaming for. "I'm leaving."

Seeing that she didn't move at all, Xu Shaofeng reached out to push her, signaling her to bring the car into the yard.

Jiang Zhiyu was flabbergasted as she opened the door.

Although the outside was solemn like a mansion, the inside was completely Western Europe.

The luxuriant purple garden, the cobblestone path, the lush green lawn, the sparkling outdoor swimming pool, the entire courtyard had a dazzling splendor to it …

Tsk tsk. Who would have thought that he would sleep with such a rich young master!

No wonder Jiang Jianguo's family of three were so obedient in front of him.

If Jiang Panpan could marry into the Wealthy Class, then she really could marry into a Wealthy Class.

Following the road that Xu Shaofeng pointed out, Jiang Zhiyu walked along a straight path before turning into an arch. It appeared to be a side yard, but its structure was similar to the front yard. After a few more turns, he stopped at a garage.

Jiang Zhiyu thought, with such a long way to go, how am I supposed to get back to the hospital?

With a heavy heart, he undid his seat belt and got out of the car. Xu Shaofeng stood at the back of the car and looked at her.

"Come here."

She walked over.

"Give me your arm."


"Tsk." He reached out impatiently and pulled her arm over for a look.

"Where else?"

Only then did Jiang Zhiyu realize that he was concerned about her.

"All over." "She immediately attached herself to his body and hung on, then lifted her leg and wrapped it around his waist." Director Xu, now do you know how ruthless your fiancee is? "

It only lasted two seconds.

Xu Shaofeng felt that he shouldn't have pitied her for her face.

He pushed her away and hooked his leg, his face cold.

"It doesn't matter to me whether I treat others ruthlessly or not. Just be obedient to me. Jiang Zhiyu, don't talk about trying to break our relationship. I'm telling you, I married her for a reason. It's not like you can change it with a few words. "It's better to save energy."

There was a reason?

You can't change it with just a few words?

When Jiang Zhiyu heard this, she immediately let out eighty percent of her breath.

He was right.

Where did he get the confidence to persuade others to give up their marriage?

Because he had an appointment with him for a year?

It was so funny.

With his identity, what kind of woman couldn't he get? When he made an appointment with her, he wondered how many other partners she would have at the same time. How could he possibly think highly of himself?

It was hard for him not to laugh.

The two returned to their normal positions. Disheartened, Jiang Zhiyu decided to leave.

However, when he turned around, he discovered that there was a young man standing behind him. He was also tall and straight.

"Second Brother." "Catching Jiang Zhiyu's gaze, that man immediately walked over with a smile." What brings you back today? "You're not coming back even during New Year's Eve. It's really rare to see you again."

Xu Shaofeng also turned his head around when he heard what she said. He walked over to Jiang Zhiyu and put his arm around her shoulders.

The other person's voice was soft and coquettish, while his voice was much deeper.

"I'm not a girl, why would you want to see me when you have nothing better to do? Stay away from me if you know I won't come back so easily. Don't ruin my mood. Go back to your room, I don't have time to grind my teeth with you. "

Hearing his words, the other party walked closer and closer.

"Hehe, Second Brother's temper is always so hot, I am ashamed."

With that, he looked at Jiang Zhiyu's face for a few more seconds as if he had seen a ghost.

"Second Brother, this..."

"Shut up." Xu Shaofeng walked over with Jiang Zhiyu in his arms, and lifted her aside one by one. "Xu Shaocheng, I'm warning you, come back to my yard later. Be careful that I don't break your dog legs!"

After giving his warning to his fourth brother, Jiang Zhiyu flew into the main building of the courtyard.

The two of them pushed open the door and went upstairs. Xu Shaofeng took her to his bedroom, stood up, turned around, took the phone and dialed.

"Bring me all the medicine for your scar. I'm in my room, so don't say anything."

Jiang Zhiyu stared at him, stupefied.

He hung up, turned, and walked into the back room. He took a white shirt from the cloakroom and threw it in her face.

"Go wash and clean up. He smelled like sewer oil. "I almost died from the smoke."

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