Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C13 It Was Only This Face That Gave off a Slight Impression
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C13 It Was Only This Face That Gave off a Slight Impression
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C13 It Was Only This Face That Gave off a Slight Impression

Jiang Zhiyu blushed at his words.

He had run to the construction site today to cook some vegetable soup, and now he didn't smell good at all.

She pulled her shirt off her face and obediently went into the bathroom.

One had to say, it was great to have money.

The master bedroom was about two hundred square meters. Apart from the cloakroom, the bathroom was also much bigger than a normal hotel.

The decorations were all in black and white, simple and generous. When he walked into the bathroom, he felt relaxed and happy.

Jiang Zhiyu washed up, put on his white shirt and went out.

The bedroom was empty.

He walked around and saw him standing on the balcony with a woman with an elegant back.

She knew she shouldn't bother him any longer.

Since the other party had already said this and there were substitutes present, wouldn't he just hurry up and get lost? Wasn't he just waiting to be humiliated?

She went back to the bathroom, pulled on her dress, and decided to leave.

However, when he came out of the bathroom, Xu Shaofeng and the woman also went back to their bedroom.

Seeing that she was wearing her own clothes and her hair was wet, Xu Shaofeng immediately frowned.

"Haven't I found clothes for you to change?"

Jiang Zhiyu handed over her folded shirt and squeezed a smile.

"Yes, but there's no need. Thank you, Director Xu, for letting me borrow a place to take a bath. It's getting late, so it's not convenient to disturb me any longer. I think it's better for me to return to the hospital first. "

"Second Brother, this..."

After saying so, the woman beside Xu Shaofeng let out a surprised sound. Looking at her expression, it was the same as Xu Shaocheng. Could it be that she had seen a ghost?

Xu Shaofeng was obviously not satisfied with Jiang Zhiyu's decision. He gritted his teeth as he explained to the people beside him.

"It's just a beggar, why are you making such a big fuss over nothing?" You can leave, but don't tell grandpa that I came back. "

"Oh." "The woman paused for a moment, smiled meaningfully, and looked at Jiang Zhiyu." Alright, then I won't disturb you anymore. But are you sure you don't need my help with her wound? "

"No need." Xu Shaofeng said coldly, "Let's go quickly. Today, I owe you one."

"Alright." The woman smiled in satisfaction. "As long as you remember."

He closed the door and went out. Xu Shaofeng snatched the shirt from Jiang Zhiyu's hands and threw it at her head.

"Go wash it again. I'll give you three minutes. "

Jiang Zhiyu stood there, unmoving.

She couldn't figure out his intentions.

He was the second young master of a wealthy family. The president of Far East Real Estate. Someone else's fiancé. A man who refused to listen to her advice and insisted on marrying his stepsister.

A few minutes ago, he warned himself to save his strength and not try to disrupt his marriage. And now he owed someone else a favor for her injury?

What the hell was going on?

"I've suffered countless injuries since I was a kid, and this is nothing. Xu Shaofeng, I don't need your help. "If you really want to help me, you might as well consider when to leave Jiang Panpan behind."

Xu Shaofeng grabbed the shirt on her head and threw it on the bed with a smile.

"How many times has this question been asked tonight? Jiang Zhiyu, you're a smart person. It's really boring to say it too many times. "

F * ck.

I can't talk about you.

Jiang Zhiyu gritted her teeth.

"Since it's boring, then I'll be going. We'll see each other once and for all. I hope neither of us will bother with the other from now on. "

After saying that, he went to the door to get his shoes.

Xu Shaofeng went to the end of the bed and sat down, looking at her.

"Fine, let's go if you have the ability. I'll bet. You'll be back for me in five minutes. "

Jiang Zhiyu turned around and stared at him. "What do you mean?"

"He raised his eyebrows." Do you think you can get out of the Xu Family door just by walking in and out? "It's not for nothing that we have a security team with a dozen people."

"Do you all still want to be placed under house arrest?"

"Tch." "He smiled a little." Not under house arrest. Jiang Zhiyu, they'll at most arrest you as a thief and send you to the police station. "Let's try if you don't believe me."

"You …" "She sat on the ground, dispirited." What exactly do you mean? "

"Come here." He sat on the end of the bed and waved to her.

Jiang Zhiyu didn't move.

After a few seconds of confrontation, he stood up and pulled her toward the bathroom. He pushed her up against the wall, took her chin in his hands, and studied her face.

"Jiang Zhiyu, this face of yours is the only thing that still has some use to you. Don't take it for granted. "Next time, don't let others slap your face again."

Then he roughly pushed her into the hot water, and in a few quick rips, her skirt was ripped off, and the azure and violet color of her body was immediately exposed to his eyes.

He seemed to be moved. He looked up and down a few times, then turned his head away.

"Wash yourself. After you're done, hurry up and come out. Don't wait for me to come in and grab you."

Helplessly, Jiang Zhiyu washed up again, wrapped in a towel, and went out.

He had changed into a new suit, light gray this time, and it made him look gentler.

He was sitting at the head of the bed, looking at some bottles and jars. Seeing her come out, he beckoned her to go and lie down on the bed.

Jiang Zhiyu knew that she wouldn't be able to escape from him, as long as he didn't have any intention of killing her.

Just lie there.

It is the national production of Shushen gum and deep-sea fish oil, specialized against bruises and scars. It was said that the effect was especially significant, and he had to ask Old Third Xu Shaoqing for it.

Pour some onto your hand and gently smear it on her bruise.

Xu Shaofeng's hands were shaking after getting kicked a lot of times.

Dozens of wounds of different sizes covered her snow-white body. She really didn't know why Jiang Jianguo was so angry at her.

The air conditioner was on. His fingers were cold and light. Jiang Zhiyu had been running all day, and under this kind of treatment, she was about to fall asleep immediately.

But she couldn't sleep.

I don't know if Grandmother is out of danger yet. She still had to go back to take care of Grandma.

Xu Shaofeng couldn't help but want to scold her when he saw how hard she tried to open her eyes.

"If you're tired, then close your eyes and sleep! "Why, you're not thinking of going to the hospital, are you?"

"To the hospital." Jiang Zhiyu said in a daze. Grandma isn't out of danger yet. I can't sleep, I can't be this heartless, I can't let her down. "

Xu Shaofeng applied some medicine to her forehead and rubbed it vigorously.

"You sound like you're a doctor, what can you do if you go?"

"Hiss." "Jiang Zhiyu gasped, her eyes misting over from the pain." You don't understand. "Grandma raised me since I was young. She's already the closest person to me, I absolutely can't let anything happen to her."

"You make it sound like you can guarantee that nothing will happen to her if you go."

Jiang Zhiyu raised her head. Her movements were too big, and water gushed out of her eyes.

"Xu Shaofeng, can you say something human!"

Xu Shaofeng, "..."

F * ck.

This woman who did not know good from bad.

"Lie still!" Seeing that she had lost her beans, he couldn't be bothered to argue with her. He reached out his hand and pushed her back to lie down. He turned around and took out his cell phone to make a call.

"Hey, Chief Physician Ma, how is it? Out of danger? "Alright, it's been hard on you."

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