Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C15 Who Am I Supposed to Show It To?
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C15 Who Am I Supposed to Show It To?
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C15 Who Am I Supposed to Show It To?

With a piece of paint off the front of the car, Jiang Zhiyu said goodbye to Hee Beihuan and drove to the hospital.

There was still space in the yard, so he found a space and parked his car. He opened the car door and got off, only to find that Tang Yulan's car was parked next door.

When Tang Yulan saw that it was her, she quickly got out of the driver's seat.

When enemies meet, they start spitting feces the moment they open their mouth.

"Jiang Zhiyu, you even f * cking know how to come here? I even thought that your grandmother, an old man, had wasted her life to support you for so many years, but in the end, her death was imminent.

F * ck. Your mouth stinks so much. Didn't you brush your teeth when you woke up in the morning?

But today she was in a good mood. Xu Shaofeng said to cherish his face.

Therefore, no matter how unpleasant Tang Yulan's words sounded, she was too lazy to deal with her.

He reached out to close the door and prepared to leave. With a "Hua" sound, Tang Yulan blocked the way in front of him.

The sound was full of twists and turns, and was very sharp.

"Hey, you thick-skinned b * stard. Where did you run off to last night? Did you get yourself such a set of clothes today? He couldn't have gone out to fish for men, right? "Tsk tsk, what a pity. Such beautiful clothes, when worn on your body, don't even have a bit of flesh left, you don't even look like you're wearing it at all."

Jiang Zhiyu looked her up and down and pushed her aside with two fingers.

"It's not up to you to decide whether or not you want to see the result." Auntie Tang, I'm not 14 years old yet. "I advise you to be careful when you speak. Don't provoke me, otherwise a young and rude woman like me will attack you at any time."

Tang Yulan was pushed into the car by her and was beaten. He angrily grabbed his bag and smashed it on the car a few times with a "Kuang Kuang Kuang" sound.

"You dare to attack me? You don't want to live anymore! Shameless! Where did you get the face to drive a borrowed car to? He really was a shameless person. See if I smash it or not, and tear your face apart! "

Jiang Zhiyu's heart skipped a beat when she was smashed by her.

The front of the car was going to be repaired soon. If this girl were to smash the car into a pit again, she would be done for.

"Tang Yulan, are you crazy!?" She took a step forward, snatched the bag from Tang Yulan's hands, and threw it on the ground. If you have the guts, smash it again. Who knows, today, who might tear whose face it is! "

Tang Yulanbou was so angry that she kicked the car's rear end with her high heels after having been snatched away by her.

"Bam!" I am going to smash it! You deserve to drive such a car! Impossible! I am going to smash it! "

"Tang Yulan, you old woman, scram!" "Jiang Zhiyu pulled her over and pushed her to the ground." "Would you dare to smash my car again and shatter your hoof?"

Tang Yulan's head was pushed to the back of the car. She screamed miserably and was about to jump up and fight her when her peripheral vision fell on the license plate and she instantly stopped.

Upper A 8888.

What a familiar license plate number.

She remembered that Jiang Panpan had once mentioned this to her.

This is Xu Shaofeng's license plate.

Why, did it end up in Jiang Zhiyu's hands?

She blinked and looked again. Yes, this is the license number.

She could not believe it.

Impossible. Xu Shaofeng's family was so outstanding that Jiang Panpan had to expend all her efforts to follow him up to this day.

How could a girl like her, who had no money, power, or body, get along with him?


She got up from the ground and grabbed her bag. She didn't want to go to the ward anymore, so she drove home to ask Jiang Panpan what had happened.

"Fine, you little tramp, you actually dared to hit me. Just you wait, you won't be let off!" If you have the guts, you can pay for it yourself. Since you know how to sleep, you can support her yourself! "Bah!"

Jiang Zhiyu quickly backed into the car and watched her drive away. She couldn't help but feel extremely regretful in her heart.

This woman didn't have any benefits, but she could still be of some help when it came to his grandma's hospitalization.

At the very least, the medical fees were nothing to her.

But for her, she looked at the inconvenient sports car. He heaved a long sigh.

He was afraid that if he left the hospital, he would lose all his money.

Grandma had been rescued and needed to be hospitalized for a few days. But she refused to stay, and it took Jiang Zhiyu a long time to stabilize her.

Taking care of her for over an hour, watching her fall asleep, she then went back downstairs.

Ye Zichen got in the car and wanted to call Xu Shaofeng.

But he kept thinking and thinking.

If he didn't take the responsibility of repairing the car, what difference would it make to accepting his money?

If he accepted his money, then what was the difference between selling it and himself?

No. Self-esteem was hard to live with. It was better not to say anything more.

At most, he would just spend a hundred and eighty thousand.

Thinking of this, she decided to fix it herself.

"Sixty thousand." "The employees of the 4S store took a look." It's not that serious, it can be fixed in at most four days. Let's go and pay first. "

Jiang Zhiyu's heart was bleeding as she touched her card.

The matter of him stepping on the throttle was over. Four months.

He hoped that the remaining money would be enough to pay for his grandmother's medical expenses.

It seemed like he had to leave the country as soon as possible. If he didn't hurry up and earn more money, he would really have to live in the bridge and drink in the northwest wind.

When the car was ready, he took a cab back to the hospital and packed his meals in the small restaurant in front of the hospital.

As a result, just as he walked to the door of Grandma's sickroom, he heard Jiang Jianguo's roar and Tang Yulan's ghastly wails.

"It's not like I did it on purpose. It was all because of Jiang Zhiyu. She was the one who pissed me off. You only know how to be mean to me, not knowing a single thing about Panpan …"

After listening to Tang Yulan scream a few times, Jiang Jianguo's impatient and reprimanding voice sounded again.

"Enough, stop it." What the hell, that bastard is the bane of me. Whenever she appears, she causes trouble for me all the time. "I'll see her later and promise not to beat her to death!"


When Jiang Zhiyu heard these words from outside the door, she almost lost her grip on the items in her hands.

This was what a father said.

A real father.

A father who had not done his duty to her but was willing to beat her to death for another daughter.

"Clang!" She kicked the door open and walked in with her lunchbox. She coldly looked at the couple.

"I'm here, Jiang Jianguo. Try me if you dare."

Jiang Jianguo stood up from the end of the bed with a "whoosh". His eyes were wide open as he pointed at her with his right index finger and his voice was trembling.

"What did you call me? Jiang Zhiyu, what did you just call me? "

Jiang Zhiyu rushed to put her food on the bedside table and was about to roll up her sleeves to argue with him.

However, as soon as his gaze fell on the bed, he immediately lost the strength to argue with her.

She found the bed empty.

Where did Grandma go?

"Where's Grandma?" "She went over and lifted the blanket to take a look, and she was extremely flustered." Jiang Jianguo, where did my grandma go? "

"Losers!" Tang Yulan looked at her coldly with her arms crossed behind her back.

"Still pretending! Now you know how to be filial? Where were you when the old man died? Where were you last night at the old man's rescue? Now that the person is dead, you can just run over and pretend. Who are you putting on an act for, huh? "

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