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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C16 Have Your Dreams
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C16 Have Your Dreams

"What the f * ck are you talking about?" When Jiang Zhiyu heard Tang Yulan say that her grandmother was dead, she really wanted to charge forward and beat her to death.

"Tang Yulan, there will also be a day when you become old and are despised by your daughter. "You should accumulate some morals for yourself so that you don't have to scold others and Jiang Panpan can scold you when the time comes!"

With that, she ran to the emergency room.

When she left, her grandma was still fine. It must have been Tang Yulan, that despicable person, who took advantage of her departure to come over and anger her grandma to death.

Rescue it and it will be all right.

It's all right.

When the rescue comes, we'll transfer to another hospital, to a place that Tang Yulan can't find, and we'll never let her anger Grandma again.

Jiang Zhiyu rushed to the door of the emergency room. Surprisingly, the emergency room door was wide open as a nurse pushed out a large number of surgical equipment.

Jiang Zhiyu rushed over and held her back.

"Hey, nurse, is the doctor in there? Is an old man with a heart attack still in there? How is she? Did he save her? Is it almost time to come out? "

The nurse pulled away from her. "Are you the patient's relative?"

Jiang Zhiyu hurriedly nodded.

"Yes, I am. I am her granddaughter. Where is she?"

The nurse paused and nodded at her.

"The patient has suffered a second heart attack. Since the rescue was ineffective and he has died, please go in and bid farewell to the body. We still need to move the body to the morgue later …"

"Ah!" "Jiang Zhiyu interrupted her, putting her hands on her head." What are you talking about? What body to say goodbye to? Are you mistaken?

The nurse had seen too many life and death situations, so she didn't seem to care about her reaction. She just pushed the car and left calmly.

"Why don't you go in and take a look yourself?"

A cold wind blew from the central air-conditioning unit. Jiang Zhiyu stood alone in the empty corridor and felt goosebumps all over her body.

He leaned weakly against the wall of the corridor and rested for a few minutes before he could move.

She walked into the emergency room slowly. On the operating table in the middle of the room, there was a thin, lonely shadow under the white cloth.

Almost without lifting the white cloth, she knew that it was her grandmother's shadow.

Ever since her mother died, she was pushed aside by Tang Yulan, beaten half to death by Jiang Jianguo, and her grandmother brought her out to live.

All year round, she left early and came back late, doing all sorts of cheap manual labor.

Jiang Zhiyu walked over, lay down beside her, and gently lifted the cloth over her face. She couldn't help but cry.

The two of them had been mutually dependent on each other for so many years that she had dedicated the last of her life energy to herself. Before she could repay her, they were separated by heaven and earth just like that.

"Grandma, get up. Don't scare me, don't leave me behind." Jiang Zhiyu gently held her pale and ice-cold face as she sobbed silently.

"I beg of you, get up. I haven't bought a house for you yet. I haven't even paid you properly, how can you bear to leave? You can't go. What will I do if you leave? If you leave, I'll really be an orphan, Grandma. Please, get up. Open your eyes and look at me. "

But no matter how much she cried, how loud she shouted, how heart-wrenching, her grandmother's death was a fact, and she would never wake up again.

Jiang Zhiyu cried until her throat was hoarse and her heart was broken. In the end, she helplessly watched as she was sent to the morgue.

In the following days, she spent a few days in peace with Tang Yulan.

On the first day, everyone sent Grandma to the funeral home to cremate.

Although Tang Yulan was scared and disgusted, she was able to calmly participate in the ceremony due to Jiang Jianguo's facial expression.

The next day, pick out the cemetery for Grandma.

Since her grandmother's accident happened so suddenly and without any preparation, Tang Yulan didn't raise any objections when she told her that they would choose the cemetery together.

It turned out that Tang Yulan had called her over because she wanted her to pay a portion of the cost of the cemetery as well.

Jiang Zhiyu was speechless.

His grandmother had raised her for so many years, he should have let her live as long as he could. Don't say part of it. Even if it all came out, she would have no objections.

Her little money had originally been saved for her grandmother, and now that she spent it on her grandmother, it was more than enough.

On the third day, he was buried.

Jiang Zhiyu had only lived through two funerals, one for her mother and the other for her grandmother.

His mother had fallen out with her parents, betrayed her family, and married Jiang Jianguo. Afterwards, she committed suicide and died. Other than her and her grandmother, there was no one else who was shaken.

Now that his grandmother was buried, it was actually similar to what his mother had been like. There was no one, not even Jiang Panpan.

The other relatives and friends could just not invite her. Anyway, Jiang Zhiyu had long since cut off all ties with them. But Jiang Panpan, her own granddaughter, was unwilling to show her face. What the hell was this supposed to be?

"What do you know?" Tang Yulan rolled her eyes at the moment the question left her mouth.

"Panpan cannot be compared with you. She is going to be married next month. She cannot be unlucky until she gets married, so of course she can't come here. Furthermore, this old fogey didn't take care of her in the slightest when he was still alive. I was only here to give her face, and now he wants Panpan to come over. This is simply a dream! "

Jiang Zhiyu, Jiang Jianguo and Tang Yulan were standing in front of Grandma's grave, facing her casket as they said this.

Tang Yulan's expression did not change when she said it, nor did Jiang Jianguo when he heard it. Jiang Zhiyu's three views were shattered.

The families of others were all living to accommodate the dead. For the sake of filial piety, it was forbidden to hold happy events for a certain period of time.

The family, on the other hand, was good, and the dead tended to the living. In order not to interfere with her marriage, she could not even attend the funeral.

As for this blood related son of his, he was actually able to keep a straight face?

Jiang Zhiyu was really impressed with her mother.

This guy was actually worthy of her falling out with the family for him, and even gave him such a romantic name. How blind his eyes were, and how mentally retarded his head was!

"Hmph." After Tang Yulan finished speaking, she couldn't suppress the excitement and indignation in her heart and said diagonally in the direction of Jiang Jianguo.

"Thank you for your guidance. "According to what you said, when someone dies in the future, I can use this as an excuse and not have to attend."

Jiang Jianguo heard the meaning behind her words and kicked his shiny leather shoes over with a "ka" sound.

"Jiang Zhiyu, are you trying to anger me to death?!"

Jiang Zhiyu thought to herself, If only you could be angered to death.

It would be best if he could anger your family to death.

He had avenged his mother and grandmother!

It was also from this moment onwards that Jiang Jianguo's words inspired her.

She was now an orphan, without family or love. She existed in the world, but she did not know what her meaning was.

Unfortunately, she still had her hatred and unwillingness.

Those he cared about were all dead. He died so indistinctly, so modestly.

Would she be willing to watch their enemies who had killed them get better and better?

She couldn't!

She definitely could not watch Jiang Panpan's marriage into the Xu Family, could not watch Jiang Jianguo's career climb to the next level, could not watch Tang Yulan's dream succeed.

Think about a good life?

Dream on!

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