Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C2 Youth Fed the Dog
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C2 Youth Fed the Dog
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C2 Youth Fed the Dog

If not for the card, Jiang Zhiyu might have said a few nice words to end this strange relationship perfectly.

However, the loss of this card made this strange relationship seem even worse.

Jiang Zhiyu was so angry that she was trembling slightly.

This was one of the many self-righteous, apathetic idiots of the second generation.

He was still hesitating when he ended the relationship two hours ago.

It's really not worth it.

"Iron mask man, what do you mean? Buy me money? " Jiang Zhiyu walked to the end of the bed and picked up the card. She snapped it in half and threw it in his direction.

"Let me tell you, first of all, I'm not here to sell. Your two stinky money can't afford this." Secondly, it's my elder sister who slept with you. If you want to pay, I'll also pay you. But I didn't bring any money today, you know. At most, I'll just transfer everything to you at market price tomorrow. Don't worry, I will never owe anyone else, and I definitely won't owe you such a small amount of money. "Just wait patiently."

After she finished speaking, Jiang Zhiyu seemed to be afraid that he would chase after her and entangle himself with her, so she dashed out as if her life depended on it.

The originally pure relationship of a friend in a fire bag instantly became unclear after he took the money and contaminated it.

The first day he turned 24, it looked like the same as the first day he turned 23, was his first day.

… ….

One year ago today, Jiang Zhiyu graduated from graduate school. It was also a hot summer, and she entered the Shangcheng Nine Regions Translation Company as an internship.

Her first job, as a cointerpreter for a Swiss, James, required her to accompany him to a masquerade where she could get a ride.

Kyushu Translation Company has a huge workload, and the salary is calculated on a case-by-case basis. "So the average worker, who only does two or three hours of work but wastes a day, is reluctant to take it.

Spending a day to earn a thousand dollars, paying for his journey and meals, and returning home to pile up a lot of work.

Everyone felt that they were at a disadvantage.

So the job fell to the interns who had just joined the company.

Jiang Zhiyu, for the first time in her life, was at a masquerade ball. She didn't dare to smash her own sign, so she changed into a small black dress with a sling, put on a cat makeup, put on a few whiskers, and put on a pair of black lace gloves. Dressed up as a wild cat, he grabbed his own black bag and hid it in the darkness of the night in a designated place by the company.

The meeting with James went smoothly, and he drove her for more than an hour to a luxurious villa complex.

Right here, amongst a group of masked men and women, Jiang Zhiyu met her boyfriend who had been in love with her for three years and claimed to be an intern in Beicheng.

Jiang Zhiyu was dressed like a dog and had a graceful bearing. In her arms was a beautiful angel. The two of them kissed and touched each other, almost blinding Jiang Zhiyu.

Thus, she charged up to argue with the dregs, poured his face full of red wine, and got dragged out by the dregs' pretty angel who was calling for security.

"Scram, you dare to come to the Xu Family to cause trouble, you must be tired of living!" Two security guards dragged her out and threw her under a streetlight far from the door.

Jiang Zhiyu staggered a few steps under the dim yellow light outside the mansion, tears streaming down her face.

When he thought about how he had planned on how he would fight with the scumbag after his internship two days ago, creating a better life together, he wanted to give himself two slaps.

Jiang Zhiyu, you're just a damn fool.

You treat me as your first love, but I treat you like a f * cking pastime.

Three years of youth on campus, fed the dog just like that!

At first, it was just a sob, but as he continued to smoke, he finally felt that his first love's talk had been a failure. Thus, he just leaned against the lamppost and started to cry loudly.

A few minutes later, as Jiang Zhiyu was crying and secretly regretting, an impatient bass voice suddenly came from behind her.

"Hey, have you cried enough? It's not over, right? "

Instinctively, she looked back. A white jogging car with an open awning was parked in the darkness behind her.

A man could be vaguely seen jogging. His white collar exposed, he was looking in his direction impatiently.

Jiang Zhiyu wiped her tears away and stuck her hand on her beard before turning around to look at him. " I've cried enough and disturbed you. Sorry. "

The dim yellow light hit her right in the face, her big watery eyes, smooth white shoulders and collarbones, and a playful beard.

It immediately attracted the attention of the other party.

He took out a cigarette and lit it up, then raised his chin towards Jiang Zhiyu. What did you do to get thrown out? "

Jiang Zhiyu didn't answer him. She walked around in a circle and realized that the villa complex was frighteningly huge.

She could only turn around and ask him. " Do you know which way is closer, and can you get a taxi on the highway? "

After asking this question, she regretted it.

The people who lived here were either rich or noble, and the friends they made were all distinguished officials.

It was either delivered by the driver or came in a luxurious car.

Which taxi driver would be stupid enough to come this way?

And it's so far from the city.

Without waiting for him to reply, she decided to take out her cell phone and call an online car.

As soon as he took out his phone, the man got out of the car.

He must have been a guest of the ball. He was wearing the same white shirt and tuxedo as the other male guests, and there was a golden mask on his face as well.

From the sound, it could be felt that he was very young. The tuxedo made him seem as tall and well-proportioned as a tall and straight poplar.

When Jiang Zhiyu saw him, she immediately thought of Leonardo. A movie by DiCaprio, "The Man with the Iron Face".

It was just that he couldn't see Xiao Li's appearance clearly, so he wondered if he was as handsome and handsome as Xiao Li.

"What's your name?" He stood still beside Jiang Zhiyu.

He was too tall and imposing. Jiang Zhiyu looked up at him and answered subconsciously. "Jiang Zhiyu."

"Oh." "He paused for a moment, and then read it out in a pleasant voice." Zhiyu, the mutual knowledge of life, as apricot flowers meet the rain, as turbid wine meets the song? "

"Yes." Jiang Zhiyu was slightly happy. Ever since she was young, there had been very few people who had been able to say out the true meaning behind her name.

This meant that this person had some feelings for him.

"Can you drive?" He held a set of keys in his hand and pointed to his roadster.

Jiang Zhiyu nodded slightly as she smelled the alcohol and tobacco on his body.

"A handheld Santana has been driven, but a sports car has never been driven."

"Tch." He chuckled and put the key in her hand. " "Just open it. If it's broken, you don't need to compensate."

The return trip took more than an hour.

It was too late and she didn't have any money. Jiang Zhiyu had nowhere else to go, so he saw through her situation and took her to the hotel to sleep on the sofa for the night.

At that time, he felt that she was very polite. At the very least, he definitely wouldn't be the type of person who would use money to insult women.

The next day, Jiang Zhiyu got up and went back to work. He had already left the hotel. He didn't have a surname or a surname, so he couldn't see her appearance. Thus, the two of them looked like strangers.

Jiang Zhiyu thought she would never see him again, but two months later, he returned to her field of vision.

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