Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C5 Blind Her Eyes
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C5 Blind Her Eyes
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C5 Blind Her Eyes

She went back to bed and slept for a few hours. It was broad daylight and she got up to work again.

Grandma had breakfast ready.

After washing up, the two of them sat down to eat together.

Jiang Zhiyu stuffed a pair of chopsticks into her grandma's bowl with a fawning expression on her face.

"Grandma, let me tell you something."

"Yes." "Without making a sound, Grandma put the meat back into her bowl." "Tell me."

"If there's a job with an annual salary of six hundred thousand beckoning to me, will you let me do it?"

Grandma stopped eating. "A salary of six hundred thousand a year? What job? "Zhiyu, you'd better not …"

"Hey hey hey, stop." "Jiang Zhiyu quickly reached out her hand to stop her." I knew you were going to let your imagination run wild. No. How could your granddaughter do that kind of thing after I graduated from graduate school? It's a company assignment, a resident translator of the construction company. A year assignment, do you agree? "

Grandma let out a sigh of relief, but then was filled with worry.

"Where to? Giving away so much money must not be a good place, right? "

"Sri Lanka, it's okay …"

"Yo, how much are you paying? Mom, are you discussing the demolition fee with your granddaughter early in the morning? Fortunately, I came here in time. Otherwise, wouldn't I have missed this rare opportunity? "

As Jiang Zhiyu started to speak, the door was suddenly pushed open. Her stepmother, Tang Yulan, was currently making up and twisting around gracefully.

This was a woman who had forced her mother to kick her out of her room. Jiang Zhiyu was furious the moment she saw her.

"Mom, you sure are eccentric. "Not to mention using our money to support her, now that we're giving her the demolition money, you can't have forgotten that you have a granddaughter called Jiang Panpan, right?"

Seeing her enter, Grandma quickly put down her chopsticks and stood up.

"Why are you here so early? "What's the matter today?"

"I came to see you out of the kindness of my heart, Mom." "Tang Yulan came over and sat down at the dining table, taking off her expensive sunglasses." If I hadn't come today, I wouldn't have known that you and your granddaughter were planning such a good thing. "I've already told Jianguo that you don't lack money, but he doesn't believe me. He should really come and take a look today..."

Every time this old woman came over, her words were full of sand and dung, making Jiang Zhiyu extremely disgusted.

When she was young, she didn't need to rely on her to appreciate the living expenses. Now, she was on her own, who would want to look at her smelly face and listen to her sarcasm?

"Auntie," Jiang Zhiyu put down her chopsticks and interrupted her before she could finish her words.

"Don't even mention the fact that the house has not been demolished yet, even if they demolished it to make up for the small amount of money, it would be nothing to you." "It's not enough to pay the salary for your family's housekeeper and nanny. Is it worth coming all the way here to talk to you about it?"

"Tch." Tang Yulan threw her sunglasses on the table and cast a sidelong glance at her with her thin eyebrows.

"You are always so rude. It's not your turn to interrupt when I'm talking to Grandma! If there is a mother, there is a mother. If there is money, there is also me. If I am willing to reward it to you, I will reward it to you. If I am unwilling, I will reward it to you.

Jiang Zhiyu threw away her chopsticks and was about to start arguing with her. When the nurse saw this, she quickly reached out to hold her back.

"Alright, alright, speak less." What was he doing so early in the morning? Yulan, don't worry. The house hasn't been demolished yet. When it is demolished, I will definitely distribute the supplementary money evenly. "Zhiyu can have as many as she wants. She won't be biased in the slightest."

Tang Yulan was slightly happier as she looked at her grandmother's face.

"Since you said so, then I won't say anymore. I came here today to tell you a joyous event. Mom, our family's Panpan is getting engaged. "

Her grandmother's face immediately lit up.

"Is that so? That's really good news. When are we going to order it? What is the other party doing? "

Tang Yulan waved at her.

"Then you don't need to worry about it. Anyways, tonight you will be eating dinner with the other party. You just go over and sit down. No need to talk, pack up properly. I'll come pick you up in the afternoon."

Grandma stroked her hair, looking a little shy.

"How about I don't go? If I get old, I won't be able to help, and instead, I'll make you lose face."

Tang Yulan put her sunglasses back on and reached into her bag for her Porsche keys.

"If you don't go, we will treat you harshly. Since you are afraid of making us lose face, then just say a few less. It was a promise to clean up. I'm leaving. "

When Tang Yulan left, Jiang Zhiyu completely lost her appetite for breakfast.

Jiang Panpan was Jiang Zhiyu's half-sister. Thinking of her, Jiang Zhiyu couldn't help but sigh at the injustice of fate.

Some people were born rich and beautiful. Her parents loved her, and they lived in luxury. Their journey was smooth until they met a prince charming who loved her. The two of them entered a blissful marriage. For example, Jiang Panpan.

As for some people, their fathers were born out of nowhere, their mothers committed suicide, being abused by their stepmothers, and they were chased out of their homes. As they walked and watched others grow up, they didn't know what the road ahead was like. For example, Jiang Zhiyu.

As both of them were from the same race, Jiang Zhiyu had more preferential treatment than Jiang Jianguo in other areas other than her leather bag and IQ.

Jiang Zhiyu had learned to be smart since she was young. She had jumped a level in primary school, and her third year of university had been secured. Therefore, she had graduated from graduate school and joined a job.

Miss Jiang Panpan, primary school to the secondary school, secondary school to the international school, the university is far away from the United States.

She had easily gotten her degree and was getting engaged again today. She couldn't help but feel indignant at how smoothly she had followed the frightening trajectory of her life.

After breakfast, no matter what the mood was, the class had to go on as usual.

As for the expatriate employees, the company immediately started arranging some errands for them.

Jiang Zhiyu was arranged to work as a translator for a Swiss supplier at Yuanda Properties today.

He went to the construction site at 9 am and then to the construction materials market in the afternoon. After that, he went back to the company to listen to the designers talk about design concepts and didn't get off work until 7 PM.

The company had already arranged a banquet for the suppliers to attend. Jiang Zhiyu felt helpless and had no choice but to follow them.

Because of her trip to the construction site today, all she had done was pull up her hair and put on a white shirt and jeans and white sneakers. Even if going to a high-end hotel seemed out of place, there was no time to go back and change.

At 7: 30, they entered the lobby of the Tianhao International Hotel.

Everyone chatted and laughed as they arrived at the elevator. Just as they stood there, someone tapped on their shoulder.

He turned around and saw Jiang Panpan, wearing a white princess dress with wavy hair and exquisite makeup. She was holding Jiang Jianguo's arm and smiling behind her.

"Big sister, long time no see. What a coincidence, I didn't expect to meet you here." Jiang Panpan waved enthusiastically at her.

Indeed, it had been a long time. Let alone this beautiful sister, even this well-dressed dad hadn't seen her in almost eight years.

The two of them appeared so dressed up that they almost blinded Jiang Zhiyu.

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