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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C6 Remember to Come and See Me
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C6 Remember to Come and See Me

Although she had grown up wearing clothes that were on a completely different level from Jiang Panpan's, seeing her appear so beautiful and elegant today, Jiang Zhiyu couldn't help but feel a bit jealous.

Since there were so many people, she could only laugh awkwardly and wave at her.

"Long time no see. Yeah, what a coincidence. "

Jiang Panpan smiled. Her snow-white arm was hanging in the crook of Jiang Jianguo's arm. Her big eyes, which were covered in thick mascara, looked at Jiang Panpan.

"Are you working as a waiter here? What time do you get off work? It just so happens that today I got engaged and booked a room on the sixth floor. If it's convenient, I can introduce my boyfriend to you later. After all, we are all in the same family, if there's anything we need in the future … "

Jiang Zhiyu silently cursed in her heart.

As expected, she was Tang Yulan's daughter. These words were filled with skill, and the skill of insinuating with sand and shadows was even more outstanding than Tang Yulan's.

Engagement? He didn't know which unlucky bastard had fallen for such a woman.

If she had the time, she would really pay a visit and sympathize with the man who was about to be buried in her false grave.

A woman who had been scheming since she was young might grow up to be something.

"Sure." At this point, Jiang Zhiyu understood the meaning behind her words and looked back at her with a smile. No matter when her sister got off work, even if she risked losing her job, she would definitely go back to witness her sister's engagement. After all, we are family, aren't we? "

Jiang Panpan jumped two times happily in her shiny high heels. Her voice was soft and sweet, and she didn't look very cute.

"Big sister is so considerate. I'm so happy to hear you say that." "We're in room 6602, go busy yourself first, you must remember to come later."

Jiang Zhiyu couldn't help but glance at Jiang Jianguo, who was standing beside her. She looked straight ahead as if her daughter didn't exist.

She wanted to ask if Mr. Jiang would welcome her, but the elevator just happened to arrive and someone next to her reached out and gave her a hand.

"Miss Jiang," said the Swiss director, Alexander, who was talking to her in English. What's the name of this hotel? I really like the decorations here. Even the elevators are beautifully designed. "

"Oh, the name of this hotel is..." She answered him in English as she followed them into the elevator.

Jiang Panpan and Jiang Jianguo looked at each other.


Jiang Panpan came back a little late in the afternoon because she had gone to the neighboring market to get her hair done.

Ye Zichen held Jiang Jianguo's arm and walked into the room. When he looked up, he saw only his mom and grandma were there.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely heavy. When Tang Yulan saw Jiang Panpan walk in, she immediately jumped up and pointed at her nose as she scolded her.

"This damned girl!" Do you know how important today is? You still dare to be late? Are you trying to piss me off? Your dad finally got online with Xu Family, you and Shaofeng finally got to where you are today with great difficulty, don't you know how to grasp happiness? Shaofeng said that he hates unpunctual people the most. You've been in love with him for so long, don't you know his preferences? "But now, after so much effort, he finally got a good date. Seeing that things are about to come to an end, he's been called away."

Upon hearing that, Jiang Panpan's blushing face turned pale from fright. She hurriedly took out her cell phone from her bag.

"He left? Impossible! I was only ten minutes late. He wouldn't be so rude to me. "

Tang Yulan saw that her daughter was frightened, so she fell back onto the chair and grabbed her phone.

"Enough. I was waiting for you to call. With your mom and me here, can you just watch your happiness slip away? I told him to go over there and say hello and come back later. Sit down, it's a lesson for you today. Let's see if you still dare to be so carefree in the future! "

Jiang Panpan's originally pale face immediately turned rosy again upon hearing her mother's words.

She patted her chest and sat down next to her mother.

"Mom, you scared me to death. Just say that Shaofeng can't do this to me. Aiya, you are really … Look at my hair, is it nice? "

Tang Yulan looked at her precious daughter, who was carved from jade, and caressed her hair lovingly.

"Beautiful, pretty girl. There's really nothing I can do about you."

Jiang Zhiyu followed everyone up to the eighth floor's private room. Manager Wang immediately ordered and in less than ten minutes, a table full of dishes and wine was served.

Everyone began their courtesies with a wide variety of toasts about their happy cooperation and bright future.

Jiang Zhiyu endured her hunger as she translated. Just as she sat down to eat two mouthfuls of food, she suddenly heard that the president of Yuanda was coming up.

Jiang Zhiyu muttered in her heart. It was just a floor supplier. Was there a need for such a big company to value this partnership so much that the CEO would personally come forward to make a decision?


There was no doubt about it. There was no doubt about it.

Why is it that the bigger the company, the more cautious the servants become?

He didn't even dare to give a subordinate the small privilege of betting on a supplier.

The CEO of the company must be a terrible old man who couldn't keep up with the times.

It had been difficult for them to prosper for so many years, but if they continued to develop according to this pattern, it was likely that they would not flourish for many more years.

Jiang Zhiyu was unable to eat for a long time and secretly analyzed the situation inside her heart. Just as her thoughts were running wild, the door of the private room opened and everyone instantly looked towards the entrance, standing up and shouting in unison.

"Director Xu."

Jiang Zhiyu also stood up and peeked her head out.

A man in a white shirt with no tie and a shirtsleeves rolled up to his elbows, looking very casual, walked in.

He was young, with handsome features, a tall, slender figure, and a mane of hair. If not for so many people calling Director Xu in unison, Jiang Zhiyu might have thought that some male celebrity from the entertainment circle had walked in.

This was something she did not expect. The CEO of Yuanda was a young man, a young man who did not dare to use his subordinates heavily.

Director Xu slowly walked in and gracefully nodded at everyone. He then picked up the wine cup in front of him.

"Everyone has worked hard. I toast everyone on behalf of the company. Thank you for your hard work and dedication."

He then shifted his gaze to Richie's face and spoke in fluent English.

"Also, thank you for choosing to cooperate with us. We hope that in the following days, we can all work together to achieve mutual success and progress. "Cheers."

Everyone followed suit.


Jiang Zhiyu also followed the crowd and raised her hand.

However, her gaze was always on Director Xu's face. Unfortunately, she was a bit nearsighted, so she couldn't see his eyes and eyebrows clearly.

She kept feeling that this Director Xu was similar to the steel-masked man she knew.

Although she had never seen the man's face clearly before. But from the overall shape and timbre, it did look a little similar.

"Don't tell me it's such a coincidence?" Thinking of this, she secretly shivered.

The scene of him breaking up with the iron mask really didn't look good. Furthermore, he said that it would be hard to listen to him and that he wouldn't be able to pay him back today even if he had to work hard.

Most importantly, the dust on his face today was truly unsightly.

If it really was him, then he would really lose a lot of face.

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