Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C7 Could It be Such a Coincidence
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C7 Could It be Such a Coincidence
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C7 Could It be Such a Coincidence

However, the truth proved that Jiang Zhiyu was overthinking things.

When she came back to her senses, Xu Shaofeng had said his goodbyes and left.

The dinner was eaten in a loud and colorful manner under the call of the purchasing department's manager. Jiang Zhiyu continued to translate until an hour later.

She had always been thinking about the matter of Jiang Panpan meeting her parents downstairs. Even though she had just treated herself as a waiter, she still had to go and throw away the person who had disgraced her today.

She took the excuse of going to the bathroom and walked down to the sixth floor.

"6602, here it is." She reached the door of the room and leaned over it to listen.

So quiet. There was no sound at all.

Could it be that he had already eaten his fill?

I'll go. That would be too boring.

It was so easy to find an opportunity to add fuel to the fire in front of them, so how could he let it slip by so easily?

Thinking of this, she opened the door with a "Hua" sound.

A few calm gazes instantly shot towards her.

"Elder sister!" Jiang Panpan, who was sitting right in front of the door, immediately stood up when she saw her. Elder sister, you're here? I'm so glad you're here, but you don't seem to be out of work yet, so don't hold up your job because of me. "

With someone welcoming her, Jiang Panpan and Zhiyu came in leisurely.

She took Jiang Panpan's hand and spoke in a voice as gentle and pleasant as hers.

"There won't be any delay, it's so easy for you to get engaged. No matter what, big sister will come over to take a look."

Then her eyes turned to the others, and she greeted them one by one.

"Grandma, Auntie Tang, I'm not too late, am I?" You're not mad at me, are you? "

Tang Yulan wasn't angry? How is this possible?

From the moment she appeared in the doorway, she had wanted to throw her out with her eyes.

Putting aside her awkward position, she was dressed in dirty clothes and of no quality. Who gave her this much face to come here?

He really was a fly that couldn't be driven away.

But what could she say? In front of her good son-in-law, she could only smile like a flower.

"I'm not angry, why would auntie be angry with you? You're busy with your work, so you don't have to come. It would be a great loss if you were delayed because of our little affair. "

Jiang Zhiyu ignored her and walked directly towards the young man who was sitting in the middle of the table.

"This must be the male lead of today, right? "She looks pretty handsome. Panpan is so lucky. Why don't you hurry up and introduce her to me?"

Jiang Panpan seemed pleased with herself as she leisurely walked over and placed her hand on the man's shoulder.

"This is Xu Shaofeng, my boyfriend. "You should have heard of Far East, right? He's from far away …"

Jiang Zhiyu didn't hear what he said after that. She was standing to his left, a step away from him, watching him closely.

Her heart was in turmoil.

Because she found out, this Xu Shaofeng, the CEO of Yuanda Corporation, her stepsister's fiancé, seemed to be the steel-faced man that she just left behind yesterday.

Jiang Zhiyu was unfamiliar with his features, but she was certain of his profile.

Because the two of them always met in the dark, he would mostly turn his face to her in this way, and she always liked to secretly copy his profile in the dark.

Without looking up at him, he must have recognized him when he entered the room.


I wonder what he's thinking right now.

I wonder how Jiang Panpan and her daughter would feel if they knew that their excellent 'son-in-law' was the man she had been engaged to for a year.

And her father, whom she hadn't seen for years and hadn't spoken a single word to her until now, how would he react if he knew?

Thinking of this, she was extremely happy. She turned her body to Xu Shaofeng, grabbed the wine cup on the table and poured herself a glass of wine.

"Mr. Xu, right? "I'm Jiang Zhiyu, Jiang Panpan's sister. It's a pleasure to meet you. Here, let's have a toast."

Only then did Xu Shaofeng raise his head. His eyes were calm and he didn't show any intention of knowing Jiang Zhiyu. He calmly raised his glass to her and took a sip.

Jiang Zhiyu was dazed for a moment.

With his calm expression, she suddenly wasn't sure if he was really her steel-mask person.

Could it be that there really was such a coincidence? His surname just so happened to be Xu, and he just so happened to be this tall and straight?

After the toast was over, Xu Shaofeng lowered his eyelids. Before Jiang Zhiyu could make her next move, he suddenly stood up.

"Director Jiang, Madame Jiang, it's about time for today's meal. I still have some matters to attend to. If there's nothing else, we might as well end it here."

Jiang Jianguo and Tang Yulan also stood up quickly. Tang Yulan was all smiles.

"Sure, sure. Shaofeng will be busy if he has something to do, so there's no need to stay with us old guys. "Uh, are you enjoying your meal tonight?"

Xu Shaofeng smiled at her and nodded.

"I'm very happy. I'm very happy to have the chance to get to know everyone. Everyone's having a good time, right?"

Everyone from the Jiang Clan was laughing.

"Happy, happy, happy."

Happy? Jiang Zhiyu didn't notice. They all felt very happy.

After Xu Shaofeng finished speaking, he picked up the suit jacket that hung on the back of the chair and hung it on his arm.

"I've already bought it. Then, I have something that I need to go first.

"Okay, okay."

He turned, ruffled Jiang Panpan's hair, and shook her hand.

"Grandmother, I'll be leaving first. We'll meet again another time."

Jiang Panpan immediately wrapped her arms around his and smiled sweetly at him.

"Why are you in such a hurry to leave? You can't drive when you're drunk, why don't I drive you? "

"No need." He reached out and pushed her arm away. " The driver is waiting for me downstairs. Let's call it a day. "

The male protagonist said his goodbyes in a hurry. Jiang Zhiyu also didn't want to stay here any longer, so she immediately followed him out. Unexpectedly, someone grabbed her by the shoulder just as she raised her leg.

When she looked back, it was her passionate invitation to come, her shining sister.

"Sister, why are you in such a hurry to leave? "You don't need to say hello to Dad, you don't need to apologize to my mom?"

Jiang Zhiyu looked at her in confusion and shook off her hand from her shoulder.

"Apologize to your mother? Are you sure? I haven't seen your family for years, why should I apologize to them? "

"Whap." Just as she finished speaking, Jiang Panpan slapped her face. Jiang Zhiyu, don't think that I don't know what you've done to my mom these past few years when I wasn't home! You poisoned her food, causing me to lose my upcoming brother. It's already good enough that our family didn't send you to jail, yet you still refuse to apologize? Did you think that we could be easily bullied, that we wouldn't dare to take you, you lowly scum? "

My God.

Those who knew would think that Jiang Panpan had been abroad for years.

Those who didn't know better would think that she had gone out to learn how to throw a tantrum.

Jiang Zhiyu would never have thought that this stinking girl, whom she had not seen for eight years, would become even more powerful than Tang Yulan.

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