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C8 Scum Family

After Jiang Panpan scolded her, Jiang Zhiyu raised her hand to toss it back. Unexpectedly, her wrist was grabbed by a strong and rough palm just as she was about to raise it.

She didn't need to tilt her head to know that the one holding her was her scum father, Jiang Jianguo.

This good father who had ignored her for eight years and extended his hand to protect his precious daughter!

"Let me go." Jiang Zhiyu didn't even look at him as she coldly stared at Jiang Panpan's struggling face.

The strength in his hands increased a little bit. Not only did Jiang Jianguo not let her go, he even pulled her in front of him.

"Zhiyu, now that you're this old, you should know something. Don't be so vicious all the time, just make everyone unhappy the moment we meet, okay?"

She's violent?

Did she make people unhappy?

Jiang Zhiyu almost blurted out. Jiang Jianguo, why don't you just die?

Didn't you take the initiative to ask her to come over?

Wasn't it Jiang Panpan who took the initiative to make the first move?

Aren't you guys obsessed over something that you can't forget for so many years?

"Let me go!" "Jiang Zhiyu saw him struggle again." Am I making you unhappy? I'm going to apologize to you? " She glanced at the mother and daughter.

"You really have the nerve to say that? Don't you all have any shame? If you didn't bring this bastard here to force my mother to death, if you didn't come and live in my house, would I even need to say a word to you guys in this lifetime? Useful... "Ahhh!"

Jiang Jianguo almost broke his wrist.

"Jiang Zhiyu!" What nonsense are you spouting! In the past when you were young, I would have endured a few words like this! "Now that you're this old and yet you're still so ignorant, don't think that I won't dare to take care of you just because you have more people!"

"I never thought so." "Her forehead was in so much pain that it was starting to sweat. She couldn't even muster up enough strength to argue." "Jiang Jianguo, you can even betray your own wife and abandon your own daughter, what else do you dare not to do?"

In such a situation, what Jiang Zhiyu said was simply asking for a beating.

But she couldn't care less.

So many years had passed, and the moment she saw this arrogant couple, she couldn't help but feel infuriated.

When she thought about how her mother hadn't even passed her first seven years, and how they had happily moved into the house, she couldn't help but tremble.

Thinking back to the time when Tang Yulan couldn't protect her own fetus and had to blame it on her head for saying that she poisoned her food, causing Jiang Jianguo to beat her half to death, she really wanted to burn them to death.

Who would have thought that after so many years, she would have to apologize for her mistakes?

Can you be even more disgusting?

As expected, as soon as Jiang Zhiyu finished her outrageous words, Jiang Jianguo slapped her.

His strength was truly great. Even after so many years had passed, he would still be thrown so hard that he wouldn't be able to stand firm on his feet.

Jiang Zhiyu fell out of his hand. Her eyes were like stars as she stumbled and hit the table. A stream of hot blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

"Humph!" Good fight! " Seeing that she had been taken care of, Tang Yulan's proud voice immediately rang out. How reckless, how shameless! He was dressed like a beggar and came to spoil our good fortune. Not only that, he was also full of profanities. As expected, there was a mother who didn't teach him. Even if your father doesn't beat you up today, I still have to properly take care of you for him, so that you won't embarrass yourself if you go out again! "

She scolded furiously, and Jiang Zhiyu only felt her hair tingling and her ears ringing.

He was beaten up by his family and humiliated by them.

She really wanted to cry.

But she didn't.

Ever since she was young, she knew that only useless women would cry!

Only a woman who showed weakness cried!

Only a fool like her mother would cry!

She would never let her enemies see her tears!

She firmly believed that in front of her enemies, she would rather be drained of all blood than shed a single tear!

Tang Yulan was standing behind the table to her right.

Jiang Zhiyu's eyes slanted as she listened to what she had to say. She immediately picked up an exquisite teapot from the table and threw it at her.

"Ah!" "There was no time for her to dodge. The canteen's lid fell on her, and hot water immediately sprinkled all over her body." Aiyo, it's scalding me to death! "You bastard, Jiang Zhiyu, you're going to die!

Seeing this, the family members who loved each other immediately ran over to see if she was hurt.

"Mom, are you okay? Mom!"

"Yulan, are you alright? Yulan!"

Jiang Zhiyu took the opportunity to see the three of them huddled together, grabbing the plates on the table and throwing them at them with a crackling sound.


"Pa, pa la …"

The room was instantly thrown into chaos.

"Jiang Zhiyu!" Jiang Jianguo took some time to look up at her. Are you crazy? Stop it! I'll definitely teach you a lesson when I catch you later! "

Teach her a lesson?

Did this family of three not have any new sentences apart from this one?

"I don't need you to teach me a lesson!" She threw the plate towards them crazily and replied Jiang Jianguo. From the moment you betrayed my mother, you didn't have the right to teach me a lesson! Jiang Jianguo, I hate you! From today onwards, I will sever all relations with all of you! All of you can go die! "

"What did you say?" Jiang Jianguo immediately stood up and smashed a plate of soup on his chest with a sound of "Kuang". "Without any hesitation, he started to charge in that direction." Jiang Zhiyu! "You really are something that only a mother can teach!"

Jiang Zhiyu saw him coming and knew she would be beaten to death if she was caught by him today, so she turned around and ran for the door.

Only then did Grandma come back to her senses. Looking at the messy and furious family in the room, her lips quivered in agitation.

"What's going on?" What a sin! Stop fighting, all of you! Jianguo, stop right now! "

How could Jiang Jianguo be willing to listen to her? A light wave of her hand pushed her a meter away.

Jiang Zhiyu's hand had just landed on the door handle when he grabbed her hair and pulled her back.

He pushed her to the floor, lifted his leather foot, and kicked her.

"Scoundrel!" I'll make you act shamelessly! I'll make you commit a heinous crime! "

"AHH!" "Founding a nation!" "Grandmother quickly rushed forward to hug Jiang Zhiyu. Jiang Jianguo instantly kicked Grandmother." Stop fighting! No matter what, she is your biological daughter, how can you beat her up like this!

"Grandmother!" The moment Jiang Panpan saw her grandma go to protect Jiang Zhiyu, she immediately rushed over and pulled her up. You are very eccentric. Why didn't you stop Jiang Zhiyu when she attacked us? Now my father is teaching her for her own good! Serves him right! If you go and stop her, that would be harming her! "

Grandma was still crying. "Jianguo, stop fighting. If you keep fighting, you're going to lose your life."

Jiang Zhiyu thought, 'I'd rather be beaten to death. Even if I was beaten to death, he wouldn't be able to escape.

However, Jiang Jianguo didn't want to die yet. He kicked angrily dozens of times and stopped while panting heavily.

"Admit you're wrong? "As long as you admit your mistakes now, I'll forgive you today."

Jiang Zhiyu was in excruciating pain. Headache, arm pain, leg pain, back pain, waist pain, everywhere.

But even if he did, he would not admit defeat.

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