Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C9 I Really Want to Rip Your Mouth off
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Trap Marriage but So Sweet/C9 I Really Want to Rip Your Mouth off
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C9 I Really Want to Rip Your Mouth off

"I'm not wrong." Jiang Zhiyu lied on the messy ground and said weakly. "Jiang Jianguo, I suggest you beat me to death today. If you don't die, then I will kill you one day."

"You!" Jiang Jianguo nearly vomited blood due to her anger. Get up! Get lost! I don't want to see you ever again! "Scram!"

Jiang Zhiyu slowly got up from the ground, wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth, and reached out to pull her grandmother away.

"Grandma, let's go."

Nana quickly ran over from Jiang Panpan's side and reached out to support her.

"Hey, let's go."

"Wait a moment."

Unexpectedly, just as the two of them took a step forward, Jiang Panpan, that damned shrew, appeared in front of them once more.

"Jiang Zhiyu, your account with dad is done. Your account with mom is still not done. You caused the death of my younger brother, and now that you've injured her so badly, you want her to leave so easily? You have no way! "

"Yes!" "No way!" Seeing that her daughter had taken the initiative, Tang Yulan immediately stood up and added this sentence.

"Hmph." "Jiang Zhiyu laughed coldly. So what do you want? Kill me? Kill me with poison to avenge your brother? If you have the face to mention this to me, then wouldn't it be fair for me to let your mother die with my mother? "

"You!" Jiang Panpan raised her arm and was about to hit her.

Jiang Zhiyu was quick to react. She endured the pain all over her body as she threw it at her face.

"You think you can hit me? Jiang Panpan, you're worthy of that! "

"Alright, alright, stop arguing, stop hitting." "Grandmother quickly let go of their hands." "Panpan, stop talking and let your sister go. It's a peaceful house after we leave."

"Grandmother!" "Jiang Panpan was so infuriated by his words that she pushed her grandmother back a few steps." Why are you so biased? Ever since I was young, you've never cared about me. You've moved out and raised her up every day, and now you're even asking me to let her take care of me. You don't even allow me to say anything.

Grandma didn't expect her granddaughter to treat her like this, so her face immediately turned pale.

"Panpan …"

"Exactly! Mom, you're too biased! " Tang Yulan saw that her daughter's movements were hindered, so she didn't pretend to be too hot to move. With two steps, she ran over and stood right in front of Jiang Zhiyu.

"Since you were young, you have always looked down on us and ignored Panpan. She's only a child, how uncomfortable she must be in her heart. Now that Panpan has grown up, you still favor this lowly person. How can we, Panpan, be inferior to her?"

In the face of their accusations, Grandma was truly powerless to refute them.

If she hadn't moved out with Jiang Zhiyu, would she still be alive today?

If she didn't protect her old bones, she would have been beaten to death a long time ago.

How could she be biased on purpose? It was obviously to find a way for this motherless child to survive.

"Stop talking, it's all my fault, I'm not fair, I let Panpan down …"

Jiang Zhiyu had never thought of crying in front of this despicable mother and daughter pair. However, seeing that they forced her grandmother to admit her wrongs, she could not help but feel her nose sour.

"Grandma, you can't say that. Don't apologize. You didn't let them down!"

"Shut up!" Tang Yulan reached out to push her again. Seems like I took too little of that beating just now, I couldn't remember a single word of your lesson for a long time. Jiang Zhiyu, it's not your turn to interrupt when we're talking! "

How could Jiang Zhiyu dare to call him cheap! She really wanted to rush up and fight with him, ripping off his mouth!

However, she wasn't in the mood because she saw her grandma suddenly cover her chest, causing her legs to give way and she wanted to fall to the ground.

"Grandma, Grandma? Are you okay? "

"Ma, ma? "Jiang Zhiyu, look at how you angered your grandmother. If anything were to happen to her, it would all be because of your unfilial behavior …"

Jiang Jianguo also rushed over when he saw the situation. His grandma had already closed her eyes and lost consciousness. Only then did he impatiently interrupt Tang Yulan.

"Aiya, stop talking. Hurry up and call an ambulance!"

Tang Yulanbai glanced at Jiang Jianguo, then turned around to get his bag unwillingly.

"Let me hit Mom." "Jiang Panpan stretched out her hand to hold her back, a trace of happiness still visible on her face." Shaofeng's family has a private hospital, I called him to ask for his help. "

"Is that so?" Tang Yulan looked at Jiang Panpan in surprise. Private hospital? Could the famous Dim Blue Hospital be opened by their family? "

"Why not?" Jiang Panpan looked at her proudly and took out her phone from her bag. It was established under the name of his grandma by his grandpa. It's expensive, ordinary people definitely won't be able to enter. "

"Aiya, Panpan, my good daughter." Tang Yulan hugged her face happily and gave her a kiss. Mom knew you were the best, and Mom knew you were going to be a big deal when you grew up. As expected, it did not disappoint Mom! "

"Aiya, that's enough!" Jiang Jianguo couldn't help but interrupt as he saw the two of them talking more and more. Hurry up and call me. If you have anything to say, wait till we get home! "

Jiang Zhiyu watched as she tenderly dialed Xu Shaofeng's number.

Ten minutes later, just as the account was settled, an ambulance arrived.

Jiang Zhiyu followed everyone else and brought Grandma to the car. As she lifted her legs to climb onto the car, she was pushed off by Jiang Panpan.

"Get lost. There's no place for you here. You think you're qualified to sit with us? "

Then the door closed and the Ulla drove away.

It was good to be pushed down.

It was only after she had been pushed off that she remembered that her job was not finished.

He endured the pain all over his body as he returned to the eighth floor. Everyone had almost finished eating.

Everyone was startled when they saw the big, dirty bump on her forehead.

"Sorry everyone, I failed in my duty today. I just met a Brawler and I've only just dealt with him now. I'm really sorry. "

The purchasing manager was the most shocked. He hastily ran over to check on her injuries.

"Zhiyu, why didn't you call us when we met with danger? "How scary is it for a girl to deal with herself, and it's even during work time. This is a work injury, how can we bear the responsibility if something happens!"

Jiang Zhiyu forced a smile.

"I am so sorry to have caused everyone to worry. I'm fine, but someone went to the Dim Blue Hospital to help me get slightly injured. Manager Wang, can I trouble you to send me over to see her? "

Jiang Zhiyu explained to Alexander again in English.

"No problem." "Hurry, hurry!" Alexander said.

"Alright, alright." After Manager Wang arranged the rest of the matters with everyone, he brought Jiang Zhiyu downstairs to the hospital.

Only when he got into the elevator did he remember that he couldn't drive while he was drinking.

"Why don't you open it?" He took out the key and handed it to Jiang Zhiyu.

The light in the elevator was very strong. There was still blood on her hands, blood oozing out from her smooth white forehead, and bruises on her dirty shirt. Manager Wang couldn't shift his eyes away after taking a glance.

However, he knew that at this time, it was best not to ask too many questions, lest others' self-esteem suffer.

He placed the key in her hand and casually mentioned the name of a shopping mall.

Jiang Zhiyu had spent more than ten minutes, how did she get to the entrance of the shopping mall?

"Go and change your clothes." "Manager Wang pulled her out of the car." Your white shirt is already flowered and your shoes are stained. When the hospital sees it, they might call the police for you. "

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