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C3 Humilated

I heard someone calling me; I turned around to see Rory's worried face.

“What happened, what are you looking at?” Rory said,

“Nothing, you were saying?“ I replied.

“Yeah. So I was thinking of investing in that company. ``He was talking about his company. His father was sick, and he took over the company blaze textiles, it's leading in Los Angeles. His father has put people around Ro to help him with things with the company.

My mind was elsewhere, everything I could think of was him. I don’t know why, but he took all my interest.


After our dinner, we bid goodbyes, and he took off in his car and I started walking towards my car. I saw a sleek black Lamborghini waiting. I saw that same man getting in “rich people,” I mumbled and drove off from the restaurant.

While I’m riding, I felt like someone was following me. I checked out, but couldn’t find anyone. So, I parked my car and went inside my house.

Yeah, I live alone, my mom died due to cancer 3 years back and my father died in a car accident when I was eight. I hate my cousins and relatives. So, I only have my grandma left, she lives in Florida far from Los Angeles.

I’m still a student studying at Los Angeles high school. I was a High scoring candidate in my school, and because of this, I was receiving a very good scholarship from my school. I worked hard for it.

My mother and my father have put so much money in my name because of which I haven't had a problem till now, my grandmother also sends me money every month without delay.

I was setting up time in my alarm to wake up and get ready tomorrow morning for school.

I was about to lay down on my bed but heard someone furiously knocking on the door.

I stood up and slowly walked out of my room to open the main door.

I slowly opened it and saw a very handsome man wearing a black suit standing there with something in his hand.

He has something in his hands I can’t see because he’s hiding it behind.

“yes?” I asked, He looked at me and gave me a box to me, it was decorated.

“It’s for you ma’am,” he said and started walking towards his car.

“Hey mister, wait “.

He drove off. I took the box inside and unwrapped it.

Inside there’s a book, I lifted it in my hands. It’s a novel. I love novels. I read them a lot, but who gave me this there’s no name on the box.

I flipped the box, and I saw a piece of paper with a quote stick to it.

“And in her smile, I saw something more beautiful than the Stars“


It was written beautifully.

Who’s this l.f I tried to remember, but I don’t know anyone with that name. I opened the book.

“One day by David Nicholls’’

I thought I would read it, but if I start it now, I will not sleep tonight.

I’ll just read it tomorrow after school, it’s best or else I’ll never get up from my bed. I put that book on my study table and climbed up on my bed to sleep. I closed my eyes to sleep but I can’t, you know why? Yeah! That man ahh! god now that Greek god is disturbing my sleep schedule too.

With great difficulty, I slept.



My alarm started Ringing, “Ah god fuck my life aghhh “

Groaning, I got up from my bed, went to the washroom, and did my morning duties. Then it’s time to dress up. I took off my off-shoulder yellow crop top, wore it with my ripped jeans, Did my hair, and put on some lip gloss. Yeah, that’s my makeup, only lip gloss. I don't know why I don’t like to make up. I just feel that makeup is a waste of time.

I went to the kitchen, did my breakfast, ate it, and rushed to my car.

I reached school and parked my car. I walked into my school.

“Hey v wait “turned around and saw Beth coming from the parking lot.

Beth John is my best friend from 6th class, she is an exquisite woman behind those big glasses. She is blonde, tall, and skinny. We both are complete opposites.

I’m short, maybe 5.3, with jet black shoulder-length hair, and big brown eyes. Our tastes are also different.

“Hey, slow down beth,” I said,

She took a deep breath, and we started walking towards my locker, talking to each other.

“Hey look who’s here vvvv Vanessa, The fat bitch“

Oh, fuck! That’s Casse Armond Queen bitch of our school, she is rich, her father and mother both are doctors, and she is the heiress to most leading hospitals in Los Angeles. she is a disgusting pig not in looks but behavior.

She’s like 5.8 tall, has long legs, a slim body, and lots of Noooo No tons of make-up on her face.

Right now, she is dating our football captain of the school.

Remond gray, he is super hot with a boyish smile, he has 3 more friends. They are like a gang always together, all of them are super hot and every girl in my school drools over them.

“ Did you have your breakfast, fatso? “ Casey asked, rubbing my flat stomach.

“ Ha! look at her Casee, what a chubby little girl, “ Alessa said touching my cheek.

That’s Alessa black,

She is a bitch number two, both are big fat bitchs of the school, and they bully everyone.

“ Aww what happened to my shorty, cat got your mouth? “ Casey said touching my cheek

I said nothing to them, I just ignored them and took my things from the locker, calming myself. Usually, I don’t fight much, but if someone starts a fight I’ll never back down a bit.

Beth And I started walking toward our class. She has a history class. I have math, so we went our separate ways.

I opened my schedule to see what my last class was.

Suddenly I bumped into something hard, I was about to fall but Two strong arms held me still.

Curiously I looked up, Huh it’s Remond gray, I quickly stood up.

“ Sorry “ I mumbled,

He looked at me muttering something under his breath.

“ Where are those fucking eyes? , can’t you see where your walking idiot is !! “

I was fuming right now, I was already pissed because of his girlfriend back then, glaring at him I said,

“ You should fucking see where you’re going too stupid “ With that, I turned and started walking towards my class, he grabbed my arm and shoved me to the wall,

“ What did you just say? “ he said, glaring at me

“ Are you deaf can’t you hear? “ I said in a shaking voice, glaring at him.

he was just an inch far from my face, if I moved a little our lips would touch. He was that close, gritting his teeth he said,

“ Don’t you dare talk to me like that “

I stumped on his feet and ran towards my class, his groaning catching his feet.

I took a deep breath and entered my class.

By God’s grace and mercy, I didn’t see him again. Thank God for this.

At lunch break me and Beth decided we would go to the cafeteria to eat something . we took the plate and sat down at a table

We are having our lunch. I can feel someone glaring at me and that’s Remond gray.

He was sitting with his friends in his usual place, his girlfriend was all over him, wanting his attention but he was busy glaring at me.

Later after lunch, I went back to class. Remond was also in the same class, we have 4 same classes.

Hah, what a lovely life I’m living.

He was sitting across from my table.

Miss Mekenza started the class, I was seriously listening to the class, then a paper was thrown at me.

I looked at it and opened it

“Meet me after school today at the back of the school and come alone,“ I looked up to see who threw it.

Remond was looking at me, indicating that it was him who threw it.

I was scared, what if he does something to me what will I do?

No, your brave v nothing will happen to you and see what he wants that’s it.

After school, I went to the back of the school. He was waiting for me already. When did he come, and how did he come so fast?

“You’re late,” he said, glaring at me.

I said nothing about it.

“What do you want? “

“Hm, direct to the point,“ smirking he said, I want to slap that off.

“Guys,“ he called

I turned back and Casee threw ice cream on my face and all over my dress. I was shocked to react, they were laughing at me, high-fiving each other.

“Oh, dear Vanessa, crying? look guys, she’s crying “ Remond said, laughing like a maniac.

He grabbed my jaw,

“Next time... if you talk to me like that.. I’ll rip your head off “

With that, he pushed me aside and went off with his friends.

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