Monarch of the Dark Nights

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Monarch of the Dark Nights
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When the wind blew, a cloud of smoke drifted over from the east side, bringing with it a pungent smell! After getting rid of the archer Zhang Nan, he had a better understanding of the foreign forces who had flown in here the day before. His purpose had already been accomplished, so he directly cancelled his plan to head to the northern district, and turned around to head straight towards the Flow
A rain of blood poured down from the sky as the prelude for the end of day. Sunshine was but only forever a dream whilst the living was filled with eternal crimes. To survive, the strong plundered till death as the weak struggled for their last breath. Then, society collapsed as everything began to relapse. For a piece of stale bread, an olden pure maiden spread her legs. Humans were only animals as their lusts and greed eternally prevailed. A man’s soul went back to his former life to face the darkness and survive. Clad in a dark-blooded coat, he traversed on the path of oaths. For a hope he forever shielded, he rushed to the last battlefield.
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