Moonlight Queen/C1 The Beginning
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Moonlight Queen/C1 The Beginning
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C1 The Beginning

"I hope you're ready Yvonne" Kayne asked clenching my hand into mine.

I looked up at him and shook my head in silence.

He chortled, I took a quick glance at his fair face wondering if that was necessary.

Kayne smiled at me as if he read my thoughts "you should be ready my beloved, you have waited for this moment for eighteen years."

I looked away, twisting my legs on each other as we sat under an oak tree in my large compound.

I hated it when Kayne addressed me as his beloved, I was tired of getting reminded over and over again that I'm betrothed to someone I don't love.

"Are you okay?" He asked me pulling my hand.

I nodded "sure."

I stood to my feet feeling very nervous "Kayne what did it feel like the night you first turned into your wolf form?" I took a glance at him with my ears wide open.

I heard his smooth giggling "It was the most wonderful moment of my life, It was like being reborn and invisible."

I turned around to stare at him, the sparkle in his eyes while he spoke was a huge relief for me.

"What if I turn into a wolf and never turn back into a human?" I asked him.

My mother once told me a story of a queen from another clan who turned into her wolf form and never turned back into human, I can't deny how scared I have been after listening to that story.

His eyes widened at my question but then he shrugged "it simply means you were actually meant to be a wolf and not human."

"What???" I screamed with my heart almost jumping out of it's place.

"Is that supposed to be a joke Kayne?"

"You know I never joke" he answered.

I looked away, that was one thing I didn't like about Kayne, he was always serious with everything he does, for him everything is business and a duty, which includes eating.

It was getting really cold and I needed to get back into the mansion but Kayne has already began with his long tales that had no end, I wasn't sure I was listening, I only sat there cause I wasn't ready to hear him nag about how I disrespected him to my father.

I clenched my fists biting softly at the end of my lips while waiting for him to stop talking, I shut my eyes for a moment, I couldn't bear it anymore "Kayne..Kayne..." I called out cutting him off from whatever he was saying.

"What is it?" He asked coldly looking straight into my eyes.

I was so sure he didn't like what I did.

"I'm cold."

"Don't worry, tonight you would get stronger after you must have tasted the blood of an animal" he winked.

I gasped wondering how stiff he could be, I expected him to help me with his jacket or ask me to go back into the mansion. I started wondering why my father would ever get me betrothed to a man like him. He was cold hearted and wasn't romantic at all.

"I'm going inside Kayne, I'm cold" I walked away without looking back.

I didn't care if he would report me to my father, "he should do his worse" I said to myself.

"I met a crowded living room, it was large enough to contain up to fifty people. The living room was a lively mixture of the Moonlight pack and Boldclaw pack which are the only surviving packs in Latan city after the great war.

There was always a party which takes place every full moon, this celebration brings the two packs together which I was told that they once turned enemies after the great war though I am yet to know why but that was the least of my worries, I loved parties but certainly not a wolf party.

Everyone looked cheerful as they anticipated the full moon.

I was the only wolf who was up to eighteen in my pack so I was the only one who was about to get turned, I walked passed them forcing a pleasant smile trying my best to be nice.

At home I was never myself, so many rules about every single thing, I hated rules and this makes me so uncomfortable at home. I only get to be my real self at school when I'm with my human friends.

Yeah, I just gained admission into the university and I was already having fun exploring life before my family turned it all to sadness with the news of being betrothed.

"Yvonne...." I heard my mother call me from behind.

I was about climbing the staircase to my bedroom to lock myself up like always.

I took a deep breath before I finally turned around exposing my white set of teeth which I feared might turn red soonest once they have made me devour an animal.

"Mother...." I turned around grinning.

"You're going upstairs, where is your mate?" She started looking left and right.

"Mother, he is okay, we were just talking before I decided to come back into the mansion."

"I'm so happy for you Yvonne after you are turned tonight, your wedding with your mate would be on the next full moon."

My mouth dropped open "what wedding are you talking about mother?" I was almost yelling.

She was startled by the loudness of my voice and quickly dragged me to a corner.

"Mother what are you talking about?" I was getting very nervous.

"What's wrong about getting married to your betrothed mate?"

"How can you and father fix a date without telling me? Am I so much of a burden that you both want to get rid of me so soon?" Tears were almost crawling out of my eyes.

I hated the idea of being married to Kayne, "I don't care if he is my betrothed mate but you and father have no right to fix a date without letting me know first."

She simply smiled "you are our only child and we want the best for you, Kayne is the strongest of his pack and an Alpha as such....."

I cutted my mother off at once, I was tired of listening to that line of story over and over again "mother I need time to myself, I'm not ready to get married" I was bold and fearless while I spoke.

Well, no one dared speak to my mother that way else, you will be sure to get punished with a hex, she was a wolf witch.

She smiled "you know young lady, if you weren't my daughter, I would have separated your tongue from your mouth."

I remained mute, the smile on her face got me confused, "is she indirectly threatening me or is she joking?" I thought glaring at her.

She tapped my shoulder squeezing it tenderly, "go and get ready for tonight, it would be midnight soon" she took a glance at the wall clock.

Kayne entered the mansion, I watched him from behind my mother as he walked up to my father.

I hissed in my thoughts "like always he has gone to nag, fool!" I cursed mumbling to myself without hearing the last things my mother said to me before she walked away.

I looked down at myself, I was still wearing my ball gown and heels, it was the worse dress for me.

"I climbed the staircase with difficulty, I noticed Kayne looking at me "just get lost" I muttered.

"I can't believe that my parents expect me to spend my entire life with this cold hearted guy."

On the eve of my eighteenth birthday party which was last week my parents had broken the awful news to me about how I was betrothed to Kayne from birth.

Kayne was six years older than I am and all along he was aware about it, from the look in his eyes when he is around me or my family, I'm so sure he likes it, after all, who ever marries me automatically becomes the leader of our pack and gets to rule the pack along side with me but I couldn't understand why he was so interested in marrying me since he was already a leader in his pack.

I walked into my bedroom and pulled off the shoes flinging it to God knows where.

My feet were hurting badly, I sat for a while massaging it.

I quickly stood up afterwards and changed into something simple.

I heard my mother calling my name, I dashed out of the bedroom hurriedly climbing down the stairs.

We drove off in our cars, I had my own red benz CLA, it was a gift from my father on my birthday.

Kayne had insisted I joined him in his car but I bluntly refused, I just wanted to be alone.

We parked beside a bush path as we all alighted from our various cars and started walking into the forest.

I gasped on remembering I did not bring spare clothes incase my present clothes gets torn apart "am I really going to go naked in front of all of them?" I bowed my head.

"Don't worry, I brought some spare clothes for you" my mother whispered into my ears nudging me softly.

I smiled at her, she was just the sweetest mother ever.

Being a wolf witch made it possible for her to read through the mind of wolves but she casted a mind cloaking spell on me which made it impossible for vampires to compel me.

I didn't think that was necessary because I haven't met or seen a vampire before though my parents always warned that their were so many of them, they kept telling me how evil they were and how they almost destroyed the entire wolf packs.

My mother was the only wolf witch in our pack and the only one I have ever known.

I have seen lots of witches especially in my school but in this city, magic was totally prohibited, it was considered evil and a sacrilege especially because the city was highly religious.

Witches were hanged when caught therefore all witches tried not to get caught while using their magic but Father Bosco always found a way.

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