Moonlight Queen/C3 The plot against my marriage
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Moonlight Queen/C3 The plot against my marriage
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C3 The plot against my marriage

I scoffed but remained silent for a while with my thoughts enveloped with how horrible it would feel to finally be called his mate "I would be in my car now while I wait for the rest."

I walked past him.

Kayne walked ahead of me and blocked me "you don't look happy, don't you want to be my mate?"

I didn't say a word, I only watched him in silence.

"Yvonne we used to like each other so much when we were younger, what happened along the way?"

"Nothing happened Kayne and I didn't say that I wouldn't like to be your mate, so can I go now?" I asked, I couldn't stand spending another minute in his presence.

He stepped aside and I walked pass him with my heart pounding very hard in my chest.

Yvonne's father Arthur had been hiding behind a tree listening to their conversation he walked into the scene standing behind Kayne.

Kayne had noticed his presence earlier but acted like he wasn't aware "your daughter doesn't seem to be so interested in this union."

Arthur chuckled "you don't know Yvonne so well, do you? She is more than delighted to be with you but as a woman that she is, she would always like to play hard to get."

He laughed "women and their troubles" he said walking away.

Kayne nodded with his gaze still fixed on the direction Yvonne had gone through "but she would be mine and the two packs would be mine to lead forever, I can't wait to marry your daughter and get rid of you Arthur."

His mother came behind him, Kaune smelt her presence, he took a deep breath.

"I'm glad that the wedding have been fixed, making their daughter marry you is the worse mistake of their miserable lives, Arthur must pay for what he and the witches did to my husband and our people" she said looking extremely furious, her eyes had flashes of red.

Kayne chortled turning to face her "surely they would mother, I will make sure of that."

She smiled "I'm proud of you son."

The Boldclaw pack retired to their fort and so did we.

I heard my mother's footsteps behind me as I approached my bedroom, I ignored it walking into my bedroom.

"Your father told me that you were showing Kayne that you had no interest in marrying him, is that true Yvonne?" She asked me angrily.

"I would have preferred being slaughtered like a chicken other than being used to seal some sort of peace contract that has nothing to do with me" I fired back.

She paused staring at me....

I already read her thoughts through her reaction "yes he told me and when were you thinking of telling me about this mother? When I'm finally married to him?" I was furious.

She walked quickly to where I stood and grabbed my hand "it isn't the way you think it is my child, we had no choice and you were the only hope for peace, what your father did was sacrilege, he would have been killed if he didn't agree to the tradition."

I pulled my hands off hers at once moving backwards "that's all I keep hearing, tradition this, tradition that, don't you think I also have my life to live?"

"You are a wolf Yvonne and your life is here" I heard my father's thunderous voice echoe into my bedroom.

I turned around and saw him standing at the door dressed in his mantle, every wolf pack leader wears that.

My father was one person I was so scared of, yes I was scared of my mother but it wasn't compared to how I feared my father.

I have watched him kill people at ease at the slightest of provocation and I knew so well that he could do the same to be if I dared disobey him.

"All we seek is peace and your marriage to Kayne will bring us that peace we seek" he said looking straight at my face.

I trembled slightly standing behind my mother, I grabbed her hand slowly.

She took a glance at me, she could see my fears.

"Yvonne you would do nothing to jeopardize what has been decreed many years ago, you must marry Kayne" he turned around to leave.

"Father..." I called out and he stopped.

"Yvonne..." My mother whispered in fear trying to stop me.

I ignored her and stepped forward "I just gained admission into the university father, at least allow me to finish my education and enjoy what's left of my youthful age" I said wondering if I used the right words.

"I have spoken Yvonne and my words are final" he stormed out of my room without turning back to look at me.

I sagged my shoulders looking totally depressed "mother what would my friends say when I tell them that I'm getting married?" I asled angrily hoping my mother could understand my fears.

She rubbed my cheeks "if your friends were in your shoes Yvonne, they would do the right thing, you should sleep now."

She walked out of my bedroom.

I slumped into my bed, my mother has always been behind my father's shadow, supporting everything he does and says without questioning his orders, I wondered if that's what I would be subjected to once I agree to be mated to Kayne.

"I feel no connection to that guy, it's high time I buy myself sometime, I still have my life to live" I thought sitting up on the bed.

Something crossed my mind, as devilsh as it might sound, it was my only way out but my only prayer was that my mother doesn't get to find out, she was going to be my only obstacle.

The next day....

I was in class drained in thoughts of the previous night...

We wrote the test very early in the morning and swinged into lots of lectures afterwards, I was happy to see my two gorgeous friends after the long weekend, I wondered what they would ever do if they found out that I was a wolf.

I couldn't concentrate on a single lecture and finally there was no teacher in the class, I bent over the desk hitting my pen softly on it then the thought of the raw animal I had fed on flashed into my head.

I could feel my stomach growl, I suddenly had the feeling to puke "did I really eat that?" I thought running off into the the restroom.

I kept vomiting wondering if my intestine would follow aswell.

I wiped my mouth quickly gasping for breath "maybe I was never meant to be a wolf" I thought.

"What do we have here? Wolf girl.." Susan said walking close to me.

She was a witch and I wasn't surprised that she knew what I was.

She switched on the tap washing her hand.

"I'm not surprised that you know, you witches are something else" I said hissing.

A girl pushed the door open rushing into the restroom "we have got a problem and we need to hide, Father Bosco is here" the girl yelled.

"What? I don't understand" Susan said in fear.

"A new girl was supposed to be enrolled today, father Bosco was invited and when he put the crucifix forward the girl manifested, she is a witch, just like us" she cried out.

"Great!" Susan exclaimed throwing her arms up.

"Which coven is she from?" She asked.

"I don't know but I perceive she's a white witch" the girl answered looking extremely scared, her name was Helen.

I didn't know what to say to them, I was speechless and scared as well.

"Where is she now?" Susan asked in panic.

"Dragged away to be hanged like the rest" she answered.

Susan took a deep sigh "Latan is totally becoming unsafe for all witches and the elders are doing nothing about it."

Helen turned around and noticed my presence "what the hell is she doing here?" She grabbed me by the neck.

I putted my hand on her chest at once and pushed her to the wall.

She fell to the floor groaning in pain, her nostrils were bleeding of black blood.

"I'm sorry...." I said staring at my hands, I was surprised at how strong I have become.

"What the hell are you?" Helen asked struggling to stand.

"She is a wolf and she's not our enemy so let her be" Susan said to her.

She turned to me and smiled "you have really got so strong, I'm impressed."

Well... I was impressed with my self too, what I did was quite amazing though I didn't mean to hurt her.

"Helen we would remain in here until Father Bosco leaves, afterwards we would meet the elders, it's high time we do something about this before all the witches are killed" Susan said leaning sadly on the wall.

"You might need my help" I said looking straight into Susan's eyes.

She turned to me "how? this isn't a fight of muscles and fists."

I smiled "if your elders knew how to stop Father Bosco, they would have done that a long time ago but unfortunately, they don't but I'm so sure with my influence my mother can help you, she is a wolf witch."

Helen's eyes widened and so did Susan's.

Helen walked closer to me and held my hand tenderly "you are Catherine's daughter?"

I nodded with a bold smile.

Helen gasped "I have heard so much about her, the great war, she's incredible."

Susan nodded "yes she is, we have tried to reach out to her so many times for her help but she never grants us audience, she is the oldest of all witches, how are you sure that she would grant us audience this time around and help us?"

I arched my brow, "she is my mother and would always grant my humble request."

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