Moonlit Legacy/C1 Chapter 1: Moonlit Masquerade
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Moonlit Legacy/C1 Chapter 1: Moonlit Masquerade
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C1 Chapter 1: Moonlit Masquerade

Enora stood at the entrance of the opulent ballroom, her heart pounding with excitement and nervous anticipation. With clammy hands, she smoothed the fabric of her dress, looking the part of the friendly host. The grand event she had meticulously planned and orchestrated was about to unfold, and every detail had to be flawless. Her career depended on it.

As the event coordinator for one of the most prestigious even planning firms in the city, Enora was accustomed to handling high-profile clients and extravagant affairs, and all the demands that came with those. But tonight’s event was different. It was highly exclusive, invitation-only, and themed around the sultry allure of burlesque, even though it was a fundraiser for the biggest hospital in town.

Natalie, Enora’s boss and the owner of the firm, paced nervously beside her.

“Did you check the drinks?”, she asked Enora. Enora nodded.

“What about the glasses? Are they spotless?”, she probed. Enora nodded.

“Are the hors d’oeuvres exclusive?”, she asked again. Enora sighed deeply.

“Yes. I have checked everything at least four times.”, Enora answered slightly annoyed at her boss’ behavior. Despite Natalie’s years of experience in the industry, even she couldn’t hide her jitters tonight. This event was crucial for their firm’s reputation, and the pressure was on to impress the elite guests in attendance.

Enora took another deep breath, steeling herself for the task ahead. She had spent weeks planning every aspect of the event, from the lavish décor to the carefully curated guest list. She was determined to make tonight’s affair an unforgettable experience for their affluent guests.

At her signal, the doors swung open, and the guests began to arrive. Enora sprang into action. Dressed in an elegant ensemble that perfectly complemented the burlesque theme but made her feel slightly uncomfortable due to the lack of coverage in strategic places, she greeted every guest with warmth and grace. She made an effort to make them feel welcomed and valued. Her impeccable organizational skills and attention to detail ensured that everything ran smoothly, from the flowing champagne to the tantalizing array of hors d’oeuvres.

Her professional attitude prevented her from resting for even a second. Enora kept checking up on the champagne, the supply of other luxurious drinks, and the food. She absolutely needed to make sure that there was enough of everything, and if there was an unforeseen hiccup nobody was to find out. Enora kept looking around to make sure that every guest had a drink in their hand to make sure that they would be generous later tonight.

Among the sea of glamorous guests was Sebastian Griffin, owner of the most successful companies in the world. He was a self-made man, or so he proclaimed, and he was proud of it. Dressed in a tailor-made suit, and new leather shoes, he walked into the ballroom. Sebastian was strikingly handsome and had an air of confidence around him, and the kind of man that all women were turning their heads for when he entered a room.

Determined to make it a pleasant night, Sebastian walked straight to the bar to order a whiskey. This was not his first rodeo; he was invited to parties like this on a weekly basis. Though even he had to admit that this was an impressive sight to behold. The moment he arrived at the bar; he was immediately surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women.

Enora had heard the buzz going around the women in attendance, but wondered what was happening. She stopped one of the many waitresses to ask.

“What is happening? Is something going wrong?”, Enora asked slightly panicking. The waitress grinned and shook her head.

“No, nothing is wrong. Quite the contrary, actually. Rumor is that Sebastian Griffin just arrived.”, she answered and continued her way.

Enora smiled to herself, happy that she managed to get the Sebastian Griffin to attend her event. He was the it man, and very wealthy, so the right man to create a buzz about the event and to raise fund for the cause. Enora looked around to see if she could spot him, and finally saw him standing at the bar, surrounded by beautiful women. She felt a twinge of jealousy at the sight, but she brushed it off as a typical, but fleeting attraction to a handsome man.

On the other side of the ballroom, Sebastian felt a sense of restlessness tugging at him, which he couldn’t place. He tried to smell if there was any danger, but there was nothing distinctive in the crowded ballroom. He shrugged it off and turned his attention to a captivating redhead who had caught his eye earlier. Sebastian decided to indulge in the festivities, as the atmosphere of the lavish event was rubbing off on him. He flashed the redhead a charming smile and engaged her in a lively conversation, relishing in the thrill of the chase.

For Sebastian, however, it wasn’t much of a chase. The redhead had been too willing to his advances, and with that had lost his interest. Besides, he wasn’t able to shake this nagging feeling that continued to be his companion for the night. He had this feeling of something elusive slipping through his grasp. Sebastian walked back to the bar to order another whiskey.

As the night progressed, the ballroom transformed into a whirlwind of decadence and revelry, the guests immersed in the intoxicating atmosphere of the burlesque-themed affair. Enora’s efforts had paid off, the event was exceeding all expectations, and she was receiving praise from several guests already. But still she couldn’t place this feeling she had that she was missing something important. If only she could place her finger on what it was…

Her gaze was again drawn to the charismatic man at the bar, it happened too many times already. He did live up to all the expectations Enora had to admit. Though, he was a tad too arrogant and too much of a player for her taste, but could she really blame him when women through themselves at his feet the way it was happening right now?

Enora found herself swept up in a whirlwind of activity, her mind racing with thoughts of the event. She moved through the crowded ballroom with practiced ease, her eyes scanning the room for any sign of trouble or discontent among the guests. Enora didn’t see Natalie coming up behind her.

“You did a good job.”, she said to Enora. Enora twirled around quickly and smiled at her boss. Those words of praise meant a lot to her, especially knowing that Natalie was hard to please.

“Remind me on Monday that we should talk. I have a request for a huge, multiday event with a wealthy client, and I want you to work on it.”, Natalie said, and she walked away to get a glass of champagne from one of the waitstaff. If she felt comfortable enough to let her hair down, that meant everything.

Enora went off on her usual check up with all the stations, even though everything was running smoothly until now, didn’t mean she could let go. It needed to be perfect until every guest had left the building. And considering most were still here, that could be a while!

She walked up to the bar to check up on the supply of drinks still there. Enora signaled the bartender to come over, and waited until she had time to do so.

“Are you running low on anything?”, Enora asked. The bartender looked around the bar.

“Ice, and gin. That’s it.”, she said after checking.

“Enough champagne?”, Enora asked. The woman nodded. Enora gave her the thumbs up and turned around ready to go to the next station to check. She was busy memorizing the items she needed to get to the bar that she didn’t pay attention and bumped straight into the chest of a man. The strong, muscular chest of a good smelling man. Enora felt hands on her upper arms that kept her from falling to the floor. She looked up to find crystal blue eyes. The blue eyes that belonged to Sebastian Griffin. Enora felt her heart fluttering with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, but she didn’t understand the draw to this man. She felt good in his arms, and she felt tingles on her skin where his hands were holding her.

“I-I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t cause any spills?”, Enora quickly tried to get back into her hostess mode. Sebastian looked at her with a tilted head and a funny look on his face.

“No, everything is fine.”, he answered. Again, he locked eyes with her, and he felt this electric current running through his body. His hands sparked where he touched her skin, and he felt tingles racing through his body. That’s when he recognized what he was feeling, a mate bond. As if lightning hit him, he let go of her, making her stumble backwards a bit.

Sebastian shook his head, as if he wanted to get this feeling of completeness out of his body and mind.

“I apologize, it seems like I’ve neglected my previous company.”, he said with a cheeky smirk on his face.

“Of course.”, Enora replied, and she walked away. A few steps in, she looked back over her shoulder and saw Sebastian flirting with a redhead who seemed to thoroughly enjoy his attention. If she was honest to herself, she was longing for some male attention as well. Enora was looking to fill this void that echoed within her soul, which had never been as loud as today.

As Enora retreated from Sebastian’s presence, she couldn’t shake the lingering sensation of electricity that had crackled between them. She chided herself for being so affected by a chance encounter, reminding herself of the countless responsibilities that awaited her. With a determined set to her jaw, she plunged back into the heart of the festivities, her mind racing with thoughts of the event’s success and the lingering feeling of emptiness that gnawed at her soul.

Meanwhile, Sebastian found himself torn between the magnetic pull he felt towards Enora and the captivating redhead who held his attention. He couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that lingered within him, a sense of disquiet that clouded his thoughts despite the glamorous surroundings. As he engaged in animated conversation with the redhead, his mind drifted back to the enigmatic woman he had encountered moments before, her presence haunting him like a tantalizing enigma. He tried to dismiss her from his mind, but her image lingered.

As the night drew to a close and the guests began to depart, Enora felt a sense of relief wash over her. She couldn’t deny the satisfaction of knowing that the event had been a resounding success. She exchanged smiles and pleasantries with the departing guests.

Sebastian tossed back the last of his drink and walked towards the exit. It was time for him to leave the party. He once again left the redhead behind without a second thought. He stilled for a second when he spotted the woman at the exit, but then approached her with an unreadable expression on his face and an intensity that sent a shiver down her spine.

“Congratulations on a magnificent event, and of course the funds that was raised.”, Sebastian congratulated the hostess in front of him, as he extended his hand towards her. Enora hesitated for a moment, her heart pounding in her chest as she gazed into his piercing blue eyes.

“Thank you for your contribution.”, Enora thanked him softly, her fingers brushing against his as she reluctantly took his hand in hers. She hadn’t imagined the sparks; they had been real.

Immediately, Sebastian drew his hand from hers and walked briskly towards the valet. The last thing he needed was a mate.

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