Moonlit Legacy/C5 Chapter 5: Dance of Desire
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Moonlit Legacy/C5 Chapter 5: Dance of Desire
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C5 Chapter 5: Dance of Desire

Enora had always prided herself on her independence and self-reliance. She was a strong woman, both physically and mentally, but hearing how worried her parents were for her, living alone in the city.

To please them, and to find an outlet for her frustrations, Enora decided that she wanted to sign up for self-defense classes. She still believed it wasn’t necessary, but if it got her parents of her back, it might just be worth it.

As she entered the gym, Enora was greeted by the sound of weights clanging and the faint hum of conversation. The atmosphere was charged with energy, and she felt a surge of excitement course through her veins. Making her way to the front desk, Enora introduced herself to the receptionist and expressed her interest in the self-defense classes. The receptionist, a friendly woman with a warm smile, handed her a registration form and explained the class schedule.

Enora quickly filled out the form and handed it back, her anticipation growing with each passing moment. She was ready. As she waited for the class to begin, Enora decided to take a look around the gym. It was a spacious facility, with state-of-the-art equipment and plenty of room for training. The walls were lined with motivational posters and mirrors, reflecting the determination in the eyes of the gym-goers as they pushed themselves to their limits.

Lucas was supposed to be listening to his receptionist, who was telling him about new registrations, when he spotted a woman, he had never seen in the gym before. Her chestnut hair fixed in a messy bun on top of her head, her amazing body dressed in a crop top and tight leggings that showed off her hourglass figure. He couldn’t tear away his eyes from her shape. When she turned around and walked towards the room where the next class would begin, he saw her breasts bouncing with each step she took. Lucas’ eyes drifted up to her blue eyes, when he felt this tug towards her snap in place. He knew this would have to be the mate bond.

Lucas despised the mate bond with every fiber in his being, but if his mate was looking like this, he might as well use it for sex. Maybe he would manage to get her interested in his preferences that were on the kinkier side.

Lucas moved to the room as well because he was teaching the self-defense class. It must be his lucky day because the woman walked in.

Enora took a spot near the back of the room, her eyes scanning the area with a mix of determination and curiosity. Lucas couldn’t tear his gaze away from her, feeling an undeniable pull towards her that he couldn’t ignore. He knew he had to keep his composure, but the mate bond urged him to seek her out, to claim her as his own.

“Alright, everyone.”, Lucas announced, his voice commanding attention as he addressed the class. “Welcome to this class. My name is Lucas, and I’ll be your instructor for today. Before we begin, I want to remind you all that the purpose of this class is to teach you how to protect yourself in dangerous situations. It’s not about brute strength or aggression, but rather using your body and mind to outsmart your opponent and escape unharmed. Now, let’s get started.”

Enora listened intently as Lucas explained the fundamentals of self-defense, his words resonating with her on a deeper level. She had always been fascinated by martial arts and combat techniques, but she had never had the opportunity to learn them properly. Now, with Lucas as her instructor, she felt a surge of excitement and anticipation coursing through her veins. Surely, it had nothing to do with the attraction she felt to Lucas.

As the class progressed, Lucas demonstrated various techniques for escaping from grabs and holds, emphasizing the importance of staying calm and focused under pressure. Enora watched him intently, studying his every move with rapt attention. There was something about the way he moved, the way he carried himself that captivated her, drawing her in like a moth to a flame.

Lucas had called for a practice of the movements, and Enora was determined to take this seriously. But amidst the flurry of activity, Enora couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching her. She glanced around the room, her eyes searching for the source of the sensation, and that’s when she saw him. Lucas was standing off to the side, his gaze fixed on her with an intensity that sent shivers down her spine.

For a moment, their eyes locked, and Enora felt as if she could see straight into his soul. There was something raw and primal in the way he looked at her, something that stirred a deep longing within her that she couldn’t quite explain.

Before she could dwell on it any further, Lucas called for a partner drill, and Enora found herself paired up with him. As they faced each other, their bodies inches apart, she couldn’t ignore the electric tension that crackled between them.

“Alright, everyone.”, Lucas announced. “Partner up and practice the wrist escape technique we just covered. Remember, the key is to use your opponent’s momentum against them. Let’s see what you’ve got!”

Enora tried to focus on the self-defense techniques they were practicing, but Lucas’ proximity and the subtle touches sent her sense into overdrive. Each brush of his hand against hers, each accidental graze of their bodies, fueled the growing fire of desire within her.

Lucas, on the other hand, couldn’t deny the primal urge that pulsed through him as he moved in sync with Enora. His body hummed with anticipation, his senses heightened by the intoxicating scent of her arousal. He didn’t want to give in to the mate bond, but the magnetic pull between them was undeniable.

With each practiced movement, the tension between them grew thicker, the air charged with an electric energy that crackled with raw desire. Enora’s breath hitched as Lucas’ hand slid down her arm, his touch sending shivers down her spine.

Their eyes met, and for a moment, time seemed to stand still as they were consumed by the fiery intensity of their mutual attraction. Enora’s heart raced in her chest as Lucas leaned in closer, his lips tantalizingly close to hers.

Suddenly, the spell was broken as the class came to an end, and Lucas stepped back, breaking the intimate connection between them. Enora’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she realized how caught up, she had become in the moment.

“Thank you for the class, Lucas.”, Enora said, her voice barely above a whisper as she gathered her things. “I’ll see you next time.”

Lucas nodded, his expression unreadable as he watched her leave the room. He knew he should keep his distance, that giving in to the mate bond would only complicate things further. But as he watched Enora walk away, he couldn’t help but want to introduce her to his sexual kinks.

As Enora made her way home, her mind raced with thoughts of Lucas and the undeniable chemistry between them. She couldn’t shake the lingering sensation of his touch, the way his hands had felt against her skin sending shivers down her spine. Regardless though, she tried to brush it off as a mere attraction, even if that sounded stupid.

Meanwhile, Lucas grappled with his own inner turmoil, torn between his desire to resist the mate bond and his growing attraction to Enora. He knew he should keep his distance, but the primal urge to claim her as his own was too strong to ignore. As he contemplated their next encounter, a mischievous idea began to form in his mind.

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