Moonlit Legacy/C6 Chapter 6: Revelations and Temptations
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Moonlit Legacy/C6 Chapter 6: Revelations and Temptations
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C6 Chapter 6: Revelations and Temptations

Sebastian sighed heavily, feeling the weight of his decision settle over him like a heavy cloak. He knew that agreeing to take on the role of Alpha meant sacrificing his own desires and ambitions. He just couldn’t stand by and watch the pack suffer under incompetent leadership, no matter how reluctant he was.

As he turned to leave the study, Seth’s voice stopped him in his tracks. “Sebastian, there is something you need to know.”, Seth said, his voice grave.

Sebastian turned back to face his grandfather, and a sense of apprehension gnawed in his gut. “What is it, granddad?”

Seth hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Your Beta, Adam… he’s been challenging my authority, always questioning my decisions. He is trouble is you ask me.”

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed in disbelief. “Adam? But why? He’s always been loyal to you.”

Seth shook his head, his expression pained. “I don’t know, Sebastian. But whatever his reasons, he’s become a threat to the stability of the pack. I need you to be prepared for whatever may come.”

With a final nod, Sebastian left his grandfather’s study, while his mind was swirling with conflicting emotions. He wanted to step into this new environment void of any bias, because he also knew that his grandfather would continue to try to influence him despite stepping down. Sebastian hated to be played like a pawn.

The next day, Sebastian set out to walk around the pack and to meet with his Beta, Adam, and the current Gamma, Clovis. I wanted to meet and hear from them directly instead of being clouded by my grandfather’s judgement. His footsteps echoed through the pack territory as he made his way towards the heart of the community.

As he walked, Sebastian couldn’t help but notice the subtle changes that had taken place within the pack since he left all those years ago. The once bustling community now seemed subdued, the air heavy with tension and uncertainty. It was clear that Seth’s leadership had left a lasting impact on the pack, and Sebastian knew that he had his work cut out for him if he hoped to restore stability and unity.

Eventually, Sebastian arrived at the pack’s central square. Several pack members were gathered there, their expressions guarded as they watched Sebastian approach. Among them stood Adam and Clovis.

Adam’s expression was unreadable as Sebastian approached, his gaze cold and distant. Clovis offered him a small nod of acknowledgement, but his gaze was guarded. Neither seemed excited to meet him.

Sebastian stepped closer and addressed Adam and Clovis directly. “Adam, Clovis.”, he said, his tone firm but respectful. “I wanted to meet with you both today to discuss the challenges facing our pack and to hear your thoughts on how we can move forward together.”

Adam’s jaw clenched with tenstion, his gaze flickering with a hint of defiance. “And what exactly do you expect us to say, Sebastian?”, he replied, his voice laced with bitterness. “After everything that has happened, do you really think we’re just going to fall in line behind you?”

Sebastian felt a pang of frustration at Adam’s hostility, but he forced himself to remain calm. “I understand that there may be lingering resentment towards my family and me.”, he said evenly. “But now is not the time for division.”

“Fuck you! You don’t get to stay away for years and then tell me what to do!”, Adam spat at Sebastian, and he marched off towards his office. Sebastian looked at Clovis who simply shrugged.

“I’m out anyways. Lucas will take over the Gamma role.”, Clovis said, and he walked away as well, leaving Sebastian alone.

After lunch, Sebastian swallowed his pride and went to Adam’s office. Without knocking or asking entrance, he entered. Adam was startled, but knew he had no chance to get away from Sebastian.

Sebastian sat down in a chair opposite Adam, got comfortable and asked the first question. “So, why do you hate me so much?”

Adam’s expression softened slightly at Sebastian’s unexpected question, his features contorted with a mixture of surprise and frustration. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his gaze flickering with uncertainty as he struggled to find the right words.

“I don’t hate you, Sebastian.”, Adam replied after a moment, his voice tinged with resignation. “But I can’t deny that I’ve harbored some resentment towards you and your family.”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow, his curiosity piqued. He left the pack years ago, he couldn’t have done anything to deserve such a response.

“And why is that?”

Adam let out a heavy sigh, his shoulders slumping with defeat. “Because you represent everything that’s wrong with our pack.”, he said bitterly. “You and your grandfather, always putting your own interests above the needs of the pack. It’s because of you that we’re in this mess in the first place.”

Sebastian felt a pang of guilt at Adam’s words, knowing that there was a truth to them. He had spent so many years distancing himself from the pack and its problems, choosing to pursue his own dreams and ambitions instead.

“I want us to work together, Adam.”, Sebastian said, feeling this tug at his heart of the mate bond. Sebastian stood in order to try to feel more comfortable.

“Yeah, that’s what your grandpa said as well. The old man is still living in the past! Do you know that he has forbidden the use of mobile phones? Or the use of internet? I’m stuck trying to explain this to the pack members that need it for school, or work.”, Adam complained. Sebastian was surprised at his admission.

“Wait, what?”, Sebastian asked to double check if he heard Adam correctly. Adam stood from his chair in frustration. His frustration was palpable as he paced back and forth in his office, his agitation evident in every movement. Sebastian watched him carefully, a frown creasing his brow as he tried to make sense of Adam’s words.

“You heard me, Sebastian.”, Adam replied, his voice edged with irritation. “Your grandfather’s backward thinking is holding us back. He’s stuck in the past, refusing to embrace the changes that could benefit our pack. And it’s not just the technology, it’s everything! His refusal to adapt is driving a wedge between us and the other packs, making it harder for us to defend ourselves against potential threats.”

Sebastian’s mind raced as he processed Adam’s words. He had always known that his grandfather was traditional, but he had never realized the extent of the damage his refusal to adapt was causing. It was clear that if they were to move forward as a pack, they would need to address these issues head-on.

“I had no idea.”, Sebastian admitted, his voice heavy with regret. Adam looked at Sebastian, realizing that he had his attention now.

“Seth is the Alpha of Alphas now, but many other Alphas are ready to challenge him for that title. The only thing that is holding him in that chair, is the fact that the humans support him. With his rules, the werewolves are no threat to humans.”, Adam dished out the truth to Sebastian, no matter how much it would hurt. Adam stopped pacing and rested on the edge of his desk.

“What do you mean?”, Sebastian asked thoroughly confused by Adam’s words.

“When he challenged Eloy Ahearn for the Alpha of Alphas title, you know to be the leader of all Alphas on the continent, he needed support to win the challenge. The only support he could get for his cause was with the humans. Especially, the group humans that despised werewolves. Your grandfather was blinded by his hunger for power and money, and agreed to all demands they made. I don’t know what was in the weapons they used, but they messed us up.”, Adam shared a piece of history with Sebastian that he had only vaguely heard of.

“Did you ever wonder where your wolf went?”, Adam asked him curiously. Sebastian looked at him.

“No, I just figured he was dormant because I lived as a human for so long.”, Sebastian felt stupid for not knowing more about this whole ordeal.

“No, the humans got rid of them for us. None of the pack has a wolf. No one has been able to shift since the war stopped. That’s almost 25 years, Sebastian! Mate bonds have been messed up for just as long. Most mate couples are of the same genders nowadays, so that almost no pups are born. That is if you are one of the few lucky enough to be able to feel the mate bond without your wolf. The humans are letting us kill ourselves!”, Adam was almost yelling at this point.

Sebastian’s mind reeled as he processed the weight of Adam’s revelations. The implications of Seth’s actions and the consequences for their pack were staggering, and Sebastian couldn’t shake the sense of anger and betrayal that swirled within him. But amidst the chaos of his thoughts, one thing remained clear: his undeniable attraction to Adam, the Beta who stood before him with frustration etched into every line of his face. Mere days ago, Sebastian had been convinced that he didn’t need a mate, but that seemed long ago.

Adam’s lips were soft yet urgent against Sebastian’s, and for a moment, Sebastian lost himself in the heat of the kiss. The mate bond flared to life between them, a primal connection that pulsed with raw desire.

But as quickly as the kiss had begun, reality came crashing back down upon them. Sebastian pulled away; his breaths ragged as he tried to gather his thoughts. He looked into Adam’s eyes, seeing the same turmoil reflected back at him.

“I’m sorry.”, Sebastian whispered, his voice barely above a breath. He turned around and ran out of the office as fast as he could. What the fuck was that? Why wasn’t he able to resist this damn mate bond, like he was able to at that party?

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