Moonlit Legacy/C9 Chapter 9: Temptation Unleashed
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Moonlit Legacy/C9 Chapter 9: Temptation Unleashed
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C9 Chapter 9: Temptation Unleashed

As the pulsating beat of the music filled the air, Sebastian navigated through the crowded dance floor. His eyes fixated on Enora as she swayed to the rhythm of the music. She had an intoxicating grace and was a vision of sensuality that he couldn’t let go.

After gulping down the last of several whiskeys, he slammed the empty glass on the bar. With a predatory glint in his eyes, Sebastian closed the distance between them and pulled Enora into his arms, his hand trailing possessively over her curves as they moved together in a sensual dance. The heat between them was palpable, their bodies moving in perfect harmony as they surrendered to the intoxicating rhythm of the music.

But just as the passion between them threatened to ignite, Lucas appeared. His grey eyes were dark and stormy with desire, he was pulled towards both his mates on the dance floor. His own thoughts were scaring him, but the mate bond was controlling him now.

He swept Enora away from Sebastian’s embrace, and Enora shrieked, surprised by Lucas’ action.

“Lucas? What are you doing?”, Enora asked him politely, putting her hand on his chest as if she wanted to push him away, but Lucas claimed her as his own, as he had wanted to do before. His possessive kiss left her breathless and wanting more.

With a smirk, Lucas led Enora to a secluded area of the venue, hidden from prying eyes, but filled with the tantalizing sounds of pleasure and desire. Lucas peered over his shoulder to see if Sebastian was following them. He wasn’t sure why he did, but he wanted Sebastian to come with them.

Enora’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she took in the scene before her, the moment they entered the private section of the venue. In front of her was a woman pushed to the wall as she was pounded upon by a man. Both were completely undressed, and unbothered that they were being watched.

Enora wasn’t a virgin, but to her sex was something between a man and a woman in the privacy of their bedroom. She never thought about it, but now that she was seeing people having sex before her eyes, she realized that her view of sex was rather conservative and limited. As she slowly dared to look around more, she felt this thrill of excitement coursing through her veins at the thought of exploring this forbidden world.

Lucas looked up to Sebastian, their earlier argument temporarily forgotten, and both possessed by desire and lust. Lucas nodded, and Sebastian accepted the truce as he stepped forward, next to Enora. His presence behind her was a reassuring anchor amidst the overwhelming sensations that flooded her senses. His warm breath tickled the nape of her neck as he leaned in close, his voice a husky whisper that sent shivers down her spine.

“Open your eyes, Enora.”, Sebastian murmured, his fingers gently tracing the curve of her jawline. Enora obeyed, her gaze drawn back to the scene unfolding before her, the air thick with raw desire and uninhibited passion.

Lucas and Sebastian caught Enora between their muscular bodies, and roamed their hands over hers, while Enora kept watching the act in front of her. A naked woman was being guided onto a man that was lying down. The woman moaned loudly as the man penetrated her with his dick. Soon enough, she started to ride him. Behind her, another man was standing, fingering her puckered asshole.

“Tell me Enora, how does this make you feel?”, Lucas asked her, as he gently held her head fixed so that Enora had to watch, while Sebastian’s hands caressed her body, distracting her. Her breath was becoming more and more shallow.

“I don’t know.”, she answered him. Enora felt weird about watching people have sex, let alone a woman having sex with two men. She gasped softly, when one of Sebastian’s hands cupped her breast.

“What if I told you that I want us to do this later tonight?”, Lucas whispered in her ear, and leaned down to kiss her neck. Sebastian didn’t let up fondling her breast, and at the question he tugged on her nipple harshly through her dress. Enora responded with a moan.

The man pulled out his fingers from the woman’s ass, and instead positioned himself in such a way that he thrusted his cock into her ass.

As the scene unfolded before her, Enora felt a myriad of conflicting emotions swirling within her. The raw passion and uninhibited desire on display both intrigued and unnerved her, stirring a curious longing deep within her core.

Lucas’ whispered words sent a thrill of anticipation coursing through her veins, his hot breath caressing her ear as he spoke of their potential exploits later that night. Sebastian’s touch only added to the intoxicating sensations that enveloped her, his skilled fingers igniting a fiery hunger that burned hotter with each passing moment.

Enora’s mind raced with uncertainty, torn between the familiar comfort of her conservative views on sex and the irresistible allure of the forbidden world unfolding before her. She found herself drawn deeper into the mesmerizing scene, her body responding instinctively to the primal urges that surged within her and that were stimulated by being close to her mates.

As the woman in front of them surrendered herself to the rapture of pleasure, Enora couldn’t tear her gaze away, captivated by the raw intensity of the moment. The woman’s moans filled the air, mingling with the sounds of flesh against flesh.

Lucas’ lips trailed a scorching path along Enora’s neck, his touch setting her aflame with a searing heat that threatened to consume her. She felt the weight of his words sink in; his whispered promises of pleasure awakened a primal hunger within her. She found herself surrendering to the intoxicating allure of their desires, her inhibitions melting away beneath the scorching heat of their touch.

As the woman before them reached the peak of ecstasy, Enora felt a surge of arousal coursing through her veins, her body trembling with anticipation.

“Good girl.”, Lucas praised her, making Enora content, like she wanted to please him. Lucas nodded to Sebastian once again, a silent understanding between the two of them, a pact to take care of their mate.

“Does that make you wet, my dear?”, Lucas asked Enora, while he grabbed her chin and made her look at him. Looking in her eyes, Lucas found lust, a hunger for pleasure to be quenched. He kissed her passionately, pushing her up against Sebastian, who immediately wrapped his arms around her possessively. Sebastian sucked on her neck, while Lucas dominated Enora with his mouth. Sebastian’s hands found her breasts, and he was fondling them with a hunger for more.

Enora moaned softly at the sensations that these men made her feel, she wasn’t aware that she could feel this way. Her head dropped against Sebastian’s shoulder, their touch was driving her insane.

Sebastian and Lucas had moved her to watch a different act without Enora realizing that they had. Before her, were two men and a woman again, as if they were trying to tell her something. The woman sat on her knees before the men. One of the men ordered her to suck the other man’s cock, and the woman obeyed immediately. She crawled over to the man and put his cock in her mouth.

Enora was fascinating by the view, as it was something that she had never done before. She was intrigued by the pleasure it was giving the man.

“How I wish it was your mouth around my cock right now.”, Sebastian whispered in her ear. Enora’s breath hitched at his words, her cheeks flushing with heat as she imagined herself in the woman’s place. The thought sent a thrill of excitement coursing through her veins.

Lucas pushed Enora against Sebastian once again, but this time Enora felt his bulge against her ass. She wiggled a little, earning a groan from him in her ear. Lucas’ hand went underneath her dress, but his body was preventing people from being able to see.

Enora gasped as she felt his fingers graze her inner thigh, and she squirmed against Sebastian. He moaned in her ear at the feel of her ass against his erection. His hand sliding a strap of her shoulder, giving him better access to her breasts.

Lucas grinned devilishly as his fingers grazed the damp fabric of her thong, a surge of heat pooling between her thighs at the tantalizing promise of what was to come. Enora’s head was already tilted backwards against Sebastian’s shoulder, giving him easy access to her neck. Sebastian’s touch was equally relentless, his fingers dancing over her sensitive nipples with a teasing fervor that left her gasping for breath. Enora’s senses were overwhelmed by the heady rush of desire that consumed her, her body arching against Sebastian’s as she surrendered herself to the rapture of pleasure.

Lucas’ fingers slid underneath her thong, feeling the wetness of her slit on his fingers. He trailed his fingers through her engorged lips, coating them with her juices.

“You are so wet, baby.”, Lucas groaned in her ear. Seeing Lucas losing control a little made her moan. She looked at him through heavy lidded eyes, wanting more of what these men were giving her.

“Please…”, Enora whispered needy.

“What is it you want from us?”, Sebastian said to her, his voice hoarse and deep.

“More…”, Enora moaned. “More…”

Lucas pushed one of his fingers into her, making her moan loudly. His finger made this pleasure that was coiling between her thighs larger. It made her unsteady on her legs, and it left her panting. While continuing to pump his finger into her at a steady pace, his thumb touched her clit. Enora whispered his name, which made him continue.

Enora was squirming against Sebastian’s dick with the pleasure that they were giving her, forcing Sebastian to moan into her ear.

“You feel so good, love.”, he moaned, and he bit in her earlobe.

Enora’s body trembled with anticipation as Lucas’ finger delved deeper inside her, hitting her in all the right places. She arched against Sebastian’s embrace, her breath hitching in her throat as the sensations overwhelmed her, leaving her gasping for more.

Lucas’ thumb brushed against her clit with a maddening rhythm, each touch sending a surge of electricity coursing through her veins. Sebastian’s lips trailed a scorching path along her neck, his touch setting her aflame with a searing heat that threatened to consume her.

With each tantalizing stroke, Lucas drove her higher and higher, until she was teetering on the edge of release, her body aching with a desperate need for release. With a shuddering gasp, Enora surrendered herself to the pleasure she felt uncoiling in the pit of her belly, as her body was convulsing with the force of her climax as waves of ecstasy washed over her.

Sebastian’s arms wrapped around her possessively as she rode out the waves of pleasure, her body trembling with the aftershocks of her release. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Lucas sucking her juices of his finger with a smile, and offering it to Sebastian, who did the same.

“Good girl.”, Lucas said to her, as he smoothed down the skirt of her dress and as Sebastian sweetly put the straps back in place.

It took a moment or two, but when it finally dawned on Enora what just happened and what she had done in public with these men, she felt incredibly embarrassed. It wasn’t like her to let go of her inhibitions, on the contrary, they were there for a reason. Enora started to freak out, and the only thing she could think of, was to run as far away from these men as she could. So, that’s what she did.

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