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C2 Andrew

"Mother, do I have to do this?" Andrew looked around the house bitterly, he looked at the staircase and remembered the incident.

"Yes son, if you decide to say no now, then our family heirloom would go to them and that's the last thing we would want" Karina tried to pacify her son.

Andrew understood everything but he hated the idea that he had to marry the girl who had caused his family such great pain. The reason he had agreed at first was that it was Natasha, she was with him when it happened so she was innocent but now, he was married to that low-class thing.

He sighed and glanced at his watch when the soft sounds of heels caught his attention, he looked upwards to see her coming down with her father. The rage in his heart increased but he had promised to be in his best behavior.

He stood up, adjusted his suit, and walked to her, he stretched forth his hand to her and she received it with a slight bow.

"Mr. Owen, I promise to look after your daughter with great care" Andrew dragged her softly and placed his arm around her.

Mr Owen watched and his heart ached, he could hear the threat but he had no choice.

"Do well to keep her happy" he said as he felt his knees growing weak.

"Father, she would be fine. She would survive" his cold words made Jelena shiver.

"It's time we leave, Andrew still has a meeting later today so he needs to rest" Karina checked her watch while standing up and Mr. Owen nodded.

Jelena looked at her father with empty eyes, she knew he couldn't save her now, she was married.

Andrew opened the door for her and she entered then he got in and closed the door and the car drove off.

Mrs Owen watched from the window with a smile on her face, she wasn't going to allow her daughter to pay for the sins of that wretched girl.


The Anderson Mansion was located in the elite center of the city and it was the most beautiful and spacious of all.

The car stopped and Andrew left Jelena in the car. She got down and wanted to chase after him but Karina stopped her.

"Jelena, you would stay in the room opposite Andrew," she said and Jelena nodded and walked in.

She marveled at the sight before her, everything had changed since she last visited this place. It didn't feel like how it used to and suddenly she felt like this chapter of her life would be brand new.

She got to the staircase and used it, the elevator was made for only the top members of the family and she wasn't that yet.

She got to the fifth floor and walked straight to the room opposite Andrew's. She smiled at it, it was exactly what she loved.

She sat on the bed and removed her shoes, she placed her feet on the tile and the coldness enveloped her body making her smile.

She stood up and looked at her reflection in the mirror when the door opened. She arranged her dress and stood properly as Andrew took short strides toward her.

"You would move in with me" Jelena looked at him confused.

"How would I torture you if you don't stay close to me?" he stared deep into her eyes and fear gripped Jelena as she held her dress and shifted backward to the wall.

"How do I make you feel the pain of what you have caused me? How do I make you feel her pain? How do I make you feel the pain you've caused me for 10 years?" He punched the wall and Jelena closed her eyes in fright.

"I... I... I had nothing to do with it" she mumbled with her eyes still closed.

Andrew shifted away from her but his eyes never left her, Jelena opened her eyes and when she saw his bloody fists, she tried to touch him but she slapped her.

The impact of the slap made her fall to the ground.

"Who do you think you are to touch me?" he squatted beside her and grabbed her hair pulling it down.

"I'm sorry" Jelena cried out trying to free her hair from his grip but he gripped it tighter.

"I pray you die" he dragged the hair with force and Jelena fell on the floor face flat.

"What is happening?" Karina ran into Jelena who hugged her and started sobbing.

Seeing the wounds on her face and her raging son, she understood what had happened. She touched Jelena who winched in pain.

"Leave this place now!" she scolded Andrew and he left.

She turned to Jelena who was shivering and her heart ached, she helped her stand and took her to the bed.

"I'm sorry, my child," she said, stroking her hair.

After a while, Jelena was sleeping soundly. The warm look in her eyes died down and it turned into a pair of cold ones.

She walked into Andrew's room to see him smoking a cigarette.

"How could you do that to her?" She asked as her chest moved up and down quickly.

"She deserved it" Karina was angered by his words and collected the cigarette from him, throwing it on the floor and stepping on it.

Andrew uncrossed his legs and stood up to face his mother.

"Mother, marrying that girl is a punishment. I have to see the person who has made my sister suffer, every single day of my life. It's torture" He's eyes shook as he spoke.

Karina sighed and looked at the window as she approached it, she looked at the dark quiet compound and then turned to Andrew.

"Deal with it. I am her mother and if I am able to accept Jelena, I expect you to do the same" she said calmly.


"Don't you think Mr. Owen has also lost his daughter too? He loved Jelena more than any of his children but he gave her to us, to you. Why?" she stared at her son who scoffed and looked away.

"He is a businessman who has sold her for something better" Karina slapped Andrew.

"You dare not speak of a woman as though she is a mere toy. Where are you manners?!" Karina was losing her temper.

Andrew signed and touched his cheeks then he looked down, "I apologize Mother"

Karina felt guilty slapping him but she raised her head. She was about to say something when she heard a knock on the door.

"Mr Davis is here ma'am" a maid announced.

Karina rubbed her head in frustration and looked at her son.

"Clean your face" she ordered and left him.

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