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C4 Janetta

"Jenny, you need to help me" Janetta dropped the tray and faced her daughter who was focused on her phone.

"I wonder when Jelena would be back, that child is a god sent to me" Janetta grabbed some gloves and started packing orders.

After a while, Jenny rushed to her, "Mama, you need to see this" Jenny said pointing towards her phone.

"Jenny we don't have time for this" Janetta scolded as she dropped a plate and picked another.

"Mama, it's Jelena" Janetta dropped the pastry and collected the phone.

Her hands shook as she watched the beautiful girl in pink dress being addressed as youngest Mrs. Anderson. Her Jelena was single and with her father, right?

"Jenny, close the shop and clean up. We need to see Jelena" She said, removing her gloves as she handed the phone back to Jenny who nodded and ran off.


"The doctor said you need to rest" Mr Owen advised his wife who nodded.

"Sir, someone is here to see you"

Mr. Owen stared at the maid and nodded.

"Take care of yourself, Nicole will be home soon," he said as he stood up and walked downstairs.

His heart skipped seeing just the back view of the woman, Despite being at her house every two weeks, he hadn't seen her in 10 years yet she still made his heart skip.

He stopped and closed his eyes to inhale and a smell of warm coconut milk filled his nostrils. She didn't change and he felt pleased.

"Janetta, what do I owe for this visit?" Mr Owen asked, pointing towards a seat for her.

"Thomas, I didn't come here to sit and be merry. Where is my daughter?" Janetta didn't care about his calm aura, she didn't want to have any connection with this man apart from their daughter.

"Jelena?" Thomas hadn't told her and he had no plans of telling her now, seeing her here made things difficult for him.

"Your daughter has been sold off for her crimes" a shirking voice of a lady filled the air and all eyes turned to the weak woman who was coming down with the help of a maid.

"Thomas, I'm losing my patience" Janetta refused to believe Mrs. Owen and faced the man whom she trusted her daughter to.

"She... She is right but... But I didn't sell her. She... She... She was married off.

"Thomas, since when did you start stuttering?" Mrs. Owen spoke as she sat beside her husband.

"Thomas, I trusted you with my daughter and... and" Janetta closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and then opened them.

"I need to see her" Janetta demanded. She had a strange feeling in her stomach.

"You should be grateful that your daughter didn't end up as a slut like you and at least, she is the first wife of the Anderson heir for now" Benita spat.

Janetta knew the woman was trying to test her but she kept her cool.

"Thomas, I expect to see my daughter soon" She held her bag and turned to leave when Mrs Owen spoke loudly.

"Some people think that because they had birthed a child for an influential family, they are rich. Poverty mindset"

Janetta stopped in her tracks and faced Mrs. Owen with a smile, "Benita, at least I can keep a man longing for my presence after years while you, you?" Janetta smiled and walked out leaving Mrs Owen boiling in anger and embarrassment.

"Let me walk you out" Thomas stood up and Benita glared at him but he didn't notice.

Janetta smirked and gave Benita a knowing look then turned to Thomas, "I appreciate your efforts but I would prefer to see my daughter" She turned and walked away, leaving the couple in silence.

Thomas watched the disappearing figure of the girl and his heart skipped, he took a deep breath and turned to his wife who looked red.

"What was that behavior for?" He asked, sitting down.

Benita glared at him but she knew her efforts were useless. She had lost a man before, and she wasn't ready to lose another, and not in the same manner.

"I was trying to point out her daughter's attitude" Benita looked away from his gaze.

"You are talking about my daughter also, don't forget that" he warned and walked away leaving her there.

Benita boiled in anger, she grabbed her phone and dialed a number.

"Yes, let's meet. Send the date" She hung up and looked around while dropping the phone.


"It's good to be back home" Mr. Anderson praised as he cut his beef and placed it in his mouth.

He looked at Jelena who was eating gracefully and he was pleased with his son.

"Now I'm proud of my son, he chose Luna from a pack of wolves" He spoke as he dropped his cutleries.

Andrew glanced at Jelena and scoffed softly.

"Jelena, I know you grew up in your mother's custody, What was it like?" Mr. Anderson asked.

Jelena chewed her food and swallowed then raised her head, "My stay with my mama is best described as every child's dream. My mama raised me in a way that I saw both values of the two people, the high-class society and the lower-class society and she made me understand that it's a mindset " Jelena explained and this drew everyone's interest in her.

"Dear, do you mind explaining?" Karina was curious.

Jelena smiled and dropped her cutleries.

"As a child, my mother taught me most feminine conduct. As a kid, she saw my interest in dirt and fashion and she invested in it most elegantly. She enrolled me into a pottery class" She explained and looked around to see everyone staring at her, even Andrew.

"That's so beautiful dear" Karina complimented.

"Rina, we could turn the old greenhouse into a clay village" Mr Anderson suggested and Karina nodded in approval.

"Father, is that necessary?" Andrew asked.

"Yes son, I missed your wedding. I'm giving it to Jelena as a gift" Andrew nodded and didn't say a word as he finished his meal.

Jelena started eating again but Mr Anderson stared at the girl with admiration.


Jelena sighed and stared at her reflection, She touched her face and her lips curved upwards but her eyes grew dimmed. She missed her mother.

"May I come in?" Jelena turned to the door and she nodded.

Andrew took short strides towards her, Jelena held her dress tightly and looked down, she was preparing herself for his torture.

Andrew noticed this, he felt guilty I'm and stopped at arm's length. "Here," he said, giving her a package.

"I know you miss your mom" Andrew added as she received the gift. Jelena's eyes softened.

"Thank you" She looked at Andrew expecting him to leave but he stood there, Jelena looked away as the silence in the room grew thicker.

Jelena raised her head to look at him but he raised his hand.

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