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C6 Jelena

"Isn't she the Owen's illegitimate daughter?"

The bombshell finally dropped making the whole room quiet.

Jelena felt a cold chill run down her spine.

What was she going to do? What would happen now?

Jelena's heart raced and she unconsciously gripped Andrew's hand.

He noticed and held it firmly.

Andrew knew that his grandparents were curious about Jelena but he wasn't going to talk about it publicly.

He needed to respect her even though he hated her.

Old man Owen noticed what his grandson was trying to do, he smiled but it quickly faded.

"Andrew, son you do not have to lie about her" Aunty Suzanne said sounding considerate but she was enjoying the drama in front of her.

Andrew knew she was just trying to add fire to the existing flames.

Old man Owen adjusted himself and turned to Andrew, "Let's talk, now" he said and walked away.

"Seat, I will be back" Andrew commanded.

He gave her a look and she understood by nodding.

Jelena sat down staring at the place. She noticed a vase and admired it.

Aunty Suzanne who was sitting a little bit far off was surprised to see the girl so calm.

"Are you sure she is the illegitimate daughter?" Davis asked as he was beginning to get uneasy with her calmness.

Suzanne thought for a while then she shook her head and leaned into Roger, "She is the child of the other woman. Her hair and carriage say it all"

Suzanne wasn't ready to take the risk, she got up and approached Jelena.

"So you really are the Owen's illegitimate daughter?"

Jelena looked up to see the aged woman scanning her.

She didn't know what to say, "I am Owen's daughter" She replied.

She didn't know what Andrew was telling his grandparents and she didn't want to create a bigger mess so she said what she said.

Suzanne wasn't pleased with her response, "Is that how your mother taught you to respect your elders?" she snapped in anger.

Jelena frowned at the sudden outburst but she covered it up with a smile.

"My mother taught me that when a woman is married, her husband becomes her head. If my head doesn't acknowledge you then, I can't. I know you don't know about this." Jelena lectured with a smirk.

Suzanne turned red.

She walked back to her seat but was uncomfortable so she left. Davis chased after her.

Jelena sighed in relief.

She rested her head on the chair handle and her eyes felt heavy.


"Was that why you had to marry her?" Madam Owen asked.

"Grandma, it's for the best. Trust me, have faith in your grandson" Andrew said convincingly.

Old man Owen nodded, he had so much faith in the young man in front of him so he didn't say much.

"I just feel bad for everything that poor child has to go through. Please make her happy" Madam Owen advised.

Andrew nodded.

"Let me go and check up on her" he got up and turned to leave.

He sighed.

He had just spilled a stream of lies, was he supposed to tell them that his wife was the reason they lost their granddaughter?

He shook his head and went downstairs to see her sleeping. He bent down to pick her up.

He noticed that she was so light, it was as though she weighed nothing.

He took her to his room and dropped her softly, he was about to leave when he noticed her lips moving.

Curiously he leaned closer to her, "Tell Andrew. I am so sorry. I have never hurt Amaya, I loved her like a sister, mmmm, bhsss"

Andrew stood up and stared at the girl, he noticed tears falling from her eyes.

How troubled must her soul be? He wondered.

If she didn't hurt Amaya, then who did?

His phone rang, and he left the room in order not to disturb her.

"Boss, we've found new leads on the case" the caller spilled.

"I will be there in 30 minutes" he hung up the call, took a glance at sleeping Jelena then left the house.

As soon as he was gone, a young lady entered his room careful enough not to wake Jelena, she opened the water glass and poured a substance into it.

She smiled evilly and walked out of the room.



Thomas was focused on his laptop when his secretary walked in.

"Sir, a lady is here to see you, Janetta Kinder"

Hearing the name, he got up and started adjusting his suit and hair much to the surprise of the secretary.

Seeing they were perfect he smiled at the secretary, "Let her in"

The young lady nodded.

Thomas tried to focus on his work when Janetta walked in, the smell of warm coconut made his stomach grumble.

"Janetta" he stood up looking at her as he showed her a seat.

Janetta held her bag and sat down, she didn't want to be alone with this man for too long.

"My daughter? You promised to bring her to me" Janetta stated.

Thomas smiled and closed his laptop.

"I spoke to her husband, they are currently on a honeymoon" he lied and Janetta smiled.

"Does that honeymoon include going to see the man's family?" Janetta hated being lied to.

"Thomas, I gave you my daughter because I wanted both of us to raise her even if we are not together but you…?" She sighed, blinking her eyes.

"You sold her off immediately you saw a chance. If that mad family harms my daughter, I will burn everything down" She got up and turned to leave.

Thomas grabbed her hands pulling her into his embrace. Her scent filled his nose and he didn't realize when he hugged her.

Janetta's heart raced, she felt this wasn't right but then again, she felt peace and protected.

"Jane, I miss you so much," Thomas whispered.

Janetta dropped all her guard and closed her eyes enjoying the moment.

"Let's get back together" Thomas pleaded.

Janetta opened her eyes and got up pushing him away harshly.

"What happened?" Thomas asked scared by her reaction.

Janetta arranged her hair, "Thomas whatever happened between us was in the past"

"You have a wife and two daughters. I made a mistake falling in love with a married man but now, I'm wiser"

"Jelena has you and me but I have another daughter and she has just me. I won't mess things up for her" Janetta picked up her bag and left the office.

She got out of the elevator and walked out of the company, she breathed out.

"Aren't you too old to be cheating on your dead husband?"

Janetta looked up and frowned.

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