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C1 Glazed Glass

The night was hazy, and the sky was filled with the splendor of stars and moon.

The bar in the Golden District of Osaka was bustling with activity.

The music shook the sky, and the aroma of alcohol filled the air.

The room was filled with cheers for the woman sitting on the tatami with her legs crossed.

Her long hair, like seaweed, fell casually over her shoulders, and her devilish body was wrapped in a tight red dress. Her long, thick eyelashes trembled slightly, and her pale, flawless skin revealed a faint pink tinge that was fascinating.

"Good alcohol capacity, Miss Liu Li!" The suited middle-aged man's face was flushed red. He stared at her with lustful eyes, and his hands reached towards the bottom of her skirt in a disorderly manner.

Mu Yangyang's face was flushed, but she was not completely lost. She used her empty wine cup to block the man's hand as a charming yet distant smile appeared on her delicate face.

"Mr. Yamamoto, Liu Li is not feeling well today. Let's end it here for today. Next time, Liu Li will definitely accompany you to the end."

"Miss Liu Li, why are you leaving so soon? I just arrived not too long ago!" The man sitting on Mu Yangyang's left couldn't help but sigh. He swirled the scarlet wine in his goblet. He had specifically ordered two bottles of Louis XIII for her sake.

Mu Yangyang stood up, her vision blurry. She shook her head, but her face was still smiling.

"Mr Matuda, please forgive me. Liu Li will definitely apologize to you tomorrow. She will leave first today."

After he finished speaking, he picked up his bag and somewhat unsteadily walked out.

Behind him, Matuda and Yamamoto Michenna looked at each other and saw the same thought in each other's eyes. They couldn't help but smile in their hearts and raised their glasses to toast.

Mu Yangyang ran straight to the toilet the moment she exited the private room. The smile on her face was no longer there. Damn it! She knew that the two of them had come prepared today.

Normally, no matter how much she drank, she wouldn't be like this, feeling giddy and dizzy.

When Yamamoto handed her the glass, Matuda seemed to have put some pills in another glass.

It could be that she was becoming more and more famous, and they couldn't help but want to have a taste of this body.

Mu Yangyang smiled wryly.

When she was young, her family was in trouble. Her father was in prison, and her mother died of illness. Before her mother died, she entrusted her to a good friend in Japan. Together, they went to Japan.

Those were the happiest years of her life. The foster mother was gentle and loving. The foster father was tall and serious. He treated her very well.

Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. After the foster mother died of cancer, her foster father also became depressed. He lost his family after drinking and gambling all day, and died because of alcohol poisoning after he owed a huge debt.

She was only twenty-one years old, and she couldn't afford to pay off her adoptive father's huge debt with her meagre daily salary.

Since she was forced into this situation, she had no choice but to choose to be a smiling, self-serving, and yet unselling barmaid, relying on this good leather bag to become a famous drinking courtesan in Osaka.

Mu Yangyang threw herself onto the sink, desperately trying to dig her throat with her hands before finally letting herself vomit.

Mu Yangyang looked at herself in the mirror with misty eyes and a reddened face. She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Her beautiful eyes were filled with patience.

When she had paid her debt, she would return home.

If she could, she would never want to come to this place in Japan, nor would she ever want to think about it again.

The moment she opened the door to the toilet, Mu Yangyang felt her wrist being grabbed by someone, and her whole body was forcefully pulled against the wall.

"Miss Liu Li, did you go in to fix your makeup?" Matuda hooked his index finger under Mu Yangyang's chin and smiled dubiously. "Actually, it's not necessary. I would really like to see Miss Liu Li's naked body."

Mu Yangyang frowned at the naked provocation. She turned her head and tried to avoid Matuda's hand. "What is Mr. Matuda doing?"

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