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C19 Sexy Route

Looking at the man picking up his Lan Hua Finger, Mu Yangyang adapted and replied seriously, "I'm not from a major. I'm from an obscure university, studying finance and management."

"He's a good student of economics, what's the point of coming to this circle!" The man let out an obviously dissatisfied grumble, "Then do you have any acting foundation? Can you sing, dance or act?"

Mu Yangyang looked a little embarrassed. She hadn't been back home for a long time and had always been running to the bottom of the entertainment industry for her livelihood. Therefore, she really didn't know this manager in front of her.

However, it was a good thing that after the sissy in front of her looked down on her for a while, she still extended her hand towards Mu Yangyang and said, "From now on, I'm your manager. You know, I, Andy, have never brought anyone new with me.

The moment she heard Andy's name, Mu Yangyang was slightly stunned. Although she had not been back to China for long, she was still on the outskirts of the entertainment circle. Andy could be said to be famous in the entertainment circle.

Mu Yangyang never thought that Gu Xiu would find her such a top manager, with a decent smile on her face. She stretched out her hand and just as she touched Andy's hand, Andy retracted it. This made her feel slightly awkward for a second before returning to normal.

However, when she saw Andy's arrogant appearance, she was still a bit annoyed. However, thinking about how he was, after all, a top manager and Gu Xiu's kind intentions, she couldn't show any sign of rudeness.

While Mu Yangyang was still in a daze, Andy had already put a folder on the tea table. He pushed his eyes and looked at Mu Yangyang, "Xiu said, your health is not good, you will need to rest for a few days. Today, we will work out a direction and plan for your development.

When he talked about work, Andy had completely put away his previous look. His handsome appearance, coupled with his serious look, actually gave off a threatening aura.

"What do you think about your own future?" Andy continued to ask Mu Yangyang.

"Eh …" Mu Yangyang was at a loss for words for a moment. Then, she said briskly, "I've considered my own conditions. My voice isn't particularly good, so singing isn't suitable for me. But I've been dancing in primary school and I've taught myself how to perform. I've been a flat model for a long time."

"Therefore, I have a deeper understanding of advertising. If possible, I would like to start with advertising, and then, television, movies." Mu Yangyang carefully analyzed her strengths and weaknesses, as well as her plans for her future.

Andy finally made Andy glance at her. After his eyes swept over Mu Yangyang, he said, "This idea is not bad, your conditions are indeed suitable for making advertisements. With your figure, if you take a sexy route, you will definitely be able to make a comeback in the entertainment circle, but …"

Andy didn't finish his sentence as he glanced at Gu Xiu's castle.

He and Gu Xiu were classmates, so they were good buddies. This castle was Gu Xiu's personal space, no woman had ever come here before, not to mention living here.

When Gu Xiu called him previously, he only told him to help him take an artist, but he didn't tell him the relationship between him and Mu Yangyang. Therefore, he wasn't sure if Gu Xiu would have any objections if he let Mu Yangyang take a sexy route.

Honestly speaking, she had exposed herself quite a bit when she was selling wine at the Japanese bar, but because of that memory, she was now very reluctant to expose her own body. During the time she was back home, the reason why she was so sloppy was because she was only willing to take on some very proper advertisements.

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