My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C20 I will Do My Best
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My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C20 I will Do My Best
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C20 I will Do My Best

Andy's gaze landed on Mu Yangyang again. Actually, when he first saw Mu Yangyang, although he was a little surprised, but he wasn't surprised. After all, the entertainment industry was not lacking in natural or man-made beauties.

However, looking at Mu Yangyang now, he felt more and more amazed. Not only was it because Mu Yangyang was the type that was more pleasing to the eyes the more one looked at her, but also because she had a special temperament.

Thinking about this, Andy suddenly became interested. This kind of woman was indeed suitable for the entertainment circle. If he were to lead her, he was confident that he would be able to make her an internationally renowned celebrity within three years.

"Miss Mu, you can think it over. I believe you know your own conditions very well. If you really plan on developing your skills, what I just said is the most suitable path for you." Andy couldn't help but ask when he saw Mu Yangyang still hesitating.

Mu Yangyang was still hesitant. Becoming a good actress was her dream from a young age, while being naked was her nightmare. On one hand, it was her dream that was about to be realized, and on the other, it was her past that she desperately wanted to get rid of …

After a split-second, Mu Yangyang's clenched fists loosened. She smiled at Andy and said, "Andy, as long as it's a normal shooting and deduction, I can accept it. You can feel free to arrange work for me."

Andy glanced at Mu Yangyang with satisfaction and said, "From now on, you still have three days of rest and adjustment time. Three days later, I will come again to inform you of your recent work plan. I hope you can adjust your condition to your best."

Andy stood up and extended his hand towards Mu Yangyang again. This time, they shook hands seriously.

Looking at Andy's leaving figure, Mu Yangyang couldn't help but exhale. There were some things that she should put down and embrace a better future.

The following three days were very peaceful. Although there were many servants in Gu Xiu's villa, they did things in a neat and orderly manner. Furthermore, Uncle Lin was in charge of the overall situation, so there was basically no need for her, the nominal mistress, to worry.

Therefore, her daily task was to recuperate according to the doctor's custom-made plan.

In these three days, she had toured the entire manor. In front of the villa was a large garden. There were all kinds of flowers. Although it was messy, the design was very beautiful.

Behind the villa was a golf course with a whole field of perfume lilies. Mu Yangyang was pleasantly surprised by this discovery, because perfume lilies were her favorite flowers from a young age. This made her genuinely fond of this luxurious manor.

On the fourth day, when Andy showed up at the villa as planned, Mu Yangyang had also made her preparations. As early as yesterday, Andy had called her and said that he would take her to audition today.

Sitting on the nanny car that Gu Xiu had prepared for her, Mu Yangyang flipped through the schedule that Andy had given her, as well as the brand introduction of the perfume advertisement that she was going to audition.

Dreamland was a new luxury brand of perfume that had sprung up in recent years. This brand's perfume had a special characteristic, which was that every perfume that it produced had a lily fragrance to it. However, such an ordinary perfume, in the hands of this brand's perfume master, was like magic, producing all kinds of different styles of perfume.

The perfume that she was going to film for advertising was specially designed for the young, independent, idealistic and experienced ladies. It was refreshing and natural, giving people a feeling of rejuvenation. They belonged to the women who had strong actions and an independent attitude.

This brand had only been established for a mere five years, but it had already become one of the world's leading industries. Furthermore, it had a faint tendency to become the leader of the perfume industry.

When Mu Yangyang first saw the details of the advertisement, her emotions could no longer be described with simply shock. She had never thought that a newbie would be able to receive such a big advertisement and become the spokesperson.

She couldn't help but look at Andy who was beside her. Gu Xiu had found her such a trump card manager, and he had really opened a wide back door for her!

"Are you confident?" Seemingly sensing Mu Yangyang's gaze, Andy, who was looking at the tablet, asked.

"Don't worry, I will perform well." Mu Yangyang smiled faintly.

It was a lie to say she wasn't nervous, but there was no point in being nervous now. After being stuck in the mud for so many years, she understood better than anyone else how important opportunities were to a person.

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