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My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C21 You Are Selected
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C21 You Are Selected

This time, since Gu Xiu and Andy had given her such a good opportunity, she must grasp the rest.

When they arrived outside the studio, Mu Yangyang still took a deep breath. Her mind had already designed several movements and postures that could express the characteristics of perfume.

"Don't worry, with your talent, you'll be fine with your normal performance." At this time, Andy still did his duty as a dutiful manager and comforted Mu Yangyang.

Mu Yangyang nodded with a smile and walked into the studio. The director had already arrived, but he was currently interviewing the others. Therefore, they had to wait for a while.

When Mu Yangyang and Andy appeared in front of the other people who were waiting for the audition, their gazes clearly stayed on them for a while, but in the end, they fixed on Andy.

Two of those people were familiar to Mu Yangyang, because they were often seen in magazines and television. They could be considered first-rate celebrities. They were surrounded by a large crowd of assistants, makeup artists, and so on.

Mu Yangyang had not expected that Dreamland's advertisement for a new perfume would have such a famous star for the audition. This made her heart skip a beat.

"Hello, Andy, long time no see." Just as Mu Yangyang was trying her best to adjust her state of mind, Jian Mengrann walked over to them. "Did you also bring your artiste for the audition today?" Why is it that only a small assistant came when there was no one around? "

Jian Mengrann had become very popular recently because of the movie "The Love of a Mermaid" by the fire. Gossip and gossip about her spread like wildfire, making her one of the most famous female celebrities in the world.

"Aiyo, isn't this Big Star Jane? What, now that you're out, do you think everyone else can only be an assistant? " Andy's originally sissy voice was immediately filled with mockery as his scornful gaze swept over Jian Mengrann's curvy body.

At this moment, Jian Mengrann gave Mu Yangyang a look of charity. The contempt in her eyes was also very strong, "Oh my, this face is quite fresh, but I've never seen it before. Didn't Andy always bring newbies?" Your martial arts are pretty good, you actually managed to get him! "

Mu Yangyang frowned. Previously, she didn't have any interest or opinions towards Jian Mengrann's rumors and gossip about her, but now, after hearing Jian Mengrann's rude words, she couldn't help but frown. "Miss Jian is a superstar, her martial arts is definitely much better than an unknown person like me."

Jian Mengrann's expression instantly turned ugly. Just as she was about to say something, Mu Yangyang didn't give her a chance, "In addition, I would like to remind Miss Jane that you're a big star and a public figure. Your words and actions are being watched by countless people.

After Mu Yangyang finished her explanation in one breath, she calmly sat down and waited, regardless of Jian Mengrann's expression.

Jian Mengrann still wanted to say something, but her manager had already come to tell her to go for the audition. She could only glare hatefully at Mu Yangyang and Andy before turning around and entering the shed.

After Jian Mengrann's men had left, Andy took the initiative to ask, "Will her words have any effect on you?"

"Nope." Mu Yangyang slightly shook her head. She remembered that when she was selling wine in the bar, she had not heard anything unpleasant. She was already immune to these malicious words. Jian Mengrann's insinuating words didn't even hurt her skin.

Andy nodded in satisfaction and said no more.

After Jian Mengrann came out, it was Mu Yangyang's turn. When Mu Yangyang walked into the studio and saw the director, she was slightly surprised. The director was actually the most famous Director Cheng nowadays.

However, as long as it was his work, even if it was just an advertisement, a MV would definitely be considered a perfect masterpiece!

Mu Yangyang took a deep breath to calm her panicked heartbeat. Then, she walked to the front of the camera.

Andy heard from someone that when a woman stood in the place he wanted, her body would exude an endless amount of charisma. He finally saw this from Mu Yangyang.

Mu Yangyang only wore a simple shirt. It slightly pulled open the collar, revealing her delicate collarbone which had a vague and ambiguous aura. Her sexy body did not hide her charm, but her eyes were blank and pure, crystal clear, making people not dare to blaspheme her.

Seduction and innocence were the main themes that the perfume wanted to express. Even the director, who was known to be picky, was stunned by it. However, he was a person who had experienced all sorts of beautiful women, so he quickly reacted and took a picture of the photographer beside him.

The cameraman was stunned for a moment. He quickly escaped from the beauty and stood up with his hands raised. He shouted, "Stop!"

Mu Yangyang, who was originally wholeheartedly engrossed in the fight, was suddenly interrupted by this shout. She immediately froze on the spot, not knowing what to do. What was going on? Was it because her performance wasn't good enough? No, that's not right... If it was because of her performance, it shouldn't have been so loud. The first few were either extremely tempting or pure and charming, but none of them were like this …

Mu Yangyang was still feeling uneasy when the director and the photographer whispered to each other. The assistant director who looked relatively friendly clapped and said, "We will end it here today. Regarding the results, we will inform the agents. Everyone, please go and take them."

As soon as these words were spoken, the people who were already testing the screen were shocked, while those who didn't have time to enter the stage were dissatisfied. They had to put in so much effort to dress themselves up and study the rhythm of the perfume, how could they not have time to show their faces? How could there be such a logic? However, none of them dared to express it. After all, none of them wanted to offend Director Cheng because of an advertisement.

Mu Yangyang could be said to be the most embarrassed person among them all. She looked at Andy on the spot anxiously. Andy had just gotten out from the shock and looked at the three people whispering to each other.

"Miss Mu, you can come back first."

"Oh, okay."

The embarrassed Mu Yangyang immediately ran over after hearing Andy's words. Her uneasy appearance was like a frightened fawn. Andy couldn't help but exclaim in his heart. She was really a natural born beauty.

There was no need for Mu Yangyang to interfere with the rest of the matters. Andy said something to the person in charge before leaving with her. He directly took a taxi to Gu Xiu's house.

Andy didn't say anything, which made Mu Yangyang nervous. After thinking for a while, she gathered up her courage and asked Andy: "Andy, did I perform badly?"

When Andy heard this, he glanced at Mu Yangyang in surprise. Looking at her uneasy expression, he suddenly felt like teasing a child. However, as a self-disciplined manager, Andy still adhered to his professional ethics.

He cleared his throat and said, "No, you've done quite well. We'll wait for the notice tonight. Go back and have a good rest."

Hearing Andy's words, Mu Yangyang felt helpless and could only stop asking. She became nervous. Andy wanted to laugh, but he tried his best to hold it in. He was suddenly enlightened.

It was still quite good to be able to occasionally bring rookies and meet someone with talent like this.

Mu Yangyang got off the car at the door. Andy left after a few words of instruction. He turned around and pushed the door. Other than the servants who were cleaning the house and Mu Yangyang, there was no one else.

Mu Yangyang was stunned for a moment before she suddenly remembered that Gu Xiu had gone on a business trip and had lived here for at least three days.

Mu Yangyang couldn't tell if she was feeling relaxed or disappointed, but she felt something was amiss. Sighing to herself, she turned around and went back to her room to change out of her clothes to take a bath. She then collapsed onto the bed, her mind a mess.

Mu Yangyang initially thought that it would be impossible for her to fall asleep in this kind of situation, but moments later, she fell asleep in a daze.

In her dream, her stepfather's old face was smiling in front of her. His body had disappeared, leaving only his head floating in front of her.

Mu Yangyang widened her eyes in terror. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't. It sounded like there was something stuck in her throat. She could only watch as the head got closer and closer …

"Ding ling ling …"


Mu Yangyang was jolted awake by the sudden ringing of the bell. She shouted loudly before realizing that she was only dreaming. Her entire body seemed to be drenched in sweat.

After panting for a long time, a series of knocking sounds came from outside the door. Following that, the butler's voice rang out, "Madam, what's wrong?"

Mu Yangyang was still in a panicked state. After calming down, she tried her best to keep her voice calm as she said, "It's nothing. I was just having a nightmare. Don't worry about me."

It was quiet outside, but the housekeeper's voice carried a hint of concern, "Then I'll ask the chef to prepare some tranquil soup for you. You should rest for a while, I'll call for you after dinner."

"Alright, sorry for the trouble."

Mu Yangyang was sweating profusely. After the footsteps outside had gone far, she shook her head and looked at the phone in her hand that she had muted. Andy's name was still jumping on it.

So it was Andy.

Mu Yangyang smiled bitterly. She felt a little disappointed, so she just sat up to answer the call. She dragged her soft foot to the wardrobe to find her pajamas. "Hello? "Andy."

"Eldest Miss, you've finally answered the phone. Do you know how urgent the situation is?"

Andy's strange voice sounded. Mu Yangyang smiled guiltily and asked, "Is there something you need?"

"You've been selected. I'll come pick you up at 6: 00 tomorrow morning. Sleep early tonight, don't be too listless when the time comes."

Andy's voice was still rude as before, but Mu Yangyang heard the genuine concern in his voice after being stunned for a moment. She didn't care about his tone and smiled gratefully. "Alright, I understand."

"Mm. Bye bye then."

After hanging up the phone, Mu Yangyang grabbed her underwear and sat on the bed. After being stunned for a while, she suddenly stood up and cheered, "Great!"

She was actually chosen!

A wave of indescribable joy caused Mu Yangyang to perk up. After gesticulating in front of the mirror for a long time with full of confidence, she fell back onto the bed with a silly smile on her face.

After giggling for a long time, Mu Yangyang felt that her body was sticky. She bounced up from the bed and went to the bathroom, humming a tune as the shadow from her nightmare vanished without a trace.

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