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My CEO Husband,Take Your Time/C23 She's so Charming
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C23 She's so Charming

The red cloth wrapped around her graceful body, revealing her thighs. The layers of feathers slightly concealed her, making her look as if she could sink into the softness at any time.

A pair of innocent eyes glanced over and the director narrowed his eyes. With a wave of his hand, lilies started falling from the sky and a gentle breeze started blowing from the air vent. The lily wasn't dropped onto the ground that quickly, but rather spun a few times in the air.

Mu Yangyang wasn't affected by this sudden arrangement. Instead, she picked up a handful of lilies and covered her nose with her hand as she took a deep sniff. The sweet fragrance of the flowers intoxicated Mu Yangyang as she slightly opened her eyes.

"Good!" "Ka!"

Mu Yangyang recovered her composure within a second. She immediately stood up and grabbed the jacket thrown over by Andy and draped it over her body. Her exposed skin was covered, making Mu Yangyang feel a lot better.

The usually picky Director Cheng nodded his head after looking at the footage he had just filmed twice, his face showing a look of satisfaction.

"That's right, that's all. You can go back and rest."

Although Mu Yangyang knew that Andy would take care of the rest of the matters properly, she still felt like she had come here to play some tricks since she didn't have any business of her own.

"What's wrong? You still want to stay and watch? "

Director Cheng saw that Mu Yangyang did not move at all and stared at her, which was quite scary. Before Mu Yangyang could explain, Andy appeared in front of her with a smile and said, "Director Cheng, don't be angry. This is the first time this little girl has gone so smoothly. Don't scare the little girl to tears. "

Little girl? Crying out of fear?

Mu Yangyang was confused. Was he talking about her?

Andy was a good talker. After saying that, Director Cheng's expression became a lot better as he nodded his head and said, "Hmm, this girl did a good job. I'll get someone to send the script over tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you for your care, Director Cheng."

Mu Yangyang saw Andy glance at her and immediately understood. She slightly lowered her head and thanked him sincerely. Andy waved his hands nonchalantly and then busied himself to watch the movie.

Mu Yangyang also turned to Andy and said, "I'll go change my clothes. After that, don't wait for me. I have a friend. I'll go back by myself."

Although she was Mu Yangyang's manager, before Mu Yangyang became completely popular and every move was watched by the media and the public, Andy didn't intend to keep Mu Yangyang in a tight grip. Instead, he looked down at the time and nodded, "Don't eat sweet food these few days, don't stay up late. You have to get up early tomorrow and don't go back too late.

Although Mu Yangyang seemed to have been scolded, she could still hear the barely discernible concern in her voice. She smiled to show that she knew what was going on, bid Andy farewell, and went to pack her things and change her clothes.

After changing her clothes, Mu Yangyang walked to the door but didn't see Tai Xi. She frowned slightly, then turned around and walked back in. She asked the front desk and found Tai Xi's resting room.

Before she could push open the door and enter, Mu Yangyang heard a burst of angry curses coming from the inside. It sounded like Jian Mengrann's voice.

Mu Yangyang frowned slightly. While she was hesitating about whether she should go in or not, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Miss Jane, don't be like this... "You must have misunderstood something. Yangyang, Yangyang isn't that kind of person …"

It was Tai Xi's voice.

Mu Yangyang frowned. Tai Xi had been timid since she was young, but Jian Mengrann was known for being arrogant. If she let this go, Tai Xi would definitely be bullied by Jian Mengrann!

After a brief moment of hesitation, Mu Yangyang heard another rebuke from inside and her face darkened. She didn't care about offending people anymore and pushed open the door to enter.

The sound of the door opening startled the two people inside. When Jian Mengrann saw that it was Mu Yangyang, the astonishment on her face immediately turned into disdain. Her beautiful eyes were filled with provocation.

Today, she had seen how old Mu Yangyang and her good-for-nothing assistant looked.

So what if Mu Yangyang's agent is Andy? Even if there was a scandal, it could not be saved!

"Oh, our Miss Mu Yangyang won't come in to rest after filming the commercial. What are you here for?"

Tai Xi looked uneasily at Mu Yangyang, then looked at Jian Mengrann. After hesitating for a while, she said with a trembling voice, "Sister Yangyang, don't worry about me. I might not be able to eat with you today. Why don't we do it next time?"

As she spoke, Tai Xi's eyes turned red. She was obviously feeling wronged.

It wasn't easy for her to meet a good friend who had been separated for so many years, but they were her arch-enemy, causing her to be at a loss as to what to do.

However, Mu Yangyang only smiled and did not take what the two had said to heart. She only gave Tai Xi a comforting look before starting to make calls in front of Jian Mengrann.

"You still want to call people over?"

Jian Mengrann couldn't figure out what Mu Yangyang was trying to do, but she was confident that once Mu Yangyang did something, she would definitely bring shame and disgrace upon this woman!

Mu Yangyang ignored her. The phone by her ear beeped a couple of times before it connected.


"Andy, I want an assistant. It belongs to someone else, is that possible?"

Andy, who was in the car, froze for a moment. It had been a few days since he last heard Mu Yangyang ask for something, and since he was the manager, he finally felt a sense of entitlement. "Sure. As long as you're not the king of the Red Sky, you can take whoever you want.

He knew Mu Yangyang's personality very well. It shouldn't be that she wouldn't touch anything that belonged to him. If he could get her to give him a request on the phone, she would probably be that little girl on the set.

Andy smiled. She was just a small assistant of Jian Mengrann. If she wanted to come, she would have to come. As Gu Xiu's woman, she should be willful.

"Alright then, thank you. You be careful on your way. I'll hang up first."

After hanging up the phone, she stepped two steps forward, grabbed Tai Xi's wrist, and said with a smile, "Let's go, now you're my assistant."

"Ah?" "Huh?"

Before Tai Xi could react, she was already dragged away by Mu Yangyang. Jian Mengrann, who was standing on the spot, naturally heard the conversation between the two. She was so angry that her face turned red, but there was nothing she could do.

Andy was not someone she could afford to offend. She would definitely vent her anger in the future!

"Sister Yangyang, now that you've offended Miss Jane, could it be … "Will he …"

Seeing Tai Xi's innocent eyes filled with worry, Mu Yangyang couldn't help but laugh. Tai Xi was instantly stunned.

Mu Yangyang already had a gorgeous appearance, and now coupled with her makeup, she looked like an enchantress. Tai Xi was dazzled by her smile, and before Mu Yangyang could say anything, she had already said stupidly, "Sister Yangyang, you … you're so beautiful …"

Mu Yangyang had heard these words who knows how many times, but now that her good friend of many years had said it out loud, she felt a little embarrassed. She blushed and pulled Tai Xi, muttering in a low voice, "What are you talking about? Let's go, let's go eat, we're starving!"

Tai Xi felt a little awkward after not seeing Mu Yangyang for so many years, because Mu Yangyang's beauty was too gorgeous. However, when she suddenly realized that Mu Yangyang was still as shy as before, she relaxed and secretly squeezed Mu Yangyang's arm as she said with a smile, "You're still shy, so you're really pretty."

Mu Yangyang glared angrily at Tai Xi, but didn't say anything. Tai Xi giggled and quickly apologized. The two of them chose a Japanese style restaurant and sat down.

Mu Yangyang didn't really like to eat, but Tai Xi liked it very much. The two of them had separated a long time ago due to Mu Yangyang's family background, but now that they had met, they did not know each other well enough to talk.

Just like that, it was already past seven in the evening.

It was already getting dark outside. Mu Yangyang quickly paid the bill and returned with a glass of juice. She smiled and asked, "Where is your home?" I'll send you home. Remember to come to work with me tomorrow. "

"Yes, Miss Mu." Tai Xi had completely let go of him and appeared to be very lively. She then looked curiously at Mu Yangyang and asked, "Look at your ruddy complexion lately, do you have a boyfriend?"

Mu Yangyang was stunned for a moment. Gu Xiu's figure subconsciously flashed through her mind. However, she immediately shook her head in frustration. What was she doing with that bastard!?

"Yes, there is …"

Mu Yangyang was too embarrassed to lie to Tai Xi. She admitted it metaphorically, but she didn't say that the two of them were married.

"Ah ~ ~" Tai Xi stretched her voice and looked at Mu Yangyang with a smile. "Then when are you going to let me meet you?" What kind of man can tame our great beauty Mu? "

"Fuck you!" "Stop blabbering!"

Mu Yangyang glared at Tai Xi, causing Tai Xi to cluck her tongue twice. When she saw that Mu Yangyang was about to flip out, she hurriedly tried to curry favor with her. "Then, let's go back!"

Mu Yangyang had no choice but to give up. She rolled her eyes and went out with Tai Xi. They got a taxi to take her back to her home.

After a bath, he told the butler not to disturb him and collapsed on the bed.

Even though he was exhausted, his face still showed an unconcealable joy. She really didn't expect that today, not only did the advertisement go so smoothly, but she also found her long-lost good friend. It must have been fate that had brought them together! Otherwise, how could it be so easy to encounter!

Thinking of this, the smile on Mu Yangyang's face became even wider. However, he was unable to resist the sleepiness. He pulled up his blanket, turned off the light and closed his eyes. His brain, which had been tired all day, quickly fell asleep along with his body.

Gu Xiu read and reread the advertisement for the lily perfume that was edited at the end. The woman on it was so enchanting that it was hard to control, yet her eyes were as clear as a child who didn't know anything about the world. Gu Xiu felt his lower abdomen tighten and a warm current rushed up when he read it for the first time.

Inwardly taking a deep breath, Gu Xiu turned off the laptop with an unnatural expression. He took a big gulp of the curry before suppressing his restlessness. However, after seeing Mu Yangyang's alluring photo, his face darkened.

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